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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set off a media firestorm after posting photos of the squalor in which her Puerto Rican grandmother lives and blaming it on former President Donald Trump.

Conservatives, who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Ocasio Cortez’s grandmother, Clotilde Rivera, responded by pointing out the immaculate luxury in which Ocasio-Cortez lives while doing nothing for Rivera.

But now Ocasio Cortez’s own family appears to be calling her out as a liar for blaming Trump.

“Just over a week ago, my abuela fell ill. I went to Puerto Rico to see her- my 1st time in a year+ bc of COVID,” Ocasio Cortez tweeted June 2, posting a photo of a Rivera’s collapsing, leaking ceiling.

“This is her home. Hurricane María relief hasn’t arrived. Trump blocked relief $ for PR,” Ocasio Cortez added.

In additional Twitter posts offering up a rambling conspiracy theory, Ocasio-Cortez claimed Trump and Wall Street blocked federal aid to help victims of the 2017 storm.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh responded by pointing out Ocasio-Cortez’s luxury D.C. apartment, expensive Tesla car and $174,000 annual salary with full benefits, and how she apparently made no effort to help her own grandmother for two years until the elderly woman’s misfortune could be exploited to blame Trump.

Walsh and other conservatives then raised $104,000 to help Rivera repair her home.

Ocasio-Cortez blocked the funds and continued to blame Trump.

But now it appears her own family is calling her a liar, saying local government incompetence, not Trump, is to blame.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail tracked down Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother’s home and knocked on her door and Ocasio Cortez’s aunt answered the door.

The grandmother did not want to speak but the aunt, who did not want to give her name, shot down Ocasio-Cortez’s claims Trump was to blame.

“In this area people need a lot of help. Many people have needed it for the past four years and haven’t had anything,” she said.  But she refused to blame Trump, instead pointing out the Trump-approved aid is being held up by local politicians.

“It’s a problem here in Puerto Rico with the administration and the distribution of help. It is not a problem with Washington. We had the assistance and it didn’t get to the people,” the aunt said.

Ocasio-Cortez has not responded.

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  1. There is something terribly disturbing about this lunatic, but how could anyone expect anything else from her, look where she is from! There are 2 places that should be “chiseled” off of this continent, those being New York and California! Both states run by idiot, self centered Democrats that demonstrate on a daily basis that they don’t give a damn about the citizens they were elected to serve and protect! Not a damn thing surprises me any longer!!!!!

    1. NY and CA are both CATHOLIC. AOC is CATHOLIC. Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

      1. It might make your commentary less idiotic if you took the time to form complete sentences, but only marginally so.

      2. You are so bigoted in your statement. IN A TRUE FALSE test the word “ALL” is a indication the the statement is false. I know entire Catholic families that are ULTRA conservative and refuse to take a gov’t dime. Though I agree that Biden and Pelosi and AOC don’t practice their professed fsith.

  2. Wow the sheer irony of this situation. Blaming trump for not helping your grandma yet you block funds donated from conservatives to help her. Clearly AOC a moron. What’s worse is that there’s other morons out there that STILL support her.

    1. I believe her Aunt. Remember when there was the disaster in Heidi???? The clint-on foundation was going to help after raising multi millions.
      Ho there and see their conditions. Nothing has changed. The clint-ons kept the money. After all, they needed the money to give their spawn a very expensive, splashy wedding.

      1. You are SO correct! You meant to write “Haiti” though. Hard to believe that people like the Clintons are still here. Do they not fear The Judgment Seat of Christ?

        1. Yes, thank you for your response. I made 2 mistakes. Haiti, I think it auto corrected and I didn’t catch it, and I meant to say: Go there……
          and not Ho there……sorry.

    2. CATHOLICS are one step below moron… Remove brain, insert dogma and be a CATHOLIC forever. AOC is CATHOLIC. Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

  3. I’m sure her stupid constituents haven’t heard a word about this. She’ll be reelected again and again!
    Very stupid people do very stupid things.
    AOC and her ignorant supporters.

  4. Well you can’t be surprised. She is a dirty rotten liar. An if her grandmother was in such a poor living quarters. Why why hadn’t she helped her. If it were my grandmother id have her living in my home. Goes to show what a selfish , witch she is

  5. The hundreds of pallets of water and food were videoed and it was fully exposed early on that ideologically driven politicians withheld aid and made agenda driven decisions to damage Trump and his future re-election. Democrat activists sacrificed the health and safety of their citizens, denied medical attention to the suffering, denied critical sanitation repairs, neglected critical infrastructure repairs and hid Trump’s remarkably expedient and comprehensive response. AOC, similar to Obama’s treatment of his half-brother who continued to live in a hut during Obama’s 2 terms, and his Aunt Tootie, are all collateral damage to the greater Democrat Agenda and Ideology.

  6. Please tell me you weren’t expecting truth from the Commie trash. Even her relatives think she’s a liar.

  7. It’s the same old story, our criminal politicians give taxpayer money to other countries and their criminal politicians keep it for themselves. If no one monitors the money once it handed over, what do you expect? Our politicians don’t care they’ll just get more from the taxpayer.

    1. Umm Other countries ? are you stupid or just failing fourth grade civics class ? Puerto rico is U.S. territory ! the Citizens are Americans ! and if you watched the news back then or since many of those politicians were arrested or Impeached because so much aid Sat on the docks and in warehouses and spoiled Due to The Democrat Politicians in Puerto Rico ! yep they have been almost 100% demokkkRAT for a long time, the power company Embezzles and the politicians get a kickback, Aid is shipped to the country and the DemokkkRATs take it and sell it to those who can pay

  8. Exactly how was AOC able to block the funds that the conservatives raised for her grandmother? Is she her grandmother’s legal gaurdian in which she makes every decision for her grandmother? I highly doubt it, due to the fact she now lives in America and is spending her time in politics. So again, I aske the question: How was she legally able to block the funds?

      1. Here is a quote specifically from the article: “Ocasio-Cortez blocked the funds and continued to blame Trump.”

        The article never said her family blocked the funds. Instead, the article said Ocasio-Cortez blocked the funds. I want to know how she was legally able to do so. Unless, she was her grandmother’s legal gaurdian and makes all her grandmother’s decisions for her, then she should not legally be able to block the funds.

  9. AOC is a typical Democrat – full of lies! And I wonder. Is there any Democrat in congress who isn’t a serial liar? I do know that there are none in the White House.

  10. Cortez is the democrat party’s future along with others including Omar, Tlaib and those able to escape notoriety. Fortunately, they’re offset by the large stable of has-beens, e.g., Pelosi, Waters, Hirono, Frederica Wilson, et al. If the nation doesn’t wake up, we’ll hear from this amateur gaggle for decades.

    1. Very scary, but I’m afraid that if things don’t change, and soon, that’s what we’re up against.
      Many of today’s youth idolize the likes of Stacy Abrams, Lizzo and all the other COMMUNISTS you listed. Starts with parenting, just saying.

      1. Or the indoctrination in the schools. The schools, all grade levels, are teaching America is bad. Parents just found that out because of covid. If they aren’t teaching the kids smut, they’re teaching them lies about America and this shit needs to stop now!

  11. AOC is CATHOLIC..Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

  12. What was stopping her from helping her beloved abuela? According to her family these deplorable living conditions have been going on for four years. Facts are so easily obtained these days, it is surprising how often Demoncat prevaricators are caught in lies: Hillary’s sniper fire, Obama’s not a smidgen of corruption, Biden’s claim of long debunked Russian disinformation concerning Hunter’s payola scandal, Epstein’s suicide, Biden’s election.

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