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Joe Biden has had a rocky start since taking office in January, with massive failures mounting left and right: from the border crisis to the lackluster unemployment rates along with prices for gas and food soaring. 

Here’s a list of all of Joe Biden’s biggest failures (so far) in the White House: 


  1. Like all liberals, he’s ‘failing’ to recognize the limits of his powers. He has no authority to repeal any amendments of our Bill of Rights. He’s not supposed to advance homosexuality, or appeal to females, blacks or illegal aliens. He should be Commander-in Chief of our military forces, but he won’t acknowledge the noble sacrifices of our soldiers, nor will he heed the warning of military commanders about the effects of social engineering on morale, and force integrity. He won’t balance our budget, but he does raise taxes/fees/fines/foibles/funds on the backs of struggling Americans, while his cohorts continue to offshore our jobs, and dissolve our sovereign borders. This man is a menace to Americans, and it will take drastic measures to remove such a tyrant from office.

      1. Considering how much money those media personalities make, in addition to the costs of their buildings, equipment and travel expenses, one should ponder why the sharply declining viewership of their ‘product–which correlates directly with the decreasing cost of advertising that pays their bills–has not bankrupted your “Lamestream” media outlets. I haven’t watched a broadcast network news report in several years. I have also avoided viewing any “Ellen” installments. Knowing the content of these offerings, I wonder why anyone else would.

    1. I don’t think he’ll last long enough to reach 5 figures worth of gaffes, bloops and bleepers.

  2. Joe Bidens biggest failures ? well when the judge asked if swore to support and defend….. from all enemies foreign and domestic…. and he answered, dahh, dahh, Comrade

  3. So far this farcical tyranny has been a gigantic flop with not one single productive or constructive achievement. If nothing else all the Biden-Harris Lash up has accomplished is to set our nation back financially and socially 40 years or more. This will go down in history as the most Un-American fouled up Presidency ever!!!

  4. I’m glad they added “SO FAR” to the article’s headline. By the time Biden gets finished, there won’t be enough megabytes to list all his failures.

  5. I have always considered myself a patriot. Right now I am very ashamed to call myself an American. There is no way Biden won the presidency. He is hurting these people at the border with his stupid ideas. He is giving power to the cartels who are abusing the immigrants. He is allowing a large amount of drugs into the country, allowing the cartels to sexually exploit women and children.
    All of his decisions are stupid, refusing to build the wall, which is already paid for, closing the pipeline putting 12,ooo people out of work, and putting Canadians out of work. To make matters worse he is a pedophile and pervert. Let us get him out of office.
    Of course he is a pathological liar.

  6. ALL of this is bad news. Bad for just about everyone. So why does the media refuse to spotlight his failures? Why does he GLORY IN HIS SHAME. Because he is a puppet of the elite ONE WORLD ORDER and is happy to push us into communism of the “Russian” type.

    1. True. The “New World Order” is a rather dated title for an agenda that commenced long ago. America was among the last vestiges of sovereign and independent nations to conquer on the path toward achieving this goal. That is one reason among many why Americans must guard our borders, forge energy independence, economy prosperity and sovereignty of our nation and governmental sectors. Too many of our leaders have swallowed the Globalist Kool Aid, and they’re campaigning to expand our internal cultural issues and other embellished concerns as the means to enjoin world populations to combat “Climate Change” (While they luxuriate aboard carbon spewing government VIP jets, and live in homes with five-figure energy bills.) “Hate”, “Poverty”, “Hunger” and other pressing issues.

  7. He has done nothing in Congress for 40+ years,people are stupid to think it would change now!Quit thinking this dung pile didn’t cheat to get in!The facts have proven he did!He should be in prison not the white house!

  8. These are ‘failures’ if your intent is to sustain the American Republic. OTOH, if your are intent on destroy the Republic, and enslaving We The People, then Biden has been an unbridled success. Guess where the #UnelectedJoeBiden & Co come down?

  9. Joe Biden has been a failure all his life and that’s the reason he has never accomplished nothing . All Biden has done is teach his son to be a crooked POS just like himself .

  10. He is the worst president by far.
    Hes to old out of touch and really has no clue.
    We look like fools to the world. He set us back decades and the more money they print the higher the prices for everything will be.
    But no one seems to care but the middle class cause they pay for it ALL what a shame

    1. Look how Numb Nuts was sworn into public office: In a hospital ward alongside his dying wife! (He did bring up that subject during the 2020 campaign…) Someone should open the books on that death. We might just be surprised.

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