9 November 2017; Caitlyn Jenner, Olympian & Advocate of Transgender Rights, on Centre Stage during day three of Web Summit 2017 at Altice Arena in Lisbon. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Web Summit via Sportsfile

The influential conservative Ruthless Podcast ripped into Republican California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner (née Bruce Jenner) for bailing on an interview in an episode that they specifically created just for Jenner.

“It tells you a few things… You don’t reach out to a show that you ultimately don’t go on,” Josh Holmes told listeners. “You don’t unprofessionally let people know that you can’t make it unless you are a completely unorganized s—show that is a scam campaign from the very beginning that is doing nothing but trying to draw attention away from legitimate candidates who have a capacity to try to unseat the most liberal, disingenuous piece of garbage governor in this country, maybe aside from Governor Cuomo.”

“So if you’re a sideshow and you just want to show up in the tabloids and pretend like the conservative movement means something to you when it really clearly doesn’t mean s— to you, then enjoy yourself, you know. Like TMZ, I’m sure, is standing outside of her house right now. That’s fantastic,” he continued.

“We had Chris Christie on Tuesday’s episode and then we slotted in the House Republican Minority Whip, Steve Scalise, into a Wednesday episode to accommodate you, Caitlyn,” Michael Duncan said. “If you launch your campaign, and you want conservatives to vote for you, but you’re scared to come on Ruthless, don’t announce your campaign! You’re not ready.”

“It is such a gift for a conservative candidate or an elected official or anyone, any conservative to come on this show and tell their story because you’re going to get it straight up,” Comfortably Smug, one of the show’s hosts, said. “You go on NBC, you go on CNN, they’re coming after you. They’ll do anything they can to destroy you. Here, we’re a platform. We’re a platform to let conservatives speak their mind and tell the story straight and to throw away that opportunity, I mean, that tells you what you think of the conservative listeners and the conservative base.” 

Fox News reached out for commend but did not immediately receive a response.


  1. When you appoint a person into any form of authority, they should be a good example within the community. A man who was a son, husband, father suddenly ahs long hair and make up? Thanks but no thanks

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