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Radical-Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit back against GOP rival Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thrusday after the latter confronted her at the Capitol building over her far-left record.

As The Hill reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) took a swipe at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Thursday, likening her to the “kinds of people that I threw out of bars” after the Georgia Republican aggressively confronted her outside the House chamber the day before.

“I used to work as a bartender. These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time,” Ocasio-Cortez told reporters on Capitol Hill.

“For me, this isn’t even about how I feel. It’s that I refuse to allow young women, people of color, people who are standing up for what they believe, to see this kind of intimidation attempts by a person who supports white supremacists in our nation’s Capitol,” she continued.

Greene is facing blowback from Democrats off the heels of a Washington Post report that she harassed Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday and shouted at her as the two left the floor.

It seems that in spite of her progressive talking points, which frequently claim that she is fighting for the interests of the ‘working class’ AOC still can’t hide her own glaring arrogance and elitism.


    1. She probably sold sexual favors in the restroom. She could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch

      1. LMFAO. Good one. Probably true. Really, I would care less if I picked up the paper and read some drunk driver ran her over somewhere…or caught a terminal case of coronavirus or the clap….

    2. AOC still doesn’t realize she’s no longer working in a bar and she’s actually dealing with “the big boys” now, AOC is a child at the adults table, lol

    3. Yes, but that was customers spending their own money. Now it’s us taxpayers having to spend our money to keep her a barfly.

      1. She’s the type I wouldn’t let in the bar. What a waste. Has she ever had a normal converstion with anyone that she disagrees with, or does she throw a tantrum.

      2. soon she might very well have this oportunity since New York has said they lost a seat and they would eliminate the last voted newest one in the state. So her days are numbered as a democrat in Congress Hall. But she can sit in the upper Gallery area from now on till the throw her ass out like a barfly gets to do bar her so called failed business.

    1. She is worse then a brain damaged third grade dropout who has never been able to add 2+2 and ever get the correct answer in her life.

        1. her chart is VERY similar to S0R0S’ chart. S0R0S, B|D3N – is there a difference, other than one sells the shots, one calls the shots and the other announces them – in a language that may or may not be english? three peas in a pod

  1. …And you’re BRAGGING about that?? What a moron! Newsflash…”These are the kind of people” WHO WOULDN’T GO NEAR THE KIND OFTRASH BARS WHERE YOU WORKED!

  2. Hey, The Great Bartender, the only thing you’re are good at is throwing socialists crap around. You couldn’t throw a baseball out of a bar. Grow up and admit you are a fully indoctrinated idiot that shouldn’t even be in our government. Go back to your bar so America can start being America again. God Bless America and may he send idiots like you the the losers of history’s failures. PS: Take most of the other losers with you!

  3. Yup, Aoc spent a lot of time in bars and likely on her back! Go get her Greene! It’s about time some called the little NY bitch out ! Aoc is not a patriotic American! She is a traitor! Socialist pig! Send the skanky , crooked , uneducated , twit packing! I hope she walks down town New York City late at night!

  4. Tough talk…….total bull squeeze! AOC never threw anybody out of a bar. She might have HAD someone thrown out of a bar but you can bet her wimpy butt didn’t do it herself. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the kind of person who used to beat up AOC. MTG could wad AOC up into a tiny little ball of tears and hate and flush her down a toilet.

    1. There are a lot of assholes in Congress! That is why we ( this country) are in the shape we are in. Heading straight down the drain.


  6. I’m just glad she lives in NY so all we get is her face on TV but we just change the cannel New Yorkers have to live with IT.

  7. The Nation is getting what it deserves, Our Educational system spawns these truly committed socialist/marxists who are, on a evil crusade to change, (hoppy/changy crap the Babooonzo (Obamy) pushed.) Bush #1 and hhis coming up with the NEA (National Educational Assn.) did not do the Nation any favors.

  8. Then go back to the bar aoc!
    Remove all these communist, marxist, socialist, progressive, stalinists, leninists, pedophile protector democrats from office!   Period.

  9. Well, AOC has finally acknowledged that she was a bar tender, bouncer, and lap dance performer!!

  10. So you think that makes her a real intelligent thinker? And also you a real reporter for thinking she hit back hard! Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha


  12. AOC has mental problems as do all of the scary squad. Go back to your own cou

    ntries. And why would you hate Israel they are America’s friends!

  13. I’m still stuck on the fact that a college educated person doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is. Typical clueless Libturd…

  14. MTG is successfully exposing the elitism of the far left, including AOC. But no one should be making personal attacks on AOC and thus, validate the false narrative of victimhood. Americans have made world-class strides on reducing emissions that impact the environment WITHOUT the Kyoto or Paris accords or the Green New Deal. We don’t have to destroy American air quality in order to improve the air quality of developing nations. We can improve both WITHOUT the straightjacket of these multi-national agreement. Presidents Clinton and Bush the junior took significant steps toward improving the environment WITHOUT Kyoto, and we can too. We don’t need to spend Trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal in order to improve air, water and soil quality in America. We need to stop fouling our own nest and take environmental policy seriously. We heard the Biden/Harris Administration’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm say this week, “Pipe is the best way” to transport oil, so let’s take her at her word and immediately restore Keystone Pipeline to full operation and stop spewing even more pollution in the air from the multitude of trains and trucks transporting oil. The most efficient method is best. Do we want China to step into the void President Biden has left by shuttering Keystone Pipeline and negotiate a petroleum deal with Canada in our absence? I don’t think so. That would be a terrible outcome both for America’s energy sector and the nation’s consumers.

    1. This country doesn’t have the money to spend, the Federal Reserve just prints more and more of it without anything to back it , which then results putting us deeper and deeper into debt!

  15. We get it AOC! That’s why you threw us all out of bars in March of 2020. You LOVE tossing people around! Makes you the perfect Socialist.

  16. I think there is alot people would like to threw her out of bar many time. This clown is so stupid, that anything that comes out of her mouth is crap.

  17. She was over paid and incompetent in her job as a bar tender, did a bit better cleaning the restrooms under proper supervision.

  18. Sure she can give Greene a shot now that she is safely away from her. Was afraid to say anything to Greene when she was personally confronted by her. Brings out the cowardice of the dems.

  19. She threw people out of bars? Really? How could she do that when she was so afraid for her life that she hid in an office two buildings away from a crowd that was less violent than the “mostly peaceful protests” in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, etc. last summer?


  21. AOC is garbage, so is her district and the people she claims to represent. Nuff said.
    She really should go back to bartending. Much more appropriate job for her.

  22. She would do herself, her family, her constituents and the entire country a huge favor if she went back to tending a bar! By the way, she never threw anyone out of a bar. There she goes again lying about something that she did….and in this case, she just lied about something totally irrelevant to what she is doing today. She should go back to her safe place with the other snowflakes with low self esteem with pointless blather.

  23. Ha ha AOC as the saying say “ you can take the girl out of the bar but cannot take the bar out of the girl “ typical of people like her – no class

  24. AOC forgets (or never noticed) that, in DC, she is neither proprietor nor barkeep. Just a loudmouth who no longer even needs to serve a beer.

  25. I definitely wouldn’t patronize any place she worked. Don’t think it would be a pleasant experience. Can’t imagine her making good tips

  26. Ha, ha, ha. AOC threw people out of a bar. Yeah, right. She is a legend in her own mind. Marjorie Taylor-Greene challenged her to a debate and AOC is just trying to worm her way out of it by making false accusations. The last thing AOC wants is to have to debate someone.

  27. Maybe she should try saying that with a Puerto Rican accent and attitude like Rosie Perez. Nah, still wouldn’t be believable.

  28. Maybe she should go back to bartending because she isn’t doing anything positive for the American People in Congress.

  29. I would never lower myself to ever enter the kinds of bars where AOC ever bar tended. She is a fake, A Marxist. a campaign funds cheater, a race baiter and a disgrace to the legislative Body that tolerates her lies, her drama, her insults, and her hatred of White Americans. What has she ever produced of any value for the citizens of the USA.. She is mainly clamoring for more of everything for ILLEGAL HISPANIC AND LATIN ALIENS. Vote ALL MARXISTS out of public office.

  30. She is the kind we should throw out of congress. What a ignorant liar she is. Open mouth before engaging brain
    She thinks she is the voice of America, wrong.

  31. AOC has a big mouth, I doubt she anything to back it up her as she has continually proven her brains are nonexistent. Otherwise she would debate Greene instead of just showing her ignorance by her petty slurs.

  32. AOC thinks a bar is a high profile place, people should stay away from bars, Greene wants to debate incoherente AOC and evidently AOC can’t so she screams faul….

  33. How does someone as obviously stupid as AOC is even manage to feed themselves, and what does that say about the people who put her in office?

  34. They have to stop using the white supremacy narrative as the results are in and the only group that Trump lost any ground with in the last election on a percentage basis was with white males, everyone else he gained ground (blacks, hispanics, women). So in order to believe the Dems logic on white supremacy being such a threat you must believe that the white supremacists drove away white male voters but somehow appealed to blacks, hispanics and women more than in 2016 on a percentage basis, but in the world of the unhinged leftist I suppose that makes total sense to them!

  35. So, MTG shouted at AOC. AOC responds and your headline is “AOC hits GOP star with brutal insult.”
    Responses below refer to trailer hitches and say nothing about congresswoman “Jewish Space Lasers” having begun the exchange.

  36. AOC is satan’s spawn! The whole #DEMODUMBASSES are. 4 months in the White House and #SLEEZYSLIMYJOE, has managed to pretty much undue all the good #PRESIDENTDONALDJTRUMP did.
    When #PRESIDENTDONALDJTRUMP was our president our local gas prices here in my home town was just over $2.00 for regular unleaded, now it’s flown up to $4.90.
    It’s wonderful to see and hear all the backlash #SLEEZYSLIMYJOE and #LEGSPREADERHARRIS ate getting because of all the job’s lost on his first day, and she walking out of an all important meeting. Many of the voters for these two are now wishing they had not because they’re destroying our country.
    DUH! it’s a bit late for second guessing, now it’s time to rid the House and Senate of those who are willingly following these two and elect those who are willing to fight all their crap. I don’t care if they’re Democrats, Republican just so long as they’re working for us the #LEGALAMERICANCITIZENS!

  37. Glad that Cortez finally admitted that she is a loud mouth arrogant BAR HOG. I wonder how many times she got thrown out of Bars? Check her Police records. Getting rid of her and her racist group would be the best thing to happen in the US.

  38. My politics match Greene’s, not AOC’s. However… have to wonder who started this confrontation. Sounds like it was Greene. Hard to see how her cause is helped by picking loud fights in the halls with the likes of AOC. This isn’t middle school.

  39. She sure is a “Little Dummy”. IF she threw anyone out of a bar she had MAN help. As for her being a Bartender, I always knew bartenders as Men. Women were BARMAIDS, just as a waiter is a man and a WATRESS is a female. It is good to be a Toxic Masculinity male caveman.
    F_ _ _ _- Political Correctness.

  40. How interesting to hear that she clings to the mentality of a Big Apple bartender and has not grown up or progressed beyond it. Alas for the foolish electorate that would install a cretin like AOC! If this kind of foolish ignorance spreads, there is no hope for our Republic.

  41. if she were erased from the planet, NOBODY WOULD CARE or even miss the empty hole she is.

  42. AOC need to go back to the bars as a stripper, not having her ass in congress, she is a stupid uneducated pile of rotted manure

  43. How many of those people did she leave with?
    I think all of the democrats are struggling to come up with anything that will steer away from the actual problems they have created.

  44. So just because Marjorie Taylor Green disagrees with AOC on certain issues and she objects loudly to it….that is what makes her a white Supremist now? To quote our “eloquent” president “C’mon man”…..Really?! It appears that the left, when they have nothing intelligent to fall back on, always resort to the “white Supremist “ tactic to silence us. Well I think that you are the “racist” when you have to resort to your skin color versus my skin color when having a discussion.

  45. AOC needs to go back to a bar and keep her dirty cesspool and unAmerican mouth in the swamp where this piece of trash belongs.

  46. She is the worst! Corrupt condescending liar! Good riddance to her and her insanity in the next election. She never fixed any “damage roads”!Helped steal the election when she saw Ohio and Florida went to Trump!

  47. she’s anti America! Why is she allowed to even b a part of our government??? She hates it hereso bad..go back to where u came from idiot

  48. Yeah, just like pelosi she’s a fighter, until she has to hide under her desk or someone calls her out for the communist beast she is.

  49. AOC cares about no one or nothing if she’s not going to benefit from it! Her moto is Screw these robots I am in control

  50. If you would answer your door and acted like you were a rep, maybe you wouldn’t get that treatment.

  51. With her big mouth you could use her as wall art to throw darts at. If she had a brain she would be dangerous.

  52. Obviously AOC is a control freak. In several years of bartending I only cut off one person, who thanked me the next day and throw out another because he followed a woman into the restroom.

  53. This “Barmaid” should stick to what she knows even if it isn’t very much and she certainly doesn’t belong in the Legislative branch of the United States Government getting paid $174,000.00 more than she is worth! She should move to a country where she could learn how
    People have to work to survive and stop getting paychecks for occupying a government office and

  54. All I have ever seen from A.O.C. is talk without being challenged. When has she ever stepped up to a debate when asked to. She runs away and hides under her desk. All M.T.G. wants is to debate her on the issues. Why to go M.T.G.

  55. She is also a reknown racist, extremist and supporter of terrorist groups insdie the USA and everywhere else in the World. She supports enemies of the USA and this is treason. That she commits and she should charged and tried in a military tribunial. Her twitter account seized and used as evidence? before she deletes everything in it. This should also happen to her so called squad as well? This should be boasted and a traitor treasonous plaque created in plain viewing by the public who visits the capital and added to the touring groups that visit the captial for evidence to show who traitors are against the USA. This way they will forever be known as traitors of the united states of America.

  56. she never threw anyone out of anything. Her and her idiotic white supremacy crap. I wouldn’t let her take my garbage out because she would screw that up. Now this is one politician that is so stupid that she doesn’t need the pay offs to be an idiot but it is icing on the cake and a waste of money for these super rich. You don’t have tomgive her anything and she will follow your lead cause she is too stupid to think for her self. Unfortunately this is what many oif the younger generation is, well hopefully not many but then again? Oh and the parents that have let thier kids get this way.

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