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A stunning new report by The New York Times has now documented how the CDC’s claim that the risk of catching Coronavirus outside is approximately 10% is highly exaggerated.

As Fox News reports:

The CDC has cited the estimate to back up its recommendation that vaccinated individuals do away with masks in certain outdoor situations, but should keep wearing masks during others.

According to the Times, the 10% benchmark is based “partly on a misclassification” of some virus transmission in Singapore at various construction sites that may have actually taken place in indoor settings. Singapore also classified settings that were a mix of indoors and outdoors as outdoors, including construction building sites, the outlet reported.

Still, the number of cases reported at the various sites did not add up to as much as 10% of transmission, but was more like 1% or less, the report stated…

“We’re at the point right now where we can start lifting these ordinances and allowing people to resume normal activity, certainly outdoors we shouldn’t be putting limits on gatherings anymore, we should be encouraging people to go outside,” former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “In the states where prevalence is low, vaccination rates are high and we have good testing in place and we’re identifying infections, I think we can start lifting these restrictions indoors as well on a broad basis.”

It appears that the Democrat obsession with keeping draconian mask mandates in place is not just based on faulty reasoning but also faulty science.



  1. Follow the $$$$$$. You can bet your last nickel that some treacherous, treasonous goons in high places are profiting immensely and unethically from the sales of vaccines et al. Moreover, the lockdowns have served as a great diversion tactic, I fear, to deflect attention from certain ongoing operations and activities.

  2. You can not trust the CDC or any other government department anymore. They are all “politically motivated” and only tell you what they think will further THEIR agenda. It is nothing but corruption being perpetrated in order to MANIPULATE the American people.

  3. Lockdowns, masks, fear tactics by CNN and other corrupted News outlets, all part of the Global financial reset they thought they could foist on humanity ! Didn’t work, so now Fakebook and Twitter and U Tube ban any truths to dispel the lies and actual cures are forbidden? All lies

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