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A Federal Judge in Texas has now dismissed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case filed by the NRA, claiming that it was filed in ‘bad faith.’

As Business Insider reports:

A Texas judge is throwing out the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy filing, saying that the case was filed in “bad faith” in an effort to avoid litigation in New York, according to Law 360.

Judge Harlin Hale’s decision to throw out the case came after New York Attorney General Letitia James and others questioned the legitimacy of the bankruptcy filing.

The NRA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on January 15 after James filed a lawsuit to dissolve the gun rights organization, alleging it abused its legal status as a nonprofit. In its August filing, New York prosecutors accused the group of corruption and said its longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre “instituted a culture of self-dealing, mismanagement, and negligent oversight.”

While reports of financial troubles have dogged the NRA for years, its bankruptcy filings showed it was financially solvent and had assets worth roughly $50 million more than its debts. The organization tried to restructure in Texas, claiming New York had a corrupt regulatory environment.

While the dismissal is bad news for the NRA it’s good news for the ultra-liberal prosecutors of New York States who celebrated the news on Twitter:


  1. What a crock!! All these Soros appointed prosecutors and Obama judges make it very difficult for gun lovers. We need to take house and senate. 2022 and Trump 2024 and get rid of these tyrants!!👎👎👎commies!!!

  2. Google and wikipedia WILL NOT tell you who appointed this judge in 2002; Might have been a rino like Bush.

  3. Didn’t Hilary represent NY?? Why isn’t she on trial there, if “no one is above the law?”


  5. I’ll be the first to say I don’t know squat about Bankruptcy Laws, so I won’t comment about whether this Judge is legislating from the Bench or not.
    I do wonder though if James would drop the case against the NRA, if WLP and his associates were kicked out and thrown under the bus, as they say? Because I’m in favor of those that have engaged in the peccadilloes being prosecuted, and that the NRA membership should not be punished for the crimes of a few individuals at the top.
    If James still insists on dissolving the NRA after feasting on WLP and his cohorts, it’s an entirely different matter and the bad faith is all on James.

    1. If LaPierre & crew got thrown under the bus, I’d be the first to stomp on the accelerator. He is the reason the membership is in decline instead of being 10 million +. LaPierre and his sycophants are the reason the NRA is is no longer the gorilla in Congress’ closet.

  6. Close up shop in NY. Give $ back to members… liquidation. Move to TX and members give 100% back to newly formed NRA.

  7. It doesn’t matter what you do to the NRA, you will never get our guns without starting a civil war. We’re like Arby’s. We got the GUNS!!!!!!!

  8. The @NRA
    does not get to dictate if and where it will answer for its actions, and our case will continue in New York court.

    No one is above the law.

    well, except for the communists and democrats pretending to no be communists….

  9. So we have a COMMUNIST JUDGE in Texas??? Boy it’s getting WORSE DAILY!!! I”M SO FED UP WITH THESE COMMIES in biden/harris regime. biden is in NO WAY TRYING TO UNITE US!!! He’s against law enforcement, he cares NOTHING FOR VETERANS, he has not come out against blm and antifa for the DEATHS, THE FELONIOUS ASSAULTS, THE STEALING, THE PROPERTY DAMAGE, he can stop this, but he doesn’t want to. You know I really wish he could be taken, have both knee’s shot out, both elbows, and both femurs, put a bullet in each, then hang by the neck till DEAD!!! I AM A DISABLED VETERAN AND I AM TIRED OF BEING DISRESPECTED BY A LYING, DECEITFUL, POS!!! AMERICA COMES FIRST ALWAYS, but that’s not how it is with biden/harris communist regime!!! LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL, that’s the biden BULL EXCREMENT THAT HE BELIEVES. SO VERY SAD!!!

  10. Soro’s peach letitia James wants to force to NRA to be dissolved, the judge in Texas most likely appointed by BO, refuses the chapter 11 bankruptcy why, is plenty of evidence that thousands of companies when bankrupt in NY, CA and other blue states and decided to relocate, as most blue states were completely shut down .

  11. If all gun owners in America were NRA members there would be no need to file bankruptcy. Do we really believe in freedom and the rights that go with it? Then why aren’t at least 80% of gun owners members of the NRA? If so, this gun control shit would never come up. I’m a proud member and will be as long as there is an NRA. It’s a great organization and the only so called wrong doing, according to the leftist assholes, is standing in the way of us not being free citizens but subjects. And I’m not having any of it So I’m calling on everyone to join and support our gun rights

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