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Canada is the United States’ neighbor to the north, but in the socialist-leaning country, religious persecution has increasingly run rampant with the arrest of Christians becoming normalized and liberals increasingly becoming more and more comfortable forcing their views on others.

Here’s a list of all the ways Canada’s government has oppressed Christians in recent years: 


    1. It’s not Canada you object to. It’s the Godless ideology its citizens allowed to enter and take them over. What are you willing to do to get it out of HERE?

      1. It seems to be spreading all over the world. It’s the Anti-Christ. Just like the Bible says.

  1. “Un-Just”-in Trudeau – -an atheistic rat-fink, who deserves impeachment, forced removal from office, arrest for treason and a public hanging. He has revealed his own COMMUNIST ideology – -a poison and plague upon this earth. Judging by past publication, he is another Red China communist “paid for” azz-kizzer. So, Justin, how many pieces of silver did they cross your palm with; what did it take to convince you to betray your own people?

    1. Trudaos father, Paul, started the decline of Canada. I immigrated to America from Canada in 1949 When I saw , even then , the signs of socialism and the changing politics. Now, with the influx of so many immigrants from the middle east and India who have no intention of assimilating and seek only to subjugate Canadian citizens Canada has become a country I don’t know. If Trudeau had his way the idiot would install sharia law on the population in a heartbeat. I certainly can’t complain any more since America is also ruled by an old demented mad man and a socialist mob. God help the continent.

  2. To think I was actually considering buying a property in Canada….
    While I practice no particular religious faith, I DO support the idea of religious freedom. Therefore, I cannot have anything to do with ANY country that persecutes those who are taught to Love Thy Neighbor As thyself.
    Get ready, folks – Hell is coming to Breakfast, and will likely stay for Lunch and Dinner.

  3. Apparently the Canadians do not believe in personal freedoms of all people, just who they choose to be bullied by! Too much frozen tundra on the brain! ehe

  4. Canada is a socialist country so you can expect them to oust God out of their country but you cannot remove him from the hearts of those who belong to him.

  5. We’re it not for the recent scotus decision on the kalifornia case we would be looking at coming attractions when watching the persecution of Christians in Canada.

  6. When you break the law you go to jail. Period And when you don’t care enough to protect your fellow Christian from disease and death then you don’t deserve to be a Christian. Praying and leading a moral and holy life does not require a building filled with people. Me and my prayer pillow and the good book is by my bed. And I don’t need to wait till Sunday. Of course, I miss the social camaraderie and meals together.

  7. Who in their right mind would want to live in Canada. I wonder if all those Hollyweird types who were planning on moving to Canada when President Trump was elected ever considered the loss of their freedoms. No problem though, it’s right around the bend for them anyway. They’re going to find that they’re not exempt.

  8. Let’s not be surprised if it comes to America. With the Left in charge, it’s starting with the Equalty Act if it passes. It’s happening in America, the Socialist Media has shut lips. I recommend reading Dark Agenda by David Horowitz, also Godless America by Todd Starnes. Wake up Church!! The government is NOT for us.

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