North Charleston from North Charleston, SC, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Liberals on social media left many observers shocked and appalled on Wednesday night after they responded to GOP Senator Tim Scott’s response to President Biden by making a racial slur go viral on Twitter.

The phrase ‘Uncle Tim’ began trending soon after Scott began his rebuttal.

As Fox News reports:

“Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter Wednesday night as left-wing users flooded the site with the racial slur on Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C, following his rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress.

Scott, who is Black, declared the United States is not a racist country while noting he had encountered racism in his life. Some of it, he said, came from the left in the form of being called an “Uncle Tom,” a derogatory phrase for Blacks who are viewed as too deferential to Whites.

His rhetoric infuriated some progressives, and Twitter placed “Uncle Tim” on its trending topics as more tweets relayed the insulting, racially charged play on his name. Among them was former MSNBC host Touré Neblett…

Conservatives erupted as it became clear Twitter was allowing a racially charged attack to appear on its “trending” section.



    1. When you have an owner of twitter and fakebook throwing Millions to the dimRat party you shouldn’t REALLY be surprised!

        1. globalist puppet, democrat criminal party owns irs and will make sure that globalist puppet billionaires don’t get audited for all their fake deductions .

    2. globalist media understands that globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep are only intelligent enough to make racist statements and attempt to make non racist Americans feel racist .

  1. Hypocritical DIMMs/Marxists! Not anything new. They are the REAL racists. Blacks cannot even figure out how to get a photo ID according to Senile Joe and his Klan.

    1. They are worse than hypocritical, they are very deliberate and consistent in a methodical attempt to destroy this country and we are not doing anything to stop them.

      1. I have been saying this for quite some time now…..WHEN are we going to STOP them…???? Time has come to grab them by their hair and pull them ALL out of OUR Houses….We should do to them what they screamed they were going to do to our DULY elected, then DULY RE-elected President TRUMP….!!!!! Our Government was OVER THROWN on Nov 3, 2020 = we CANNOT let THAT stand……!!!!!

    2. When you see all the globalist puppet, black libby snow flake sheep in washington dc and portland and seattle and baltimore and minneapolis and nyc and philadelphia and chitcago etc it makes you know they are not intelligent enough to figure out how to get a photo id .

  2. The entire left in this country are INSANE, impressively ignorant, useless tools of the vile democrats, and totally anti-American. To say I loath them is a tremendous understatement.

    1. They are worse than ignorant, they are very deliberate and consistent in a methodical attempt to destroy this country and we are not doing anything to stop them.

      1. globalist puppet $oro$ hired globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep and transported them to washington dc and dressed them in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and ordered them to invade the capitol at the same exact time 1,000,000 Americans enjoyed a peaceful Trump speech more than a mile away from the capitol .


    1. China? I’ve been there for 3 years. Now you listen here; China is a racist country!. maybe not a racist people and lets get that straight. But societally, yes, there is deep rooted racism in China. HongKongese are looked down upon by some mainlanders. In example. they think hongkongese are dangerous and violent to mainlanders. they cite videos they have seen online where chinese students or tourists were supposedly attacked by local hongkong people (later found to be mainlanders working in hong kong or CCP police in plain clothes harrassing students and tourists from the mainland to make something for the mainland’s anti hongkong S.A.D. (Special Administrative District) news., and sometimes the events are staged by mainland police and or not in hongkong at all)

      Also China was the only place I saw a job add looking for foriegn native English speaking teachers which said “looking for 20 to 25 year old white female to teach children, NO BLACKS” yes it was in capslocks.

      the companies in china are increasingly evil. not all of them but many of the big companies there are evil. That quote alone which was real mind you and actually quite common to see in job adds for teachers in public in china (not online); that add was Ageist, Sexist, and Racist. The big 3. but the company was unashamed. And they force they staff through fear of losing their jobs to stick up for that add’s requirements in conversation. I talked with their staff and they tried to stick up for the add by saying “seeing black people might scare the children”, and “once a woman is over 25 she wont have the energy to deal with children, and the wrinkles will turn away customers” and “men aren’t as friendly and comforting to be around as women, children feel more comfortable with strange women than men”.

      I could tell by her look as she said these things that she felt like she was saying something she felt worried and ashamed of but she had to say it if not her boss would fire her.

      Now thats offensive!

  4. It’s Always the demoncRats, Liberals, or whatever one chooses to call them, who incited this type of racism. Then when accused they deny doing it. They cause the problems but will never own it. Please Wake Up. And, take notice if your friends do the same. DemoncRats seem to be Narcissist personality. Republicans are more Empathic.

  5. Liberals are the racist people. Nasty foul mouth unamerican pieces of trash. Two can play that game. Uneducated and just down right mean. Their parents must be proud of their little socialist cowards not working and living off them in the basement. Wonder is that why joe was in the basement? His wife didn’t want to see how joe Biden is a mess but still pushed A mentally ill man to run for President so she could be first lady. Unstable and Unamerican liberals have become. Where is NAACP standing up for Tim Scott ? Like joe Biden said he not black enough for NAACP?

  6. Shows once again why the most racist place I ever lived was Southern California. Leftist are the most racist people in the world.

    1. It’s o.k. if your Mexican in south Cali, they own it, and RUN IT! If they actually went through the homeless encampments, and deported illegals amongst them the numbers could be as high as 1/3rd departing CA.. That’s PROGRESS I dream of!!

  7. I think that its becoming more clear that BIG TECH is not deciding to censor conservative statements and users unilaterally of their own volition. They are actually doing the bidding for the Democrats/government, since they couldn’t get away with blatant censorship due to the 1st amendment. However, under the guise of being “private companies” they can carry out the the Democrats bidding, lest they lose their 230 protections. Democrats and the Biden Administration aren’t above weaponizing government agencies against private citizens/companies. Its been done by them before and is happening again.

  8. The most diverse country on the planet, with people of every race dying in some cases to get here, yet the left says we are a racist country, proof this is a political tool and nothing more.

    People vote with their feet, immigrants from all over the world want to come here. People in this country vote with their feet too, and they are leaving tax-hells of blue states for red states, quite interesting isn’t it? People move into fake cryptocurrencies rather than trust government backed currencies, another telling sign.

    1. Leaving tax-hells of blue states for red states, and leave your god damn blue state liberal ideas in your globalist puppet, blue state .

  9. Liberals are the most dangerous people on the planet because they are nuts and they ruin everything for everyone because they are fooled into voting for the communist democrats.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media demand our southern border open so globalist puppet, illegal criminal invader voters continue to supply globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep with illegal mexico drugs to keep them addicted and stupid enough to refuse to leave the globalists and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party plantation .

  10. See, it really has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin, it’s just a hammer used to beat them up over political beliefs!

  11. Really? And they call conservatives racists!!! When are people going to wake up and see them for what they really are?

    1. Americans woke up, globalist puppet, white libby snow flake sheep and black libby snow flake sheep continue to abuse globalist drugs and sleep .

  12. Thank you Senator Tim Scott for your stand for truth and right. I thought “racism” in America was done with MLK. Now the left has drudged it up again. Thankful for people like Tim Scott and MLK who carry on the good fight!

  13. I am appalled at these hateful remarks regarding Senator Tim Scott’s speech. It seems to me that the liberals are two faced, nasty individuals who only relate to their own nasty opinions. They run down others for racism and then treat the Senator like this. I feel his speech was very well written and if these liberals want the people to listen to their views they better stop this type of behavior. However, in reality I think being nasty and hateful is the only behavior these people know. I hope they will eventually get what they deserve.

  14. Looks to me that the Racists are not Republican but Democrats because what Sen. Scott said was true and not the lies spoken this evening. Guess who is going to pay for this Presidential wish list. The tax payers, all of them not the 1% ers.

  15. these dems are so out of wack—— that they can’t see that they are the ones who are the racist. they have blinders on and soon enough they will regret it.

  16. When will the commiecrats find out who made the comments about senator scott and cancel them. Oh wait. Hell hasn’t frozen over yet

  17. There absolutely IS systemic racism in the United States. It does and has for many years existed primarily in the media and the black “leadership” in America. How else does one explain the NAACP, the BET network, the United Negro College Fund or Miss Black America? Transfer the word white for black and negro in these names and the howling would never stop. Colleges now have separate clubs, game rooms and graduations because black students are “uncomfortable” being with white students.
    The media screams and intentionally misreports police shootings and does nothing to amend bad reporting when it’s uncovered. Lebron James recently tweeted out a picture of a white officer with the caption YOU’RE NEXT to his millions of followers after an intentionally misreported media frenzy. ACAP is everywhere in graffiti but never reported,
    Where is the outrage from the oh so sympathetic political elite and lying media over the dozens of shootings and murders that occur every single week in Chicago and other democrat controlled cities in America? We see the “on scene” propagandists telling us that the protests are “mostly peaceful” when we can see the fires behind them. We see armed insurrectionists taking over entire city areas being called “the summer of love” by the elected officials in the city. Senator Tim Scott is called “Uncle Tim” by the left and nothing is done to delete the racist rhetoric of the left. BLM is first “an idea” and when it was painfully apparent that the are a well funded national organization they are portrayed as a peaceful protest movement. Their own leadership has publicly stated that either they get what they want or they will “burn it all down.”
    Enough of the propaganda. Wake up people. Rome is burning!

  18. We don’t want socialism in our Country.
    Don’t want a government that’s not working for us. Democrats are against democracy. They are taring our country down.

  19. I am SHOCKED! That seems like censorship in reverse… I mean say anything about condemned-o-crat policies and get kicked off, but say anything you want about a conservative and it becomes a good thing….

    Good will be called evil and evil will be called good… Know where that is written? Know when? Know why? R U Ready?

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media and white libby snow flake sheep and black libby snow flake sheep are the most hateful racists .

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  20. God sees all. Just wait. they think they are going to rule the world with an alliance of nations against God’s ways and making merchandise of his people. People, like us will not have to raise a finger, just praise God and follow his ways. Because the left are fueled by hate, rage, and a desire for lawlessness. Biden was a candidate that stood not as the law and order candidate but a candidate for lawlessness, the Anti-law and Anti-order candidate. The very plight of his campaign will be his own undoing, him and their whole alliance. They wanted their supporters to riot and destroy the country. Sure, and they’ll eventually spill out of control and take his head and his vice president’s and pelosi and schumer, it will be BLM and Antifa which kill them. and then BLM and antifa will fight to the death for power. not enough will survive to keep that power. And we will just sit and watch. really the question is, will they destroy themselves as said first? or will Christ return before that and burn them to the ground that no flesh may be saved except for Christ’s elect?

    Christ’s elect are Black and white and every shade inbetween. There is no respect of persons. and we fight with words, only to warn our adversaries of what is to come, the world will burn with fire from heaven. Now is the time to warn and wake them up. Christ returns swiftly!. Be ready and continue to live and warn people. blessed is the hard worker who keeps his house till the lord returns. keep your peace and cry to God. let the cries of his people reach to the heavens. Let God Judge the earth and plead with their flesh for their minds and souls would not be plead with, shall their flesh listen and be saved and their soul lost? at least something should come of profit for what was paid for them, the lord will get his interest on his investment. Not by the hands of men (like the muslims, for the muslims have no God and so there are only men and the hands of men to fight for them. they live and die by the sword), But rather by the hands of the one real God the hands of life and the universe itself will rise and destroy them. So I say Watch, pray and do not be enticed to rage or action of your hands. let the vengeance be the Lord’s!

  21. So who are the racists? The left can’t stand anyone who disagrees with their America hating agenda. Especially a person of color who refuses to be used by them. We are fighting against an evil that is trying to take us over and destroy our country. Many people don’t realize how dire the situation is. Biden is nothing but a snake oil salesman who is a front for the evil forces against the greatest country that ever has existed on this planet.

  22. All communist democrats act this way, their only interests are to protect pedophiles, launder money, protect drug dealers and protect hair sniffing rapists!

    Remove all communist democrats from office! period.

  23. Racism is like a cesspool. It should be left alone to dry up and stop stinking up the place. The problem is that the democrats keep putting their hands in it and stirring it up and it smells even worse. So much for Joe and ‘unity.’ I’m the only white guy in all black neighborhood and I have some pretty nice neighbors. A few expressed that they’re disgusted with the left and they’re democrats. The ones creating all the problems are a small percentage and if the media would stop giving them so much publicity, they’ll fade away. They’ve already shot themselves in the foot with the violence and not seeing reality when the cops do their job. Maxine Waters shot the other foot and self – inflicted wounds don’t deserve any attention. (Maxine is worse than worthless and should be tried for inciting violence).

  24. Tim Scott did a great job, no doubt and he will be one to keep an eye on possibly for Trump’s VP.
    I’d prefer DeSantis for VP, but DeSantis can make a run in 2028. If Trump is reinstated which is about as big of a fairy wish as Bi-Dumb’s speech wish list! Give 2024 to DeSantis, and let him pick up Scott. Regardless of picks or reinstatements, I fear if something isn’t done SOON, it very well could be too late to turn back the tide destruction of what this geriatric buffoon has done in the first 99 days of Jobama 3.0!
    I want out of this nightmare and if it comes to a civil uprising so be it!

    1. Civil War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  25. The libs reacted like that because they can’t handle the truth of Scott’s rebuttal comments. They are causing the hatred and divisiveness among us.

  26. The left is the inventor of racism and the klan. They use blacks to get what the white lefties want they throw crumbs from the plantation table to blacks and put money in the pockets of blacks leaders to sell out the black community. BLM, SHARPTON, Warnock, etc. The white commies on the left want power and money and they have sold out to China and Iran. They are the great Satan

  27. What would you expect from the Democrats???
    It was the party of slavery, the KKK, White Supremacy, the party responsible for lynchings in the south and other areas, the party that was against the civil rights act, the voting rights act, and the party that has ALWAYS been the party of racism both in words and deeds! Let’s not forget that Joe Biden was best friends with some of the worst racists who made their way into Congress and even his deep seated racism still seeps out in many of the things he says!

  28. Q: who is the racists in this our country?
    A: The left/liberal/progressives, who often happened to be white.

  29. WE NEED MORE TIME SCOTTS IN THIS HATEFUL WORLD! This slur is unacceptable!! Ignorance indeed!🙏🙏🙏🙏🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  30. Not surprising from the Democratic intolerant racists that are now the Democratic party expressing the hateful Marxist policies they hhave adopted. No other policies accepted other than complete government control over all of America and Americans in a one party rule.

  31. Those who call black men uncle Tim or uncle Tom are the true racists! And they are all Democrats!

  32. The commiecrats pull this kind of shit and expect people to believe that they aren’t racist. Go figure

  33. South Carolina is so lucky to have Tim Scott
    as a Senator. I wish Virginia was as lucky!
    I admire a man to is willing to express his
    convictions and his faith in God. Very rarely
    to you hear a Democrat express either.

  34. Yeah…just look who are the FIRST to hurl racial slurs at a good and honest man! Founder of the Democratic Party Andrew Jackson must be spinning in his grave to see the wicked, hypocritical scumbags that now dominate his party. Always remember, it was REPUBLICANS who freed the slaves, while the Democrats were in favor of eternal chains.

  35. WHY would any intelligent person be shocked by globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep; racist comments . . . . .

  36. Sen Scott is my Senator and I’m more proud of him then Graham. i think some of these left wing nuts who call him “Uncle Tom” should actually ready the book. If i was a black man, i would take being called Uncle Tom who was a godly man then being a Al Sharpton hypocrite. or an Obama wannabe”.

    left only knows hate. i can’t hate the people. i just hate their ideology.

    Sen Scott holds my respect. I’ve got his six. Graham I still don’t know about yet but i won’t vote for a democrat

  37. We have said it before “Tell the truth and , like Socrates , they give you the hemlock. Prepare for show trials, unlawful detention, the Stasi, the Cheka, the Bolshevists, the kgb, and the gulags. These pops unlike “Cornpop” are People Of Power , “Absolute Power”, BernieSandersLike power, and they rule with a puppet on a string. They do not care about fair reasonable discussion and compromise. Resist their agenda of “free for everyone” because it comes with a great cost namely “We educated you and we need you in Detroit but your wife stays in Wichita and your kids are going to the reeducation campschools in Houston. We need your house and car if it is less than five years old. Folks, you should have learned from the “Great Society” of LBJ that the cost is measured in the number of duty free boxes coming back to this ravaged country!

  38. “Uncle Tim” needs to own that moniker, just like the Trump supporters owned the “Deplorables” brand. Turn it back on the leftist useful idiots and have some fun with it.

  39. If a liberal makes a racist slur against a conservative it is not racist. Racism can only be charged when a conservative made the remark.

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