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A veteran Los Angeles County prosecutor is accusing a Soros-funded district attorney of corruption over a case in which charges were dropped against three “Black Lives Matter” activists who attempted to derail a trial.

Richard Doyle, a 34-year veteran prosecutor in the L.A. County DA’s office without a single complaint against him, formally charged with “insubordination” by newly-elected District Attorney George Gascón for asking why he had been ordered to drop all charges against three “Black Lives Matter” activists arrested on felony charges for attempting to derail a passenger train.

“Emanuel Padilla, Christopher Berg and Jasmine Lomax…had been charged with trying to derail a train at a protest near the Compton Sheriff’s Station on November 15,” a Los Angeles Fox affiliate reports.

Fox 11 reports:

(V)ideo shows three sets of train tracks near the station, one Union Pacific line and two Metro lines.

Down the street and out of frame, a protest is taking place against the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department over the deadly shooting of Andres Guardado.

At that protest, LASD deputies have set up yellow, steel wire barricades coated in plastic. As the protest ends, the video shows Berg and Lomax dragging the barricade across the train tracks.

Seconds later, Padilla can be seen following closely behind before trees obstruct the vision of him and the camera moves away from him.

As the camera pans to the right, Lomax can be seen still tugging on the barricade, which is anchored at the other end, before she eventually let go.

As Lomax and Berg walk away, Padilla can be seen emerging behind them, and they all leave the area. Moments later, deputies can be seen running towards the area, the barricade is removed from the tracks, and a Metro train passes by just fifteen seconds later.

“The surveillance video clearly shows that Lomax and Berg pick up the barricade and clearly drag it across,” Doyle said. “So the evidence against them is incredibly strong just from the video.”…

…Padilla, Lomax, and Berg were all later charged with felony attempted train wrecking, a charge that could carry life without parole, as well as a lesser felony count of unlawful obstruction of a railroad track, which carries a two to four-year sentence in county jail.

The order to free the criminals came on Gascón first day in office, after meeting with BLM activists. 

Fox 11 reports: 

The next day, just hours after Gascón was sworn in, Doyle tells FOX 11 that he got a phone call from Mario Trujillo, a close ally of Gascon who serves on his executive staff.

“He told me that the DA has authorized me, Mario Trujillo, to direct you to dismiss the Padilla case for further investigation,” Doyle said. “And I said, Mario, I know the case very well, what further investigation does the DA want? And he said I don’t know. And I told him I’m not comfortable dismissing what I know to be a good case, a viable prosecution, without knowing the reason why, and he said, well can you just dismiss it today and we’ll find out the reasons later? And I said no.”

Gascón’s campaign was financially supported by liberal billionaire George Soros.  Soros has been spending millions electing prosecutors nationwide willing to carry out his radical agenda.

Recording of jailhouse phone calls reveals at least one of the BLM activists was confident a friends’ campaign contributions to Gascón would free them.

But FOX 11 has obtained some of Emanuel Padilla’s jail calls, recorded days before Gascón took office and dropped the entire case. In one call, Padilla is talking to his wife and an acquaintance about whether he should hire a high priced defense attorney, or if he should use his personal attorney, Jorge Gonzalez, a friend of Gascón’s who contributed $1,000 to Gascón’s race for DA, according to campaign finance records.

“In the meantime, Jorge might be able to get you out, the fact that he knows Gascón is pretty fu**ing big,” the unknown acquaintance says.”Yeah, agreed,” Padilla replies.

[Unintelligible] what good is that gonna be in the end, it’s not the same as having Gascón’s ear, or having Jorge [Gonzalez] just fu**ing text him, cause he’s told me, I knew him before this, he’s shown me how he texts with him, so that’s like, uh, you know, having a good mechanic versus your best friend whose married to a mechanic at this point I think. He told me that he’s spoken to him, and when he brought it up to Gascón, Gascón said he had already started reading about what’s been happening because it’s been everywhere.”

“Clearly, Mr. Padilla thinks that his attorney has the in with the DA and that he is going to benefit from it,” Doyle tells Fox 11. “And with hindsight being 2020, that’s exactly what happened.”

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