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As people all over the United States send their forms into the IRS, they’re probably seething over President Joe Biden’s repeated assertions that Americans are willing to pay more in taxes. In a recent interview with ABC News this week, he predicted that he would get Democrats in Congress to vote for what would be the first major federal tax increase since 1993.

Biden’s view is no doubt shaped by cognitive dissonance. He wants to raise taxes, so he believes the American people are behind him. His opinion on the subject is likely reinforced by the oft-repeated observation coming from thought leaders and other political influencers that the pandemic has created conditions favorable for passing a tax hike. 

Part of this is a question of who’d pay for it. Everyone is always for a tax increase if it means lower debt or higher spending so long as they’re not the ones whose taxes go up. Few people think of themselves as “rich,” so calls for higher taxes on the wealthy don’t bother them. Everyone is generally happy when someone else pays the bill.

Pollster David Winston looked at the issue in early April and found, by a margin of 2 to 1, “voters do not believe the statement that because of what happened with Covid, I am willing to pay more in taxes.” Consider that carefully. Federal spending to fight Covid and blunt the impact of the lockdowns imposed by the states has added well over $4 trillion to the national debt – some say it’s more like $6 trillion – yet most voters are unwilling to fork over their dough to close the gap between what went out and what’s coming in. (By the way, that “gap” isn’t nearly as big as people have been made to think. A lot of states are ending the year in the black even without the money from Washington and, in D.C., federal revenues are just about what they were projected to be before Covid hit).

In the Winston survey, the biggest supporters of a tax hike are, no surprise, liberal Democrats – but they are willing to see their tax bill go up by what he calls “a very weak margin” of 43 to 36 percent. Only a third of moderate Democrats go along with the idea while 47 percent say they don’t. Interestingly suburban women, a targeted group for both Democrats and Republicans in the next election, say they disagree with the statement 20 percent to 55 percent as do most Republicans (70 percent) and most independents (53 percent).

A newly released Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey generally backed up the Winston Group findings. Its poll had 64 percent of likely U.S. voters saying they oppose increasing taxes while just 22 percent supported the idea and 14 percent said they were not sure. 

The Rasmussen reports data also showed 45 percent of voters saying the current level of federal taxes “is already too high” while just 13 percent said they were “too low.” Another third – 33 percent – aligned themselves with the mythical Goldilocks saying, after the Trump tax cuts of 2017 that the current level of taxation is just “about right.”

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. President Biden has taken to saying Republican voters support his plans for the country even if GOP members of Congress reject it. Maybe – but what he doesn’t say is that – at least as far as taxes are concerned – members of his own party aren’t getting in line behind him.

“Whether or not congressional Democrats go along with Biden’s plan,” Rasmussen Reports said, “Democratic voters appear to feel differently. Only 19 percent of Democratic voters say the current level of federal taxes is too low, while 34 percent of Democrats say taxes are too high and 38 percent say the level of federal taxes is about right.”

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s wrong about the GOP voters too, at least on taxes. “Among GOP voters 56 percent say the current level of federal taxes is too high,” the survey found with, “just 9 percent say they’re too low and 29 percent say the level of federal taxation is about right. Unaffiliated voters are nearly five times more likely to say current federal taxes are too high (48 percent) than too low (10 percent).”

Despite what the New York Times lets prominent leftwing Keynesian economists write on its op-ed pages, there isn’t a lot of sentiment for raising taxes in America on anyone. The people are opposed to higher taxes on income, on gasoline, and just about everything else he’s proposed raising taxes on – tax hikes that would all break his campaign pledge that anyone making less than $400,000 per year wouldn’t see their taxes go up by “one thin dime.”

Peter Roff is a former U.S. News & World Report contributing editor now affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations. He appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. Reach him by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.

Peter Roff is affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations and is a former U.S. News and World Report contributing editor who appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.


  1. I would to know the names of the Americans who say they would not mind paying more taxes. Is Joe hallucinating now on top of his senility. I don’t know of one person who wants or is willing to pay higher taxes. What a fruitcake we have for a president. God help us!

      1. So biden says we American’s WANT to pay higher taxes!?!? Look how deluded biden is, NO WAY any Americans want to pay higher taxes. Just like he said MANY REPUBLICANS, are on his side. IMPEACH THIS JERK, along with harris,pelosi, schumer, aoc, swalwell, mayorkas, nadler, ALL OF THE LYING DECEITFUL COMMIE PEOPLE!!! If something doesn’t happen to UNITE AMERICANS & SOON, WAR WILL COME!!!

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    2. Every person who voted for Jo-Jo Biden/Comrade Kamala, I am sure would love to step up and volunteer to pay huge increases in their personal taxes for those of us who supported and still support the DJT tax decreases!
      If the Republicans don’t win the majority in Congress next year I am afraid America is doomed to become another third world communist country in financial ruin under control of big government until…….Jesus comes back! The Lord will definitely take care of the evil Dems who are laying our country to waste and devastation!

      1. TOO LATE! We are already there, just look behind the door of the stuff where Clinton sold us to China for money to get elected the first time 28 years ago. It’s been going on behind the curtain since. Look how many times Commie Joe Panty Sniffer has voted to tax social Security in his life time of government theft. Lying MF as usual, democrap’s think if you have any income your rich and they want it. I don’t think there will ever be fair election ever again. Democraps rigged this one and took fours years to get the system in place. why would they ever let another fair one happen? GOD is allowing this BS to happen for all the evil that’s went on in America. Abortions, Elite / Corporations stealing everything. Etc. I’m afraid it about to hit the fan.

    3. Agreed an I’m a little embarrassed to say that I am a person from the state of Delaware. He really gives us a bad representation of what a lot of us believe in and I am ashamed to call him our “leader”.

    4. We should put taxes back to the rates we had during the Clinton Administration. We had a strong economy and a balanced budget.

  2. You means those Dead, Quadruped, Voting Machine Converted, Non-Citizen, Felony-Convicted Americans who voted for this clown?

    1. The votes that put Faux Biden over the top were printed in China, why do you think they had to stop counting at midnight, it gave them time to print up enough new ballots to put Creepy Joe over the top.

    1. I doubt he can wipe his ass right. Toes up Harris isn’t any better. Look at her response to the BORDER NON-CRISIS. She HAS NO CLUE of what to do with it. Somebody has to tell her to squat so she don’t pee in her shoes. Sorry to say it’s about to get a LOT WORSE and Snowflakes are about to die. YOU WANTED IT, YOU GOT IT!, DEAL WITH IT! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Biden is delusional!!! I’m first year retired at 66 and my taxes are crazy this year, not to mention being double charged for medicare. I need to take a part time job now just to be retired!!!

  4. Maybe the Biden Crime Family can pay the bill. Amongst his son, brothers and sister, they probably raked in a fortune
    with their knees on the neck of the taxpayers.

  5. From now on the states Texas and the rest of the states also must declared that their residents can’t be taxed by the federal more than the state income tax, and eliminate the federal income tax for corporations that will keep the companies in those states and produce more jobs and more income, the feds are trying to eliminate the sovereignty of the states the states must eliminate the feds power grab…

  6. Joe, you are as crazy as a DODO Bird! I do not want to pay more taxes and I do not know anyone that does!

  7. It does not matter what he does, and since the democrats cannot ever again lose elections if all planned and witnessed rigged elections are declared legal. What could they possibility worry about, something like the programmed rigged machines broke down, the leftest bogus ballot counters go on strike, or not enough illegal aliens to mail in ballots, or CCP refuses to continue printing enough bogus ballots like for Pennsylvania. You act like we have a choice, or we can vote them out? You think we can do something when secretary of Defense a moron, would use the military if anyone opposes the illegal government that he purges the military to protect.? All white people are openly racist, and we must all be punished our illegal masters say, the illegal government is openly fixing this issues by having no sovereignty and inviting an invasion of poverty stricken migrants to illegally immigrate here fir free shit in exchange for mail in ballots. Mean while, our citizens are dying from open borders drugs while living in the streets homeless. Unless your part of the 98% one party propaganda news you cannot make this shit up. The proven dumbest people on earth, just took power forever. Get in the proper position, as the illegal federal government prepares to deliver your loved ones, the mother of all big ones. The illegal government tells the world the people who pay their salaries are racist criminals. All our enemies love our insane illegal party of the majority in congress. They while unchallenged, killed the USA, while blaming Trump.

  8. Anybody who wants to pay more to the government can. But they don’t.

    As for me, I want the government to eliminate ALL their wasteful spending, THEN eliminate spending for anything not explicitly called out in the Constitution. That would eliminate well over 80% of all categories of things they spend money on. THEN return to the private sector any/all jobs/work that can be performed by the private sector and reform so that work is truly a competitive bid or totally private sector responsibility and not the so called ‘crony capitalism’, which is point of fact is no capitalism at all.

    1. What really pisses me off, is continued LIES from biden, we can’t let this LYING, DECEITFUL
      BASTARD to stay in power, it’s only been 3 month’s and LOOK AT THE DAMAGE ALREADY, if this jerkoff is allowed to stay 4 years, we as American’s will NOT recognize OUR AMERICA. THAT’S SOMETHING THAT WILL CAUSE A NEW CIVIL WAR. SIGN ME UP!!!

  9. People,
    This is communism pure and simple, when the government takes over, ruins the economy they have not choice but too raise taxes, and then there are no jobs,you have no taxes, and we become Cuba, the
    Laughing stock of the world, we are in deep shit with these idiots, it’s not just Biden

  10. No they are not, out of touch with Americans and a ridiculous thing to do right after a pandemic when do many have lost jobs, and are paying more for food and gas based on other policies he has put in place.

  11. You have to wonder if the 22% that thought that raising taxes was okay even paid taxes…probably not!

    1. No, in bidens regime he wants a WELFARE STATE. He needs to keep giving more and more money to the minorities to keep them at home doing NOTHING, NO WORK, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, just pop another kid out, that’s more money. biden is a SICK AND TWISTED INDIVIDUAL!!!!

  12. He didn’t ask me if I wanted to pay more in taxes! We’ve had tax increases before 1993, JomamaObama raised taxes, even Herbert Walker after reading his lips removed write-offs which raised taxes and Clinton had dress washing bills to pay, so I know he had taxes raised, you just have to define what is is?

  13. hey people it’s the dumb and dumber show tune in and watch us try not to go down the drain or present government is worthless all communists

  14. LISTEN UP…NOONE in Their Right Mind Wants to PAY HIGHER TAXES. AMERICANS Need a BREAK. ESPECIALLY ALL the HELL THEY Have Been Thru.From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  15. I’ll make a prediction, all the democrats in the United States of America will be arrested very soon!

  16. Ok Bozo Biden here is the deal. If you, your son Hunter and your brother all agree to donate the millions you all have received from the communist Chinese in illegal schemes to Samaritans Purse I will gladly pay more in taxes. I want the donation to be audited by an attorney and accounting firm of my choosing because I don’t trust you at all.

  17. Americans are NOT willing to pay more taxes; they are MORE THAN ready to see the taxes they already pay go to fund projects and programs that are appropriate for the Federal government, rather than the present giveways to individuals and states. If we want local projects and programs, we will pay the needed taxes to our much more efficient states and local governments. If our Federal taxes were spent appropriately, there would be sufficient taxes already for real NATIONAL needs that cannot be met by the various states.


  19. What they refuse to say, is that raising taxes only hurts the people and the economy. Businesses really don’t pay taxes. If you know anything about business, when the cost of producing the product or service increases, so do prices. Business might absorb some for a short time, but they have to make a profit. Business will start exiting the US again. If anyone really believes those “rich” people will actually pay more in taxes – they won’t be paying much more. Their income isn’t coming from the typical places – like earning a living. They are getting it in other ways, and those taxes are probably not increasing. If taxes are too high in the US, they move their money elsewhere too! Look at Pelosi who is now making a fortune on insider trading. If we did it, we’d go to prison. She does it and gets rich. No, high taxes are a communist agenda to take from some to give to others, but only to make those in charge rich and in more control of your life!

  20. I would first support eliminating ALL aid to foreign countries, all welfare, food stamps and free health insurance for ILLEGAL ALIENS; oh, and stimulus checks to prisoners (the Boston Bomber got $1400!) and THEN see what I might be willing to pay in additional taxes to cover the bill for COVID relief. Until our Congress starts taking care of Americans first, I don’t believe ANY American will stand still for a tax increase.

  21. By September 2020, Sixty percent of small business in America had closed – this has not changed since the 2020 election, and more have closed since
    So the Tax increase is to hit the remaining businesses
    Given the fact that the Governments un-neccesarily shut down small business and advocated for Multinational corporations who they did not subject to the same economically destructive covid contrls – where inthe world would voters come from who would vote for their taxes to be increased?
    Likely form the same place that fabricated the electio theft with all those mail in fraudulent ballots. Biden cant find the voters but he can print the ballots required.
    Biden knows he has the Dem/Rino congress for support – after all congress gave him the electoral college.

  22. No, you do not have to give away all our hard earned money so Biden can shed it ever where but where it is needed.

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