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The brother of Joe Biden, Frank Biden, has now been caught attempting to use his relationship with his brother too promote his own business interests.

Frank, who is a senior advisor to the Berman Law Group, touted his relationship with his brother in an ad that ran on inauguration day in The Daily Business Review .

When CNBC reached out to the law firm and the White House for Comment both either dodged the question or didn’t comment at all:

After CNBC emailed the co-founders of the firm, Matthew Moore, one of Berman Law Group’s attorneys, responded on the office’s behalf. CNBC had asked the firm whether Frank Biden will be continuing to use the Biden name in future ads while his brother is president, among other questions. The firm’s response did not provide answers to those questions.

“Frank Biden has been with the Berman Law Group for years. He is a champion for social justice, advocating against corporate behemoths that prey on the little guy,” Moore said in an email. “The big sugar case has been around for more than 2 years and is the poster child for corporate influence. We are honored to have Frank Biden stand with us as leaders for social justice,” he added.

A White House spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.
According to the New York Post Joe Biden had apparently tried to warn his brother against using the family name for personal profit, but apparently to not avail:
The former veep, whose scandal-scarred son Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for potential tax fraud, reportedly issued the stark warning to his younger brother on the campaign trail.

“For Christ’s sake, watch yourself,” Biden said, according to a Politico report published Thursday.

“Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you,” he added.

The report follows the news that Frank Biden, a non-attorney senior adviser for the Boca Raton-based Berman Law Group, evoked his brother’s name in an ad touting the firm on Jan. 20 — the same day Joe Biden was sworn into office.

It seems that the Biden family is wasting no time in turning the family patriarch’s time in the White House into an opportunity for shameless influence peddling.

An operation which, ultimately, may end up putting the machinations and transparent corruption of the Clinton family to shame in the long term.




    1. she’s a Multi Millionaire. let her hire her own damn security, if she’s so darn paranoid,or she should just stay home or in her Vineyard..sick of the tax payers getting to give them a free ride.

      she hasn’t done anything for the last 4 years except her continous harassment and lying about Trump…oh and promote killing unborn babies……fake Catholic.

      1. She hasn’t done anything sence she was elected except corruption ,whine ,lie and steal from the people she works for and thats all of us.

  1. I have no doubt that exactly nothing will happen to any of the Bidens since they are democrats and msm darlings!

  2. The really scary part of all this is how little the Biden family tries to hide their corruption. They just aren’t afraid of any consequences.

  3. He’ll be everything they accused DJT of being. Corrupt as hell, womanizer, racist… and so on. I can’t believe they haven’t found a way to get him out of the white house already.

  4. Now for sure CHEATER Joe Biden and Biden family can commit any crime with no indictment or jail time for he is their get out of jail card for them all!!! All of his past crimes, will be buried very deep!!!The whole Biden family can use crimes to get rich with no jail time!!! A Biden Foundation to hold their bribes coming just like the Clinton Foundation for Hillary Clinton, copy cats!!!!…..

  5. Poor little snowflake demorats have to have our great military watch over them. Give them a pacifier and blankie. Nancy needs a bag over her head.

  6. Can anybody think of a time when the Bidens weren’t corrupt? I’ve been around for a long time and I cannot think of any time they weren’t. But they get by with it it over and over.

  7. That’s the thing about the corrupt, they can’t help but brag about what they think they’re getting away with, and a lack of intelligence seems to run in the Biden family.

  8. Even some of the ‘good’ people turned away from what was ‘RIGHT’ We need America to be America but with creeps, corruption, lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, alcohol…..the list is endless… will it ever come back? Oh, and without GOD in it, it won’t!!! They’ve drug in all the crud and left out what would do the job. They are wicked and corrupt and their day is coming and it won’t be ‘Heaven’ God help us to stand UP and fight for what is ‘RIGHT’

  9. Same old same old!! Wish there was a way to get rid of these pay to play politicians. They get rich and we stay poor,but if we just keep electing them to office they will change things for us now??? Yeah Right!!!

  10. Both AOC and Pigliosi need to be formally censured for their inflammatory and false accusations against other elected officials. They are actually threatening harm and inciting violence. Pigliosi should be removed from her Speaker role, and AOC should be sued by Ted Cruz and the entire Republican House and Senate.

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