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According to polling firm political IQ, surveys from Georgia indicate that Peach State voters want Republicans to control the U.S. Senate and with Joe Biden as president-elect that margin continues to grow.

Per Hot Air:

That should indicate a better turnout among Republican voters. That’s pretty good news, considering the boycott calls from Donald Trump allies and the attacks on Georgia’s voting system from Trump himself. So far, there’s no evidence at all that the Republican electorate has been demoralized.

The RNC already has a superior GOTV ground game, but that might be a bit negated in the circumstances of a special election. Both parties are using an all-hands-on-deck approach to Georgia, so even the resource-poor DNC might have been able to assemble its own effective ground game. Democrats are being outspent on the ground and in the air too, but there is a question of saturation that might end up making the air games equal, too. At some point, Georgia voters will simply tune out the TV and radio ads, figuratively if not literally.

However, there is an important caveat.

Both Democrats are projected to have a double-digit lead among early voters. Ossoff is up 56% to 42% among those who have voted or plan to vote early. Among those same voters, Warnock is up 55% to 42%. Both Republicans, however, enjoy a 61% to 33% lead among those who plan to vote in-person on Election Day.

Election Day turnout will be vital in determining whether Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler return to the Senate. While many variables leave the race up in the air, the GOP appears in a stronger position at this point.


  1. Someone better be tracking ballots that come in AFTER the election. Once they see just how many votes they need to win, that’s when most of the shenanigans goes on!!

    1. You’re absolutely right. If they say they’re done for the day, everyone leaves. They need cameras by the doors and windows to make sure nobody is sneaking in it turn this election.

    2. Audit the ones that have already come in and make sure they are valid.
      This mail in ballot crap has to stop. It is an invitation for fraud.

  2. Expect RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD. After all, thedemocommunists have been getting away with it time after time, and if they use the same “pre-programmed voting machines”, (and FRAUD BY MAIL) it will be just more of the same-old-same- old DECEPTION, CHEATING, and FRAUD.

  3. You people in Georgia had better get out and vote for the republicans or you will not have any safe guards against a dem president. You will lose everything.

  4. Since the Senate is up for grabs, the Communists will try the same tactic at voter fraud. Hopefully, our mouthbreathing Republican politicians are more ready this time.

  5. We all know the demonrats will steal this election also they lie cheat and steal that is what the party is all about corruption and power.

  6. If they stop counting for awhile then start up again, watch them very carefully. That was how the whole mess started. LBJ? No, never trust a democrap. Or the media they’ve all been bought.

  7. Until Voter fraud is aggressively addressed and those caught doing so are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, legitimate elections will be nothing more than a pipe dream, our Republic will be lost in the process and it will take a Rebellion to regain it.

  8. Is any Republican checking to see if applications for absentee ballots have all been fulfilled? In the Presidential election, I applied for mine on 9/8; then when I didn’t receive anything a month later, I started calling and emailing the Fulton Co. Elections Board. Although I was told my ballot was mailed, finally, on 10/18, I didn’t actually receive it until 10/31, with a postmark of 10/26. The Sat. 10/31 receipt of it cost me $38.75 to send it overnight by UPS in order to get it there by 7pm on Nov. 3rd as required. Such a delay is another Democrat tactic when they suspect the voter might not favor them. Republicans should not be naive (politically correct–stupid) about the importance of their vigilance against Fulton County’s reputation for cheating in many ways.

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