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Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI), President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for energy secretary, promoted scurrilous and false rumors against President Trump to explain why Hillary Clinton lost an election the establishment thought she had in the bag.

What’s worse is that Granholm’s slanderous tweet about the so-called pee tape first disclosed in the infamous Steele Dossier came in 2020, years after even some far-left outlets stopped reporting its claims.

Granholm’s attempts to sabotage the Trump presidency go back years.

Fox News’ Evie Fordham explains:

She also called for an “independent investigation of Russia/Trump collusion” after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey while the agency was investigating such claims.

She praised Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for his opening statement during a March 2017 hearing where then-FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers were testifying.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report failed to find direct evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

None of these facts dissuaded Granholm from propagating smears about the president and his congressional allies.

Perhaps Granholm also wanted to divert attention from her past. After leaving the governor’s mansion in 2011, she hosted a news and political opinion program on Al Gore’s Current TV. She left around the same time Qatar-based Al Jazeera bought the network.

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  1. Everything I read about biden and the corruption he is bringing back to run our country makes me happy to be a gun owner

  2. How will Jennifer be able to take care of Comey once he is in jail? One dry well. Oh she still will have Schiff to play with. If Durham does his job, the swamp will become a bit less crowded but if the repubs do their jobs, it can be thinned out once again.

    • Beware the Chinese are pulling the strings for Biden .They own the company that own the voting machines. Whole election was rigged from day 1 and most people don’t believe it…Wake up America, China wants to run the USA. .they buy anything in the USA that they can control .and then control you ..Send this election results back to the people and have a recount of all ballots, better yet have a do over of the election. One ID one vote ,must vote in person even with a absente ballot.
  3. You’ve got to be kidding! Jennifer Granholm kept only one promise when Gov. of Michigan: “You’re going to be blown away”. This is herself bragging about it – she wasn’t kidding; she truly achieved that promise!

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