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The media remains conspicuously silent about Stacey Abrams’ claims that she won the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election despite losing to Republican Brian Kemp by 55,000 votes.

Abrams suspended her campaign after every country in Georgia certified their votes. However, the obstinate Democrat refuses to concede defeat to Gov. Kemp to this day.

Abrams’ latest disinformation campaign concerns the status of Georgia’s all-important two runoff elections for the U.S. Senate. Thankfully, Fox News contributor Karl Rove had a payload of knowledge bombs waiting to jettison on Abrams. The campaign guru went so far as to say Abrams is “either misleading or she’s uninformed.”

Per Townhall:

On Monday, the former gubernatorial candidate said there’s an upward trend for Democrats so far.

Asked by Fox News’s Martha MacCallum how Republicans are feeling in the state, Rove said, “Well, I think pretty good,” before pivoting to address Abrams’s numbers.

“She is either misleading or she’s uninformed,” Rove said. “She just said that there were 1.2 million people who’d requested a ballot, a mail-in ballot for the runoff, and that 1.3 million had done so in November. That’s not correct.”

He went on to explain: “In November, 1,740,795 people requested a mail-in ballot; 1,362,369 — actually exercised it, voted by mail, so today, the requests are half a million less, a third less than they were for the November election, and what you also need to remember is 600,000 of the people on the list for mail-in ballots, 600,000 of that 1.7 million are automatically on the list. They are on the list for a long time. They sign up for permanent mail-in ballots, so they’re counted as a request, but we don’t know whether or not they are actually going to vote.”


    1. Love it AND so true. Have never seen such a sorry bunch of people in elected offices: Biden, Pelosi, Shummer, Shiff, Harris etc. Dementia Joey’s adding the worst of the worst to his cabinet. God help us all with him running the show.

  1. ALL of this CHEATING is just TERRIBLE…..WHEN will it end..??? When THEY have turned this country into a COMMIE SH*THOLE/ONE party system….???? Hope that THAT will NEVER come HERE…!!!!


  3. Abrams is another dumocrap dictator wanna-be. She should slither back under her rock and take all her dumocrap socialist buddies with her. Hopefully there will be 2 observers for every 1 person opening ballots/envelopes, close enough to see exactly what the envelope shows. I think the number of votes from the November election should be compared to the number of people actually on the voter roles who were legally able to vote.

  4. Notice how ‘Governor’ Stacey has a thing for skin-tight jersey dresses?

    all the ladies know, but for the non-fashionista men, jersey is a very stretchy, clingy fabric that bunches up on lumps of fat.

  5. The Marxist Porn Writing Queen of Ballot Harvesting is being investigated by the GBI and FBI for Ballot Harvesting, Voter Fraud, and making Threats with Intimidation as she wreaks of CCP and Soros Foreign Interference which Trump signed an Executive Order on before the Election. Stacey Abrams is the new Democrat Voter Fraud Poster Child called, Uncle George Soros & China, China, China!

    1. Do you actually believe the FBI or DOJ will do anything ?
      She is a demonRat and cover up is the game.

  6. Here again is a democrat who claims to be a Christian, yet cheats, as reported paying off college students to come to Georgia to register to vote, invalidating true Georgia voters. “Thou shall not steal” Because of the cheating she supports in Georgia and the swing states, Joe Biden is a fraudulent and illegitimate president elect.

  7. I get it. I want the entire list of absentee requests to be checked to make sure they are REAL resdential addresses and then check the signature of the request against the signature of the ballot. Make it soooo COST PROHIBITIVE that it is simply not possible to vote by mail. We are sick of the STEAL.

  8. Just swear in Brian Kemp and move forward. Let the demons stand in the dust. What purpose does being stubborn fill. All it proves is she and others are sore losers. I thought these people were adults. They’re not acting like it.

  9. The Dem Is go to Destroy USA ANY They CAN Just look at it now Hate is grow more in more it need to stop now we need to live together

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