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Progressive lawmakers unleashed a tweetstorm on former President Barack Obama after he chided them for promoting the defund the police movement.

Obama’s criticism follows other party leaders like House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who’s argued since the election the anti-law enforcement slogan cost Democrats more than a few down ballot races.

However, liberal Democrats weren’t content to passively listen to this latest scolding.

Fox News’ Megan Henney reports:

Obama made the comments during an interview with Peter Hamby on the Snapchat original political show “Good Luck America” that aired Wednesday morning.

“You lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want done,” Obama said. “The key is deciding, do you want to actually get something done, or do you want to feel good among the people you already agree with?”

Obama’s comments seemed to reflect the influence of communist-minded community organizer Saul Alinsky, who urged activists to work within the established system. Less capable politicians didn’t appreciate his nuanced approach.

Other members of the so-called “Squad” joined Omar in pushing back against Obama’s comments.

Democrats expected to gain as many as 20 seats in the House of Representatives last month. Instead, Republicans flipped at least ten. The election results indicate a challenging midterm awaits House Democrats already clinging to their narrowest majority since the Great Depression.

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  1. why are they only concerned about police killing blacks when a lot more blacks are killed every day by blacks for no reason at least the cops are trying to arrest someone for good reason

    1. And, in the cases I’ve seen mentioned, the “victims” are either in the process of committing a crime (resisting arrest) or have just finishing committing one. You’re right that more whites are killed by police than blacks. But, that’s right. White lives don’t matter. If people that take black lives should be defunded, perhaps all the communities that turn a blind eye when a black is killed in the ‘hood by another black should be defunded. Far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by police trying to make an arrest brought on by dishonest behavior.

  2. Let’s make as many ignorant minions think that the police kill 100 black men a day when in fact it’s less than 1% I think. More white men killed by police but hey white men are privileged. If Biden ever is allowed to take office you bet Covid 19 will just up and disappear because they wont need to use it anymore for their narrative. They’ll say that Biden and his administration did the right think unlike the Trump administration.

    1. Fortunately that will never happen. Biden and all who sail with him will be in Gitmo for Treason. President Trump by such a large number that the Dominion Machines couldn’t cope. They were not programmed for such huge numbers for Trump, so they quickly brought in the fake Biden only Ballots and immediately stopped counting Trump Ballots and dumped thousands .

  3. Their argument is factless. Let’s take Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor for example both were thugs and criminals. You don’t wantto die at the hands of the police don’t break the law. Pretty simple.

  4. Omar , Tlaib, and Pressley are in it for themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t support defunding the police. 1st of all I believe we got much larger police forces during the Clinton administration where the federal government supplied grants to police departments to enlarge their forces and to hire more Black police, because we were being told the Black communities were under served and needed more of an officer presence. If these social justice warriors would teach their younger generations how to show a little respect for these officers and to do as their ask and to file any grievances later maybe you wouldn’t see so many get shot to begin with. Another reason is that other races have been just as harrassed as the Blacks, but are taught to treat them with respect and to do as your told . This is one reason that police are on the offense ready to defend themselves when they are dealing with a smart_ss. If their on the defense then that’s when they go home in a box. In todays world I would think Blacks have all the resources to go to if they are treated unfairly. So do yourselves a favor and the police , don’t carry your violence to the streets. Be a MLK JR. social justice warrior, it works. Most elderly Blacks believe in a “American Dream” where you live and thrive in peace, not hate. And respect your own people and quit bringing misery upon your own communities and people. These 3 women need to return to their homelands or immigrate to another country of choice if this is their home country, and take their Socialism, communism, and authoritarian ways with them. They came to this country not for peace and prosperity, but to dwell in their hate, violence, and a dictatorship. We are a free people and we will defend our FREEDOM.

  5. All you need say, to trigger the Buffoon Squad, is “good morning”….
    Those four crackpots give mental illness a bad rap.

  6. Actually the statistics speak a totally different story! Firstly all murders were perpetuated by Democrats. Thats a fact. Secondly, Black on black crime is the highest. Police brutality against Black people is near the bottom and a lot of that is attributed to resistance and provoking the Police. De Blasio in New York is a prime example of encouraging black folk to annoy, antagonize and provoke Police. Another cause is lack of a father in the Home thanks to Biden’s disastrous policy of putting black men in jail and keeping them unemployed With President Trump you get the opposite. The Squad haven’t a brain between them, nor a knowledge of Americas Constitution, History or heritage, nor do they care. Soros babes

    1. Blacks think they are special. No race is more important than another. I find the young blacks today to be lazy and want everything given to them. Blacks kill each other every day. They whine about cops but yet if they weren’t committing crimes, pulling guns on cops…..they wouldn’t get shot.

  7. No one has to fear the Police if they don’t break the Law and if there is a confrontation , obey the officer in charge so no one gets hurt or maimed in an escape attempt

  8. Obama knows how to do what he wants and is trying to educate the Mob as how to implement their agenda . Obama more or less suggest ” stealth ” is the way to get what you want .

  9. Democrats are nuts!! They whine and bitch about everything. And the so called squad are nothing but a pack of hoes who know nothing but being obnoxious.

  10. These radical Socialist Democrats like the squad are using the typical left wing strategy of pitting one against the other and calling fire in a crowded theater . The fact is there are very few police out there looking to kill a Black person just for the thrill.

  11. THIS little BAS*AR* has got his nose in a lot of places it don’t belong, And remember we know nothing about him ,or if he is even a citizen .Someone need to take care of IT. now .

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