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Privately, Democrats admit to feeling increasingly uneasy about Georgia’s two runoff elections to decide which party controls the United States Senate. Revelations of Democrat Senate nominee Rev. Raphael Warnock’s far-left views, in particular, are causing heartburn for party elders.

Now we’re finding out about Warnock’s spiritual mentor, Dr. James Hal Cone. Warnock has glowingly referred to Cone as a “poignant and powerful voice” and as a man of impeccable character. However, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Cone called white Christians “satanic” and encouraged “the destruction of everything white.”

The candidate’s ties to radical theologians, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now threaten to complicate his candidacy in a hotly contested Senate race that could tip the balance of the upper chamber. Cone’s divisive rhetoric, and Warnock’s subsequent praise for him, may pose new challenges for Warnock, a political unknown until earlier this year. Warnock’s public defense of Wright’s “God Damn America” speech in 2008—which President Obama denounced as offensive after his own ties to Wright came to light—has also come under scrutiny. Wright has also credited Cone’s work for inspiring his own religious philosophy.

First in his 2013 book and later in a 2018 eulogy, Warnock lavished praise on Cone. “How blessed we are that someone of the spiritual magnitude and power and commitment of Dr. James Hal Cone passed our way,” Warnock said in the eulogy.

Warnock’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Cone first widely shared his views in his 1970 book “A Black Theology of Liberation.”

There, he argues that “American white theology is a theology of the Antichrist” and advocates for a new “black theology” that will usher in a revolution to eradicate whiteness from society.

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    1. When are white people going to stand up. I’m tired of the blacks getting away with bullying. We need to rise up and put a stop to it. I’ve never once in my life done anything against blacks or any person of color. But I admit that the way many of them are acting is bringing out so called racist feelings. But I don’t give a rat’s ass. Enough is enough. I say that if you take this shit because of fear of being called racist then you are getting what you deserve. You don’t want to be in danger of violence because of your beliefs? Don’t want your homes and businesses destroyed? Then stand and fight only if they bring it to you. It seems that war is being declared on anyone who’s white. That being said, they are fascist and aren’t any better than the KKK. I don’t want to hear anyone talking about racism or race relations as long as the radical leftist and their coon squad acts like the way they do.

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  1. Black Liberation Theology is a Marxist/Racists based false doctrine that champions anti biblical teachings. This man is no different than Jeremiah Wright, James Cone and others who preach Revolution, Black Victimology and heretical doctrine.

  2. You know there are millions of good hard working great Americans but Guys like Warnock are nothing but Castro wannabe He is Disgusting to called his self a REVERE. He is areally SICK person that would like to see Americans with Slaves to Idiots like him. SEND HIM PACKING IN the upcoming RUN off Elections please N

  3. …the problem will be getting those facts to the Georgian voters…and any mention of it anyway would be called racist…after all, the congressional black caucus, to a man/woman is VIOLENTLY racist and fascist, and has been since at least the ineligible, half-black, muslim homosexual from Kenya was put in the White House by soros and the muslim brotherhood.

  4. Believe it or not, a lot of whites will vote for him just because of what he said. It’s fashion able these days to blame all evil on white folks.

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  8. He has nothing to do with God. Someone point out to him that Jesus was a brown NOT BLACK skinned Jew and He accepted all men. This man is from SATAN.

  9. This divisiveness is destroying our country so only the elitist will survive in the 3rd world country thy are creating America to be.


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