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The vice president of an anti-Trump think tank called for former Trump administration official Michael Anton to be executed for his pro-Trump political views.

Nils Gilman tweeted on Monday that Anton deserved to share the same fate as Robert Brasillach who was executed in the 1940s for his role in assisting the regime of Adolf Hitler. Gilman decided to compare Anton to Brasillach and demand he too be executed due to the publication of his new book “The Stakes: American at the Point of No Return” which makes an intellectual case for reelecting President Trump and for his insistence that anti-Trump forces were attempting to stage a coup against him:

Prominent conservatives were quick to decry Gilman’s despicable death threat, for which he is yet to face serious consequences for:

Some pointed out the radical double standard employed by left-leaning tech giants like Twitter which allow unhinged liberal like Gilman to post death threats against conservatives without consequence:

With Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorizing everyday Americans in the streets and prominent liberals now publicly making death threats against former Trump administration officials how long will it be before conservatives will be forced to take the defense of the lives and property into their own hands?

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  1. That whole damn bunch needs to be put in front of a firing squad. Where’s the secret service at on this? Such hateful conniving BS.

    1. Linda: True indeed…Amazing how juvenile these leftists are….completely irrational and I would bet they are the result of heavy drug use in their youth (if not even still). Years ago I said this would be the result… addled brains due to drugs…I can say this as I have never in my entire life even smoked a single cigarette. Never ever taken any illegal drugs. I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME! MANDATORY RANDOM DRUG TESTING FOR ALL POLITICIANS….and immediate expulsion if they fail…..then we shall have to deal with bribery of those administering the tests won’t we? The saga never ends.

  2. Just when you thought you’ve seen grown men do some really asinine things, you discover this group and hear their Nazi rhetoric. This kind of thing is like a little group of Hollywood freaks would make into a movie like the ones liberals hunting and killing Conservatives. This group of idiots are exactly what the left has imposed on our country. Just kill or destroy anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Hmmm…I’ve read about this in history somewhere. Oh ya, it was Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro.

  3. The left keeps becoming more unhinged. Posting comments such as death to certain people can cause others to act. There is precedence in our law concerning this, and those that promote hate can and IMO should be prosecuted to the fullest rigors of the law. Push this country into another civil war and they are only making themselves targets as well. Just my opinion.

  4. I am sure that everyone of these people calling for executions is opposed to the death penalty, except when they think it should be used for someone they simply disagree with.

    1. No, they mean it because they want to be like the mass murderer Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez and like China Communist Party

  5. The Nils Gilman comment on Twitter is one more reason the protection for Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc., should be lifted. The blocking of conservatives, which is not done to leftist radicals, is a clear infringement of free speech. This should be actionable by civil suit in court.

    1. How did he get away with this incendiary comment while the President keeps getting banned. This is a real threat to the life of a person and some idiot might take it too far and commit the ultimate crime! If that happens, Nils should be hauled off to jail because he is just as guilty!

  6. May I make a suggestion that Gilman be treated like the propagandist Joseph Goebbels for advocating for a Marxist/socialist regime takeover?

  7. I call for the immediate execution Nils Gilman on the basis the he? Is a traitor and the penalty for subversion is death

  8. Do bad it’s so hard to have nut cases admitted to a mental institution now. It would be full of Democrats and anti-Trumper’s.

    1. Just watch, Nov.4th, WE THE PEOPLE will have to witness the Dems and anti-Trumper’s be taken away in buses with straight jackets on by Medical Personnel in White coats. The Trump Derangement Syndrome has become Full blown Mental Illness!! They will lose it when he’s re-elected!!!

  9. He’s got a PHD? Well Whoopty Do!! Know what else has degrees? A rectal thermometer, and I think we all know where those go.

  10. This is EVIL exposing itself!! How can Gilman tweet such hate and fan the flames and OUR PRESIDENT be called out on twitter for an opinion?? Very Bias, leaning way too far to the left!! This is beyond “Freedom of Speech”, that is COMMUNICATING A THREAT!! Why is Gilman still a free man??

  11. Let’s get a Repub group going. So many Obama Bros could face the same fate. Kerry, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Holder, Rice, Jarrett, Lynch, Brennan, Clinton, Kaine…..most of them are guilty of treason!

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