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We all know that Hillary Clinton has decided to blame former FBI Director James Comey for losing the presidency. That and Russian election meddling. Of course, both claims are devoid of reality.

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I suppose that’s easier for her than having to come to grips with the fact she never set foot in Wisconsin. Regardless, it’s highly amusing to see Clinton’s reaction to Comey wearing a t-shirt celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. (Twitchy)

Worst. Candidate. Ever:

Kathy Griffin is pretty displeased with it, too:

While Comey was busy attempting to virtue signal, President Trump posthumously pardoned American heroine Susan B. Anthony.

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  1. Sorry people but Hillary people have been over sick of you. Go smash some phones and really Kathy Griffith is upset. SO WHAT Dems gotta get over it he one and he deserved to win i think ya all need to pay a little more interest into your investigAtion

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