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Writing for the Washington Times, David A. Keene explains why today’s radicals, an uninspired carbon copy of the 1960s counterculture, are marching towards defeat in November.

Like the Maoist Cultural Revolution, they strive to stamp out traditional and capitalist elements from American society in the name of diversity and inclusion. The irony of their campaign is self-evident to all but the most obtuse.

David A. Keene continues:

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, police have already warned citizens that since they cannot rely on the police to be there when needed, they should be prepared to give up whatever those who confront them on the street or break into their homes demand to avoid violence or death. That’s similar to the advice they use to give women facing rape; don’t infuriate the rapist, just let him finish and leave. That was bad advice then and worse now.

The protesters have thus far revealed that pusillanimous is the best way to describe the way liberal city mayors and officials react to bullies and driven millions of urban residents to their local gun stores in search of the weapons they might have to rely on to defend themselves, their families and their homes as the cities in which they live spiral toward lawlessness and chaos.

In July alone, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reports that Americans purchased some 1.8 million firearms, making total firearms sales through July just about the same as for all of last year. Most of the guns being bought now are not for hunting or competitive shooting or to squirrel away as part of a multi-gun collection, but by first-time buyers to have available in case they might need a gun to protect themselves from the very thugs the protesters champion.

One can only wonder in the wake of what’s happening around them that these voters will react to the Democratic Party’s jihad against guns when they realize that both the party leadership and its presidential candidate will, if they get the chance, further weaken the ability of the police to protect them and deny them the right to protect themselves.


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  1. Punish Dems for:
    Virus mishandling
    Russia Hoax
    Blocking issues in Congress
    Dble std justice
    Ties to Communist Party
    More Taxes, regulations
    Voters are Dumb

    1. People who vote for the corrupt Leftist/Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite are not as “Dumb” as they act. They have been indoctrinated and not educated. The believe the lies they want to hear and love “free stuff” until it runs out and the are forced to labor and live in a 10×10 ft. space.
      It is time for them to “wake up” and “walk away” from the Democrat Party.

  2. TIRED?
    Of high taxes, of high rents, of high utility bills, of miserable weather, of unreasonable Govt regulations?
    Move with us in a Private – Rental only ”Condominium” Setting on the Beach – in Mexico.
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    No Liberals need apply

    1. There is a catch to this. You can only rent or lease.
      Americans are barred from…buying or owning property in Mexico.
      At least with this advertisement, it does state “rental only”.
      They just don’t tell you the reason, behind that “rental only”.

      1. I wish America had the same regulations. Seems like we’re selling America to any aliens that have the money.

        1. Not true, USCitizens can, and do buy property in Mexico. I did, and have many friends that own property in Mexico.

      2. Not true, there are restrictions on owning waterfront property but inland you can purchase a home or condo. I own a condo in Cabo San Lucas and look forward to my extended stays there. It is very safe, more so than most large cities in America, the food is fantastic, the people are very friendly and family life is important them. The costs of living is substantially less there than in the States.

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