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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) has enabled anarchist control of the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. While the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), now renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), continues to fester, crime is on the rise. 

So too is the body count in the armed commune. Now, two black teenagers have been shot. A 16-year-old died despite his doctors’ best efforts. A 14-year-old victim remains in intensive care.

Coverage of the latest shooting in Seattle remains scant, although the BBC published a report about the city’s abysmal attempt at self-policing.

In a statement, Seattle hospital Harborview Medical Center said one of the boys was brought in by a private vehicle at 03:15 local time, while the other was driven in by the Fire Department’s medical team at 03:30 on Monday.

“The male shooting victim who arrived to Harborview… at 03:30 from the Chop area on Capitol Hill in Seattle has unfortunately died,” the statement added.

Although the site was initially occupied by hundreds of peaceful protesters, this is the fourth shooting within the boundaries of Chop in the last 10 days.

After the latest violence city officials have said they are considering dismantling Chop, and reopening a police station in the area that was abandoned by officers when the zone was first set up.

Last week, Mayor Durkan said she would work with both sides to bring an end to the stalemate. Now, both the anarchists and advocates for law and order are calling for her resignation. Is it time to call in the national guard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and while you’re at it hit the Facebook share button at the top of your screen!

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  1. Case in point: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” Send in the good guys, clean up the farce and take the so called mayor away in shackles.

  2. Try her for treason for failing to up hold her sworn in duty to protect & defend all enemies foreign & DOMESTIC.

  3. This mayor is disgusting and should be in jail. If this was Trump they would have wanted him charged with murder. Democrats are hypocrites time to put some of them in jail, start with the mayor and governor of Washington.

  4. I don’t advocate violence, but I do support self defense and I will go down fighting evil and hateful acts.What other choice does law abiding citizens have?
    God bless America my home sweet home.Love and peace to everyone.We are all God’s children.

  5. It has been proven, you cannot negotiate with anarchists. If they’re not stopped they will continue pushing. They are following the communist playbook. Destroy from within.

  6. Where’s the BLM outrage? Oh yeah…they’re the ones perping violence against blacks now ! Where’s socialist media ? OH yeah…staying quiet about it ! What a bunch of hypocritic LIARS ! ALWAYS ARE !

  7. The National Guard should have been sent in the beginning! They’ve (protesters, BLM’s, rioters) or whoever they are, have caused enough grief and destruction! Get them out NOW!

  8. Mayor Durkan has been trying to appease the anarchists, maybe she could read about Neville Chamberlain trying to appease Adolf Hitler 80 years ago. The same song makes an identical dance, with similar tragic results. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The ridiculous ‘summer of love’ has turned into a summer of death. Maybe the Seattle residents should be calling her ‘Reaper Durkin?

  9. The Mayor and Governor should be charged as accessories to murder and spend the rest of their live in prison at hard labor. Non-actions have consequences, too.

  10. It seems like there is no hope. Freedom of speech is becoming hate speech or unacceptable if someone ideas are questioned. I am 67 not bad shape but I am starting to believe my wife and I may soon not be able to go outside my HOME safely
    I am starting to believe my gun maybe taken away because I am getting old. I am starting to believe my savings (all my life) will be confiscated and given to Lazy government dependant people. I believe in helping those who need it. I believe that race relations are not getting better because or race baiters. This country has the most freedom of speech
    Canada and Europe do not. More people on this country own their homes than anywhere else
    I hope God blesses America because we neef it

  11. The dorks are trying to provoke DJT to send in the NG or the 82nd Airborne. It would be a rookie mistake. The MSM is 1) trying to make $$ by reporting the spectacular to the exclusion of other (perhaps more important) news, and 2) cheering the miscreants on, in hopes of getting America’s blood boiling and getting THEM (hint: us) to join the chorus demanding that DJT “do something”.

    The answer, I believe, is not in NG nor yet DoD troops, but the county sheriff. These sheriffs are the most powerful LEOs in their counties. They can be empowered in ways that they have not been (yet). I want to see posses swing into action in inner cities.

  12. Accessory to murder probably can’t be charged on an elected leader (attorneys?), but failure to perform your duties certainly ought to be an impeachable offense for any pol with Executive authority…

  13. Seal off the entire area with armed police, let no one enter, let no food or supplies enter and document anyone leaving. Cut off electricity, water and gas. When they get hungry, they will leave. Also, cover the area with high definition cameras to record criminal acts.

  14. The mayor of that city (I will not honor her by mentioning her name) didn’t give a rip about what was happening in her city until the protesters showed up at her house & made her feel threatened. She should resign effective immediately & let someone take over who will restore law & order.

  15. 1st arrest the mayor and charge them with all crimes commited next collect all the rioters you find continue to look for them in the years to come put a bounty hunter on them then throw them in work camps

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