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A man frustrated by garbage clogging the street in Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Organized Protest” (CHAZ/CHOP) couldn’t suppress his anger after trash apparently delayed his delivery route.

Unlike the mayor, he took matters into his own hands.


Instead of fighting the man, which the leftists seemingly determined wasn’t wise given his size, they tried persuading him with far-left talking points. 

It didn’t work. 

How much money would you have to get to consider living in a liberal bubble like Seattle? Or is there no amount that would persuade you to do so? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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      1. That guy needs to start a Militia and clean up that dang city. Throw out the Mayor by hook or by crook.

    1. Someone is providing these worthless thugs with a way to live. Want to bet that the leaders of Seattle and Washington state KNOW who it is???? This is not without design.
      What is revolting is they are not JUST LETTING it happen. They are encouraging it.
      Either that or the leaders of the entire state are just like Neville Chamberlain. Sniveling cowards who won’t stand up to a slug or a snail.

  1. There is only one way to put down an insurrection. OFF WITH THE GLOVES. They can’t be timid about it. The authorities must nip it in the bud. To prolong it would only serve as an encouragement for others to do the same. This situation calls for SWAT. Get in there and do it right. This is America. By defying the authorities of the city , they are usurping that authority. The Governor of the state isn’t giving the city any help. It’s like the designated authorities has abdicated their authority. WTF is going on. If that’s the case, fire them . throw them out of office.

  2. Decades ago Seattle use to be such a beautiful city. Very few shootings. Riots were handled by SPD in a firm and professional manner. A good place to live and work.
    Now! not so much. The dims have ruined it, maybe beyond repair. The tax paying citizens are maybe getting a little fed up. As this gentleman obviously is. But its an uphill battle, to many Dimms in city positions.

  3. I’ve been thinking most (if not, almost all) people living in such No-Go zones are VERY unhappy with what has become of their formerly peaceful neighborhoods. But, of course the wok mobs didn’t have the decency or integrity to have a conversation with the local residents before talking over their place with threats and violence. Sad to think America would devolve to behavior that makes a man feel he has to do what he did. Glad to see he had the guts to stand up to the MOBsters!

  4. Looks like the citizens are going to solve there problems. Without the help of there elected officials. It is too bad ther are so many Dems in Seattle.

  5. Now we finally have an AMERICAN in Seatle, Thank You. I do not live in Seatle and finally we find someone a real American in Seatle to be proud of, my hat is off to you Buddy

  6. For evil to succeed, it takes good men to do nothing. Quit hiding, stand-up and protect Family, city and country and religious freedom or you will lose it. This man obviously had enough. Good man! Take notice silent majority.

  7. I find myself curious as the following.What is it that seemingly causes idiots to gravitate to Seattle? Otherwise, if I understand correctly, the area is a lot more rainy than I would care for.

  8. No amount of money would make life livable in Seattle’s CHOP. Quality of life is horrible. Dangerous, dirty and without services. Nasty!

  9. I was in San Bernardino in the early seventies, and was impressed with how beautiful it was — in the morning, but by early afternoon, the Smog from San Francisco came rolling in over the hills and destroyed the rest of the day. Haven’t had any use for the left coast since, and don’t expect I ever will . shame, what the democrooks have done to that once lovely coastline!

  10. Good to see someone push past those weasely little scumbags. Unfortunately it isn’t his job, and he most likely won’t be back because he won’t find anything different. It’s the elected officials that have sold out the city. My guess…most residents of this now greasy slum, voted for them. The dimwits will put up a DIFFERENT candidate, and these same residents will vote them in again, thinking they made a change. Watch/see.

  11. Seattle, Portland too, were great cities until California expats took them over. We are right to be disgusted with the politicians controlling liberal bubbles. How about the people that keep electing them? Reference the crap that Californians keep sending to Congress.

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