Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

Endgame revealed…

Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

Leftists have co-opted peaceful protests following George Floyd’s death, replacing calls for justice with a revisionist history jihad hellbent on destroying American heroes.

Their “great awokening” hurts our heads and our hearts. But rioting has a funny way of backfiring on rabble-rousers. 

The following cities’ statues are only the most egregious examples of the woke mob’s disgusting overreach. Spread the word so that everyone — including those agnostic towards President Trump — know what the stakes are this November!

Chicago: George Washington

Emanuel Leutze via Wikimedia Commons

The greatest Founding Father hasn’t escaped the left’s wraith unscathed. We’ve seen anarchists attempt to destroy Washington’s legacy for some time now. A marker at the church he attended in Alexandria, Virginia, was recently removed. In Chicago, a prominent statue of Washington was desecrated.

Protesters covered the statue with graffiti and, as a final act of disrespect, covered Washington’s head with Ku Klux Klan garb.

Boston: Christopher Columbus and Robert Gould Shaw

Sergi Larripa via Wikimedia Commons

Rioters beheaded a Christopher Columbus statue on June 10. Although revered for centuries after his death, progressives now want to condemn Columbus to the dustbin of history.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has not yet decided what the city will do with the statue.

Anarchists then doused a memorial to the 54th Massachusetts Infantry in anti-police graffiti and red paint. The monument recognizes the African Americans who volunteered under Robert Gould Shaw and fought for the Union in the Civil War.

Art historians consider the monument one of the defining pieces of art to come out of the Civil War. Extremists defaced it on the 123rd anniversary of its dedication.

Albuquerque: Don Juan de Oñate

Advanced Source Productions via Wikimedia Commons

The vandalization of a statue of Don Juan de Oñate sparked a street brawl and shooting in Albuquerque last week.

Oñate was a Spanish conquistador and the first colonial governor of what later became New Mexico. His legacy is not without controversy like Columbus’, but inserting modern notions of morality into the distant past is a fallacy. 

While leftists attempted to topple the statue, Steven Ray Baca tried to confiscate one of their pic-axes. The mob turned on him.

New York City: Theodore Roosevelt

Pablo Costa Tirado via Wikimedia Commons

The American Museum of Natural History has decided after 80 years that the statue of Theodore Roosevelt on horseback in front of its entrance embodies systemic racism.

Yes, you read that right.

It didn’t matter that Barack Obama channeled the populist Republican president during his first White House run or that the monument includes an African American and Native American flanking Roosevelt.

The far-left successfully argued the bronze statue implies minorities are inferior due to their “hierarchical composition.” Wait; what?

Miami: Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de León

Dan Lundberg via Wikimedia Commons

“Protesters” defaced statues of explorers Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de León in Miami on June 10. The vandals spray-painted socialist iconographies, including a hammer and sickle. The Miami Police Department has arrested seven suspects.

El Paso: Don Juan de Oñate

SteveStrummer via Wikimedia Commons

A statue of Oñate adorns the entrance to El Paso International Airport. Hooligans defaced it with spray-painted phrases like “Your god is not my god” in Spanish.

Without Don Juan de Oñate’s exploration of New Spain, there might be no Hispanics or Catholics in America’s southwest. Who knows if there would even be an El Paso.

Pittsburgh: Christopher Columbus

G. Scott Segler via Wikimedia Commons

Like the Columbus statue in Boston, the Columbus monument in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood has endured repeated acts of vandalism.

A spokesperson for the city told Action News 4 that officials are planning to clean the statue without damaging it.

Providence: Christopher Columbus

Sam Howzit via Wikimedia Commons

A local school teacher and two accomplices allegedly vandalized a statue of Columbus in Providence on June 13. Authorities charged all three individuals with desecration of a grave/memorial and conspiracy.

A spokesperson for the Providence City Council confirmed the Columbus Square statue would be boarded up to keep it safe while it is being repaired.

Richmond: Christopher Columbus

Theodor de Bry via Wikimedia Commons

A statue of Christopher Columbus received a despicable send-off in Richmond, Virginia, on June 10.

“Protesters,” claiming to be acting in solidarity with indigenous peoples everywhere, covered the 8-foot-tall memorial in graffiti then briefly lit it on fire before yanking it down with ropes and dragging it 200 yards into a nearby lake. “Protesters” lacking upper-body strength held signs saying, “This land is Powhatan land” and “Columbus represents genocide.”

A makeshift gravestone was placed next to the sunken statue saying “Racism. You will not be missed.”

Portland, Oregon: George Washington

Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons

Rioters in Portland burned an American flag over a statue of George Washington before pulling it down.

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted a video the following morning, showing the damage revealed by the light of day.

San Francisco: Ulysses S. Grant and Francis Scott Key

Judson McCranie via Wikimedia Commons

Anarchists in San Francisco destroyed a monument to President Ulysses S. Grant on June 19. Before being elected president, Grant led the Union Army to victory in the Civil War. 

Grant was “gifted” a slave earlier in life, yet he hated slavery and freed the man within a year. After the Civil War, Grant promoted African Americans to prominent positions in government, positions black people wouldn’t hold in many states for over one hundred years.

The 400-or-so vandals who appeared that night also toppled a statue of Francis Scott Key, an American lawyer best known for writing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Philadelphia: Matthias Baldwin

Bruce Andersen via Wikimedia Commons

Even famous abolitionists like Matthias Baldwin couldn’t escape the irrational anger of the far-left. Baldwin, a Philadelphia industrialist who gained prominence as an advocate against slavery in the early 1800s, didn’t just talk the talk. He founded a school for black children.

That didn’t stop protesters from dousing his likeness with red paint and ignorantly spray painting the word “colonizer” at the base of the statue.

Which of these was the worst instance of liberal intolerance? Or do you think there are even worse examples out there? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


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  1. Any patience, or sympathy I may have had for “honest protesters” is still in place. The other group, that infiltrates the peaceful protests and turns them into violent rages deserve the worst we can give them. These ignorant cretins have already been declared “domestic terrorists”; don’t waste any money trying to arrest and charge them; simply shoot them on sight, in the midst of their acts of destruction.

    1. AMEN !! That would be the end of their miserable suffering, having to live in this awful country. Free at last but headed for fire and brimstone!

  2. They are attacking our history by pulling down all of our great History but These Great Status had better be Put back up on the place they had been for over a hundred years and I do not care what condidtion they are in. They will be a reminder of all of the hate and ignorace these young people have because they were deprived of our American History and heratage from not being tought it in our American Communist School Systems.

    1. Time to make history a mandatory study in the educational system and in the meantime rout out the communist professors in the universities. WAKE UP AMERICA ! Your freedom is at stake !

      1. Civics Classes and Social Studies were mandatory….for all, no matter what state your were in…first you learned your state history along with OUR USA history then into Civics classes, Government and the reason for how and why we are set up to deal with our future through our form of government…then how all of our rights were inplemented and faught for….ONE UNDERSTOOD THE USA, you couldn’t be lied to, you knew your laws, you knew your history, you knew how and why our life and culture came about, you were able to feel and appreciate our growing pains…I still do…God Bles the USA, OUR POTUS AND VPOTUS AND ALL THEIR FAMILIES.

  3. We cannot allow an ignorant few destroy what is and has been precious to most Americans for many years.

  4. Just let these asswipes come to my city. Not only will they face a line of boys in blue; but also irate concealed carry packing citizens who will block them from approaching anything with loaded firearms. Dark makes it easier to sneak up on these turds.

  5. These statues belong to “we the people”. No one has a right to do these disgraceful things to what represents our history. It won’t change history no matter how many statues they take down or deface. This just shows how ignorant they are. That won’t solve their problems. It just makes the divide worse. Spend your energy on doing something constructive.

  6. all i’ can say right now it’s heartbreaking what these people’s doing is totally wrong!!! they’re so blind full of rage and hatred destroting our history, our treasure, our heritage, this can never be forgiven!! the media call them far left? they’re not!! far left!! they’re unti-americans!! criminals!! vandalizers!! terrorizers!! scumbags!! of the earth, our enemies, put them behind bars!! in a cell cage forever!!!!!!!!

  7. No one has a right to destroy these statues. They are owned by the public not one group or an other but especially not people who hate everything anymore. Those who destroy them should be arrested and severely punished. You may not like what these statues stand for but then help make change but do not destroy. You have no right to do that.

  8. What is the difference between the thugs that rioted, looted, and burned all the stores AFTER stealing everything inside them??? They were thieves, plain and simple! As for the removal/defacing of the statues, it’s the same thing. The statues are NOT theirs!! They are defacing, smashing, beheading, burning, historical artifacts THAT DO NO BELONG TO THEM. So what is the difference between the THUGS AND THIEVES, and “THE MONUMENT MOBS”? If people started beating up blacks during their Kwanza ceremonies, or the Anfram festivals and going through the area and setting the artist’s crafts on fire, you can be sure there would be hell to pay. What is the freaking difference here???????????

  9. You missed Thaddeus Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski – great patriots and heroes of both the Polish and American people. Pulaski, the father of the American Cavalry, gave his life for the American People during the Revolutionary War. Kosciuszko fought to end slavery and gave up his estate to purchase freedom for slaves and to educate them.

  10. I’m in full agreement that Black Lives Matter, i also believe that ALL lives Matter. I speak for the lives taken recklessly in Black neighborhoods, I speak for the Lives wearing blue uniforms taken by people with no conscience who never learned the presence of those policemen and women lowers the count of senseless Black murders.
    I speak for the little babies who have never seen the world outside their Mother’s womb, and never will. For every life taken while in the commission of a crime or resisting arrest, there are hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people, both adults and children taken BY the commission of a crime, not BY the police, but by the very people they are trying to protect. While I still have the freedom to say what I believe, I will speak for the little children who are collateral damage in a war within a community that is afraid to speak up against organized gangs and is so afraid of their own neighbors that they can’t point fingers to the real problems. The ones wanting the police gone from their neighborhood aren’t the good, honest citizens. It’s the thugs, criminals, pimps murderers that want the police gone. I speak for the honest Black man who’s afraid for his wife, afraid for his children, afraid to raise his voice against the local drug dealers. YES, BLACK LIVES MATTER. Not just the ones that bring about their own death by breaking the LAW, but the God-fearing family trying to live in a deadly world. THEIR LIVES MATTER! The cop who would like to come home to his family at the end of his, or her shift. The life of every living, breathing human matters and is relevant.

  11. How ignorant! They destroy statues of people that helped free slaves, started schools for blacks, and more.
    They do not know our history.
    They just want to destroy.
    Why aren’t these statues watched and the morons arrested for vandalism?

    1. If they are ‘offended’ that the Native American and the Black American are walking while Ted rides a horse, then simply remove the walkers. Cut ’em off at the feet and re-erect them as solo monuments elsewhere in the Museum. Leave Ted out front, alone on a horse. After all his parents funded the museum and some of the original exhibits were donated to the museum by Teddy himself!

  12. “Which of these was the worst instance of liberal intolerance?” You misspelled “ignorance” in that sentence. But then again, what happens in most schools these days is not education, but indoctrination.

  13. They didn’t learn American History, so they didn’t know who were President George Washington. and President Abraham Lincoln How ignorant they are, so they vandalized these statues, or damaged them.

  14. What they are doing is what Muslims have done and are doing in those countries that were once Christian. They are trying to erase any sign of evidence that Christianity was there long before they were. Antifa/Communist’s are doing the same. Weak hearted or communist governors and mayors just sit back and let the criminals do whatever ever they wish because they, too, are “in on it”. Actions, and inactions, speak louder than words. Find the head of the snake and cut it off and you effectively destroy their movement. What else can be done. God help us all see His Light that the darkness, which is sin, be obliterated.

  15. America must be a terrible place, no one wants to live here except all the people in oppressed countries.
    History, you have to be kidding ? It is not taught in our schools anymore, why ? Peaceful marchers, fine but who invited the thugs ?
    If they break the law, arrest them. By letting them go we encourage more of the same.
    What can you and I do ? Keep helping those in need and remember to vote in November.

  16. The brainless moron who began the teachings of taking down confederate statues , does not like the USA, Americans & should not be working for th USA Government or getting paid by the Americans taxes . those statues paid by the Americans taxes belong to the American people if any of them come down Obama’s comes down & martin Luther King’s comes down .


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