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What is it?

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Meat processors have dramatically increased their exports to China while Americans suffer meat shortages — we need to change this immediately. The meat market in America has suffered a drastic change in buying patterns due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has a solution, the PRIME Act.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

The PRIME Act 

The PRIME Act stands for the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act. Its primary directives are to support small businesses and cut regulations and red tape. 

Supporting Small Business  

A major component of the PRIME Act is supporting small businesses and farms. These smaller enterprises are key to keeping the market afloat and Massie is looking to assist them by getting government out of the way!

Cutting Regulations and Red Tape

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The main purpose of the PRIME Act is to cut onerous regulations that bog down a large portion of the meat industry. A lot of small producers can’t sell to grocery stores because of the regulations surrounding selling meat to grocers. Such regulations have a lot to do with staff and bigger businesses have no issue fulfilling them. 

No Effect on Quality

The regulations that are targeted for elimination in the bill will have no effect on the quality and health of meat being sold. These small producers will still be held accountable to USDA standards and subject to random inspections by inspectors.

It’s Been on the Table for Years

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The PRIME Act has been on the table for years with Rep. Massie working to propel it. Although it has failed to get off the ground, that may change due to recent events. Massie himself is a cattle farmer who knows what he is doing when it comes to this industry. 

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Big Business Sell-Outs

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A big aspect of this act is targeting big businesses’ that have sold out to China in recent years. These companies see an opportunity to sell in China where there are little regulation and a lot of potential customers. They choose China over their own backyard for the sake of money. This act will level the playing field in America and give smaller businesses a chance to give the big dogs a run for their money.

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    1. If is bad for America, you can bet the government bureaucrats will be for it or doing it. So why can’t locals sell to grocers locally? Sounds like the government bureaucrats have found a way to GET BRIBED to help the big guys.
      Folks, the swamp is real and big. And the ONLY way to shut them down is for a full fledged investigation of every single government employee. I know from personal knowledge that the corruption is pervasive. And I know that the likes of Pelosi, Graham and Murray will do NOTHING to stop it.
      Hang. Pelosi’s primary goal right now is massive deficit spending so she can bankrupt the country. Wait till hyperinflatipn hits. See is she has not created a way to escape the devastations.


  2. Does anyone remember way way back when the Chinese were hoarding masks and health supplies, just prior to the Wuhan virus being unleashed upon the world. Then they decided to sell those same products back to the world at exaggerated prices. Well maybe we should take a page from that Chinese playbook and do the same with our meat and grain produce. US first, and China, a long way down the list.

    1. A major part of the problem is that the Chinese own some of the former US meat packers, such as Smithfield Meats, wholly-owned by China since 2013. So many of our US corporations were sold to foreigners (mainly Chinese) during the Obama administration. We manufacture virtually nothing in America for Americans anymore. I’m not a proponent of isolationism, but we really need to become more self-sustaining again. We should NEVER have to depend on our avowed enemies to provide essentials (food, military supplies and components). We have given our future to China; it’s time to take it back.

      1. One would have to be crazy or totally ignorant of the facts to by any food or meds that were ever in China during their processing/manufacturing. They have no rules, standards or oversight entities like our USDA or FDA. The wet markets are disease infested and way beyond disgusting, they are deadly.Remember when buying that if the first 3 digits on the product bar code are between 690 and 695, don’t touch it.

        1. Food,you have a little wiggle room,but meds, forget it.Greedy Americans have sold us out to the Chinese Communist,and you will either take the meds or find a “natural ” medicine. That’s the way it is.

      2. Well now will open more meat industry. There are many unemployed peopl so help them to start meat production. There are many farms in the US, start more animal breeding(cows, sheep, pigs , ducks, geese etc.).
        And there are certainly many of the unemployed who can get started now)

  3. cut there throts the same way they have ours nationlize the meat producers or at least cut all export of meat until this is over with

    1. It really doesn’t matter who owns the processing plant. President Trump just issues an executive order banning all shipment of Meat, Fish, Poultry and Pork until all US supplies and prices return to normal. NO SHORTAGES ANYWHERE-PERIOD.

        1. They operate here for us, or they don’t operate at all. Close them down let the Chinese take the financial hit.

        2. They operate here for us, or they don’t operate at all. Close them down let the Chinese take the financial hit.

        3. They operate here for us, or they don’t operate at all. Close them down let the Chinese take the financial hit.

  4. The CCP Democrats have been allowed to buy up a majority of our meat processing plants, but the USA can stop all exports and take over these plants and should do so immediately!

  5. Should a war break out between the U.S. and China, one hopes not, will this country be supplying the Chinese with ammunition, spelled cartridges?

  6. Fix it. Stop the illicit sale of products to a Unied States enemy. If you doubt Red China is our enemy, then where have you been the last three years

  7. The answer is VERY simple and should have been done as soon a China shut down the smithfield farms processing, Just go in and NATIONALIZE THOSE PLANTS. Why this was not is beyond me.

  8. Like fools we allowed China to buy Smithfield and other meat producers. We also allowed our health supplies be taken over by them. We have had a trade imbalance until Trump came along. Thank god for Trump, and curse the likes of Obama, Clinton, and Biden! Let’s truly make America great again by buying American, or at least no others except our strong allies!

    1. Why not does Trump administration react immediately?

      We actually in a state of war with evil communist China.

    2. “We” would be the stockholders in the pertinent companies. CEO’s want to keep their jobs and Americans want less expensive products. WE are to blame for sending manufacturing overseas; well, we AND gummint regulations.

  9. president Trump has the power to nationalize all businesses that may (or may not) have a direct effect on the security and well being of the U.S.A. Just do it !! Then listen to the wailing from the communist left wing “democrats”..

    1. No… listen to we freedom lovers wail! Name just ONE business that can NOT be labeled as vital to nat’l security.

  10. the Chinese have been our combat enemies right after we pulled their butts out of the Japanese butt killing and whole sale murder of all Chinese citizens . then the commie Chinese chase Chang Ki Sec and the real Chinese and the commies took over and entered wars the USA
    by joining the North Koreans in their war against us and again they whole hearttedly joined the Commie North Vietnamese. Like Senator Tom Cotten , an army vet, he would never trust any Communist country, for sure they are just waiting in the wings while supporting all the countries warring against the USA. IRAN,,,and all the other radical countries . Turn off the food,fuel,military help to all of them, quit the WHO,UN, NATO, THEY ALL TAKE OUR MONEY AND HELP BUT THEN THUMB THEIR SNOTTY NOSES AT THE USA.

  11. I think we have to be a little more draconian than this. Mr. Massie’s ideas are all very flowery and PC but in the mean time, and in the time it will take to implement his ideas, people will be, and will have starved. The solution is simple. Shut all export of animal, vegetable and grain produce down to China and to anyone else, until such time as we have dealt with our own issues and our own people are looked after. That’s looking after our own. I’d go one step further, and nationalize all Chinese food factories and plants until our shortages were dealt with. End of story. Stop politiking.

  12. The President can do a lot, but all of the Obama appointed judges put a stop to the orders that could protect our Country. The Democrats yell and the good for nothing Judges get the orders struck down. We the people must take a stand. Vote down all of these career politicians and clean out Congress.

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