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Despite a credible sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama is all in for the presumptive Democratic nominee. Now, Obama is redoubling his efforts, claiming the “rule of law is at risk” following the Justice Department’s decision to drop its case against Gen. Michael Flynn. 

Not content to let Obama’s comments slide, South Carolina Congressman-turned-Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy responded during an on-air appearance yesterday.


Fox News’ Talia Kaplan reports:

“Where is [Obama’s] respect for the rule of law for the crime that Michael Flynn was the victim of?” Gowdy, a Fox News contributor, asked on “Sunday Morning Futures.

“Remember, he was unmasked by somebody in Obama’s administration and then it was leaked… that is a 10-year felony, to disseminate classified information,” he continued. “Michael Flynn was a victim of that crime.”

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The Justice Department moved to end its case against Flynn after internal memos were released raising serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late-2017 guilty plea for lying to the FBI.

Already there are rumblings from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue about bringing Flynn back. Vice President Mike Pence offered a glowing assessment of Flynn and said he’d be “happy” to see him working at the White House.

Pence revealed his feelings in a clip from an interview shared with the New York Post and airing tonight on HBO.

“I think Gen. Michael Flynn is an American patriot,” Pence told Axios in a snippet of an interview released Sunday. “He served this country with great distinction in uniform. And now the decision by the Justice Department lays bare what was clearly prosecutorial abuse.”


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    1. His grandma said he was born in Kenya,said she was there she ought to know- …that was on the tv. Fraud…..fraud…… worst prez. We ever had……..

  2. Bringing him back to the White House is a step in the right direction. Reimbursing him for being bankrupted by this egregious abuse of power should be the ultimate goal, however. That responsibility should be placed on the shoulders of bad actors involved, not the taxpayers. They weren’t acting on the behalf of the American people, rather their traitorous agenda. Perhaps the General would enjoy going home to a 15 million dollar mansion on the shores of the Atlantic in Martha’s Vineyard.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. If a government employee at any level steps outside the scope of their employment to commit an illegal act, they are personally responsible for the repercussions, not the tax payers. E.G. If a snow plow operator for a city public works department goes into a local convenience store while plowing the streets and shoots the clerk and other patrons, he is personally responsible for the criminal and civil liabilities. The public works department is not responsible. General Flynn’s attorney needs to sue the bad actors in civil court for all that he has lost and they should be held personally responsible for his losses.

      1. Pelosi needs to go when she ripped up that paperwork I wanted to smack her there all trillions from her to the Clinton’s punish them

  3. People who live in “Glass houses”should not throw stones ! The Obama Closet Holds many Skeletons , but never fear A.G. Bill Barr will help to clean them out for all to see !

    1. Vinnie….I sure hope that you are right….there are many skeletons…which do you think the first will be? That he is a wholly owned subsidiary belonging to Soros??? Or all that he/she stuff with Tranny Mike? Or that he was the instigator behind the fake impeachment of President Trump? Where to start….I doubt there has been any more corruption in that White House in the history of the White House.
      Will Bathhouse Barry ever be tried for his traitorous actions? Spying on a sitting President??? I doubt it, but some day there will be some sort of justice which prevails. I can only hope so and pray so.
      I cannot imagine any other politician getting away with such unless it is a Clinton or a Kennedy….

      1. Obama’s treasonous actions makes Nixon’s spying on the Dems look like child play!! Some of the $$ he, Hillary & the coup obtained from Soros for the removal of a Duly Elected President should be given to General Flynn!! He is innocent & was framed for standing for Justice against their evil plots!! The world calls it karma, GOD calls it HIS SWEET JUSTICE, STAND AND WATCH PATRIOTS!!!

  4. It’s time Obama and his minions are arrested, tried and if found guilty, hung for treason. This can not and should not happen again in our American society. The rule of law must be re-established, the FBI, CIA and NSA must be throughly vetted and the scum removed.

  5. What does a criminal organization do when they are discovered?, exactly what the democrats are doing. Hide cheat lie misinform steer in the wrong direction, frame their opponent with false accusations.
    They have lost a lot of money, (simple way to put it). obama isn’t anyone special never was. The only way to get America back is to abolish the democratic party completely, and get back to the norm before its to late, and a war breaks out.

  6. Those who have been so obviously outed in the FBI and CIA especially, should be arrested, tried and imprisoned for their treasonous activities. There are no words
    to describe their evil, heinous activities!

  7. They all protect each other thats the problem. There is no red side and blue side. There never has been. It’s a ploy to divide and conquer. Look at how many instances division has been sewn into our society in the last 10 years alone. The original division was black and white, then it was woman at home and men at work. Now we have the lgbtqyrtz thing to divide us further. Pro gun, anti gun. Pro vaxine and anti vaxine. It’s always division. Now we can’t go visit our neighbors or friends. We are being encouraged to call the authorities on people going for a jog for crying out loud. We need to stop giving in to these corrupt pieces of garbage. We don’t need them, they need us. The only way for change in afraid is something none of us wants to do, but we have to be willing. There will never be a group of corrupt politicians that will remove themselves from the power they so desperately cling to. It’s sickening and these people are the epitomy of evil.

  8. Also don’t believe any mainstream media whether it’s Fox or cnn. The amount of important information they leave out is astounding. In 2014 a CDC whistleblower by the name of Dr William Thompson had given the all the evidence to a Dr Brian Hooker that revealed the real data before it was destroyed and recreated by those at the CDC. The study that should have only taken 6 months took years and this is why. There was a statistically large amount of children developing symptoms on the autism spectrum. The largest at risk group was black boys that got the MMR vaccine as scheduled by CDC. BUT there was still a statistical significance in all children who recieved the Mmr vaccine at the scheduled time. The CDC has not even done the standard double blind placebo test to this day. So to my point, these news networks won’t tell us when the system is hurting and killing our children, the most important and the highest age group at risk as they don’t make their own choices we as parents do. If the news informed us as they should have the moral obligation to do so the drug companies would lose money and therefore pull the funding from advertisements out of the mainstream news station. It’s all about money and cutting back the population. It used to be 1 in 50000 kids who were autistic. And now it’s around 1 in 60 which the upward trend started around 1990 just as they introduced the Mmr vaccine. Wake up people. Mainstream media has been compromised so long ago. Look this info up for yourself.

    1. What the HELL are talking about, dude. The MMR vaccine was developed in 1971. You are abjectly incorrect with your information. Look up the facts before you start disseminating garbage information.

  9. American voters we need to take our American government back from the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership completely in the 202 election and here is how we can do it legally!!!!! We can simply “dump the whole criminal Demcorat Party Mob by voting a straight Republican Party line ticket which is on every 2020 election ballot all across our America and kicking them all out on their asses for what they have done to us as the American people”!! This will give us the American people, “two years of peace and quiet along with a working American Congress for those two years” What more can we ask for as American voters in the 2020 election!!!!!!!!! Food for thought in the 2020 election!!!!…..

  10. It seems like Goudy goes out of his way to make an ass of himself. Now Obama is better thought of by the majority of Americans than anyone in the Trump Administration or in Congress or Congress as a whole. Trump is implying that he is going to put Obama in jail for investigating the Trump Campaign, which the law requires to make sure there is nothing that a President could be black mailed for and used to may a President do the bidding of the Black mailer.

  11. This getting real old some Muslim thinks he king shit running around bashing are President just because Obama failed at every turn so Obama takes his hate out on Trump and the American people

  12. Obama is not a lawyer and neither is Michael so they should not be talking at all about Rule of Law. – Flynn must be recompensed but not by American taxpayers who did not do the crime against him. – a good idea would be that after all assets are seized from the criminals and put into the Peoples’ Treasury that Flynn be paid extravagantly out of that cache, and his son too, and grandson – lots of estates will be up for sale including the Martha Vineyard Obama Estate on the beach.

  13. I would like to know what judge authorized the tapping of General Flynn’s phone and what information did they use to obtain that order? That is what initially set the trap for General Flynn by the FBI who was listening to his phone call with Ambassador Kisliak which was perfectly legal. The FBI initially said he did not lie about that phone call. That should have been the end of it.

  14. Everything has a beginning, thus, there is an end for everything that had BEGUNG! Will the End Justifies each beginning? In math, YES! When dealing with human values, that could creates more new Questions? In some-case, it becomes a necessity to UP-ROOT that whole thing which should never had begun! Mistakes in life are the BEST of TEACHERS! Learn from our History! This one is; never to elect a NON AMERICAN to any of our National Office again! They do not love America with TRUTHFUL HEARTS! Their PIRDE and PARTIALILTIES OVER RIDE the Country! They serve themselves and their Secred DEVOTIONS, not the Country! They are users of the NATION, not Supporter for the Bettermnets of our Naiton! We should disqualify anyone who is NOT a Native Born Citzen to run for any politcal office! We now have more than One lesson… we had enough lesson from them! We do not want nor do we need MORE of the SAME!

  15. Communist Muslim Obama was at the helm of Flynn’s investigation. He orchestrated the whole thing from his DC home with Valerie Jarrett. His whole administration was corrupt and evil! They all need to be tried, convicted and hung! They said nothing would happen to Obama because he is is black. Sorry, he is not above the law and he is only half black, his other half is white! I’m glad to see that Mexico’s wants answers on Fast & Furious, so does the American people. Eric Holder is another scumbag walking the earth that should be behind bars for life!
    All these people are not above the law! We need to see justice done! Trump 2020 ????????

  16. 100% agree with you !!!!
    Hussein O. was the Trojan horse communist infiltrated into the WH in order to start the process of “ fundamentally transforming America”
    This is and has been the globalist’s agenda from the very beginning ( America must be destroyed along with its economy and made into their well planned “ paradise” ) … of course, Soros is part of it …

  17. The corrupt liars on the left keep on saying that the president is not above the law ( of course they refer to Trump) so how come Hussein O is above the law ?
    We don’t care what’s the color of his skin (nobody gives a damn ) , so if we still pretend we are a civilized country and not a banana republic, and we still care about our laws, we MUST have a serious investigation about this treasonous acts vomited by Hussein O and his administration !!!!!
    Hey, Republicans, where is everybody screaming and yelling and demanding justice ?????
    This is what the Marxist ( democrats) would be doing !!!!

  18. I think all this outrage by Republicans is all show and no substance. It is also true of the Democrats. Does anyone actually believe any higher-up in the Obama administration involved in all these illegal activities will actually be prosecuted? People out in the fly-over part of our country would be prosecuted and jailed for doing any of the things government higher-ups routinely get away with. We simply don’t understand why there are different standards for the swamp denizens.

  19. Gotta Love Trey Gowdy ! the guy tells it truthfully and has no fear of putting blame on the correct person…. Now if we could get any of the swamp monsters in front of him as a judge…
    Especially the DemonRATs….

  20. If you are a Democrat, but you work for a paycheck, maybe for the one of the Big three, you know what was done to the General was wrong, if it is all true. But you still are a Democrat because they believe in the Philosophy of the Greatest Good for the people. If they have to lie or cheat to succeed it is justified because they are doing it for the people. The Rich Republicans got rich by lying and stealing, so it’s ok for any Democrat to use the same methods and tactics. That’s how Democrats think. You cannot reform them. They call it “Social Justice”.

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