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The Republican National Committee raised more than twice as much money as the Democrat National Committee in February, new finance reports reveal.

The RNC’s $26.2 million February haul is more than double the $12.8 million raised by the DNC and its affiliated committees. The RNC ended the month with $76 million cash on hand, while the DNC reported just $14 million.

President Donald Trump’s campaign reported raising just $14 million in February but had $94.4 million cash on hand. Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s numbers had not been published as of midnight Friday, he appears to have raised $33 million in just 30 days. His cash on hand is not known, but he does not appear to have burned through much of his funds.

Fellow Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders reported raising an amazing $46.5 million for the month and had $18.7 million on hand, which could be used to oppose Trump once Sanders drops out.

Helping Democrats close the gap, former candidate Michael Bloomberg announced he was donating to the Democrat National Committee the around $18 million left in his campaign account. He may still spend as much as $1 billion to oppose Trump through the November election.

While the GOP enjoys a massive cash advantage, Republicans also had a large advantage in 2018 but lost 41 U.S. House seats to Democrats in their worst midterm election since the 1974 Watergate scandal.

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  1. Come election time the Swamp Establishment will be a skeleton, the bad guys in jail – Trump Patriots have already won.

  2. After seeing the deceit of Pelosi and her anti
    American traitoros posse…that should be good
    enough for any real American to support President
    Pelosi is guilty of EXTORTION..PLEASE AMERICANS

  3. We (GOP) cannot afford to be complacent! If the Economy does not bounce back substantially before the Election we could be in trouble.

    1. Why ? Are you saying that our president is at fault. He is the main one holding our country together during this crisis. I shudder to even think what would have happened with the Democrats in power.

  4. IMO, the “wish list” by Pelosi on this “coronavirus bill” is nothing more than a “slush fund for the democrats”! Rep.Ted Cruz also called them out on this very issue this afternoon!

  5. If Trump loses in Nov it will be due the ignorance of those who vote for China and the ideology of communism that is the Democratic Party. I will do my part to ensure I give whatever I can to elect those who love our nation…REPUBLICANS!

    1. POTUS needs to have a national speech pointing out what the democrats are doing to allow the economy to crash punishing people who have lost their jobs and small business by the millions who could go out of business all because the democrats hate Trump more than they care about the American people.He needs to point out the extortion by the leader of the house and the minority leader in the senate by listing the 10-12 items of Democratic wish list which should never be attached to this bill because it has absolutely nothing to do with stimulus help. The nation by no fault of their own are struggling and the democrats want to play games, they are not for the American people and come November all the Americans hurt by their tactics should take note. This is not about politics. It’s about averting a depression hurting all . Dems and republicans alike.

  6. These two supposed leaders of the Demorats are two of the sorriest assholes to ever shit between 2 shoes. The need to eradicate these assholes . The most despicable pieces of shit. How could anyone vote for these morons. Hateful people should not be in congress.

    1. Steven, I agree with you but not with your vulgar language. For the most part us Republicans tell it like it is in a respectful manner.

  7. There is a NICE WARM PLACE in HELL awaiting Nasty & her Cronies.. VILE , BILE & EVIL, permeates within each & everyone of those DEMON-RATS. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA, & GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP.. & I THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT for always placing OUR COUNTRY FIRST & FOREMOST…

  8. I would really appreciate it if American Action News would not try and fool us with the headline in the email they sent out. The email said “Republicans Reveal Secret Weapon to Crush Democrats in November”. However the article only talked about the campaigns and how much money each had or had raised. I don’t appreciate getting me to click with a false headline

  9. You can cheat and steal an election that’s close, but you cannot buy it. You need
    a message and the Democrats have none and this election will not be close. QED.

  10. I agree about the misleading headline. But, I am use to being mislead by the media.
    As far as the ruthless Dem’s go, I try to not wish anyone ill, but God knows what I am thinking!!!

    I hope the electorate is sophisticated enough to join the President and put “America First”.
    At some point even a single celled organism knows when it is being threatened!!!

  11. Today there are two articles about the Democrats candidate for president. In the first Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a staffer. In the second they are talking about Cuomo being inserted as the DNC’s choice. Back in 2016 when the DNC – Keith Ellison – Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton were busted for RIGGING the nomination for Hillary Clinton – the DNC’s representatives came right out in court and said that as a “private entity they had no legal obligation to put forth any candidate other than one of “THEIR” choosing”. Did Democrat voters really think they were kidding? YOUR votes mean NOTHING – the DNC will decide who gets the nod.

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