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Personally Thank President Trump Today

Today may be the most consequential yet in the race for the White House.

By tonight voters in six states could pick President Trump’s Democratic opponent.

If Joe Biden prevails in the slew of primaries – in particular delegate-rich Michigan – he could bury Bernie Sanders for good.

The result would mark the culmination of a stunning turnaround that began little over two weeks ago with the former vice president’s decisive victory in South Carolina.

But, in the meantime, the presumptive frontrunner is generating negative media coverage by picking fights with voters unlikely to vote for him in the first place and forgetting basic facts any politician should know.

For posterity’s sake, you meant to say AR-15, Joe.


We now have a better angle of Biden’s profanity-laced rant:

(H/T Bo Erickson CBS)

Personally Thank President Trump Today

Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. The same Joe Biden who said that if there was evil entering your home to go out on your balcony with your double barrel shotgun and let 2 shots go into the sky so they retreat. Well that means Joe has a double barrel shotgun, odd. And second, to discharge a gun into the air intentionally is reckless endangerment to the community. I see secret service not allowing Joe to handle any firearm for his own safety.
    Like Obama’s picture shooting a long gun with muzzle blast painted in but going the wrong direction. What a pair they made, Pete and Repeat!!

    1. LOL. I remember well that picture of Obama shooting a gun and the phony muzzle blast. That shooting scene was as phony as Obama. I don’t even understand why these damn Democrats have to make guns an issue. It is our RIGHT to own firearms so they attack the entire Constitution by picking this one issue. We have so many important issues in the U.S. that need to be addressed. How about illegal aliens, how about our roads and bridges falling apart. Leave the Constitution alone but the Democrats can’t do that for some stupid reason.

      1. Exactly what Hitler did to Germany. He convinced the populous to turn in their guns, and they did. He was persistent in telling them how they will have ‘shovel ready’ jobs……..just follow me. And they did, right into prepared mass graves; and many to the concentration camps. Don’t be fooled by the evils who want to take your guns.

    2. Joe believes in HIS Second Amendment rights, not YOURS. He can shoot his shotgun anyplace he wants, you can’t!

      1. Correct, Stephanie. Dems are basically electing a vice president who will be the real president. Shop carefully – no vice president has been selected but many are vying for the position. Dems really have no viable presidential candidate. What they have is an aging communist whose ideas have come and gone with Venezuela and Cuba and an international criminal of Mafia-like proportions. Makes me see RED.

        1. Well let’s see, Hillary?, Pelosi?, Michelle?,Barry?, It really does NOT matter. They all march to Mr. George Soros orders. Read the goals of his “Open Borders Foundation”. “NO Government, Borders, or Religions, with the ‘Elite Billionaires’ in TOTAL CONTROL!”. Dems want open borders, with their rules NOT our Constitution! Ever hear one democrat say “GOD”??? Ya think about that for a few minutes.

  2. This guy really is good at making friends. Union voters generally march to the orders of any Democrat, but I think this is another group that will shift.

    1. I think many non-government union members, like myself, will vote Trump and Republican. They show up for Democrat rallies because they are obligated to. Maybe it’s time to change the union leadership too! Trump and Republicans are DELIVERING for working folks. Democrats PROMISE , but don’t deliver. They raise taxes, reduce Second Amendment rights , drive away business and jobs, LOWER wages, kowtow to the UN and foreign governments , and support illegals. Is that what you want? I am retired, so I can’t vote out my union leadership. You active members can!
      Vote the Trump team in 2020!

  3. He is an angry old man with dimentia, what do you expect. The Democrats are grasping to think this mentally deficient man could ever run this country. Trump voters get out there and make sure we stop this from happening.

    1. The new realization from those of us just waking up to this is that the Dems are using him to try to put a “Trojan Horse” president of THEIR choice into the White House.
      The game plan may be that they pick him a running mate as VP, and as soon as he gets in he’ll almost immediately be diagnosed as mentally unable to run the country so his VP takes over. Who do they have in mind for that? God save us from Hillary.

      1. Amen to that! I think your analysis of the events is spot on. There is such a long list of possible dumbocrat VP candidates, it’s just plumb frightening!

    2. This latest gaggle of pretenders to the thrown show us exactly what the Democratic Party is all about, Ruth. It’s like they went to insane asylums around the country to pick these losers …seriously. Their real thinking is “to hell with America; just give us the power…power…power!!!!” One major reason I love President Trump…he is for America…not some crazy power need.

    1. He does remind me of the old days in Chicago where mobsters ruled. Cross one of them and it was Good Bye Joe as the saying went.

    2. I know how is he going to handle leaders from other countries…call them out to fight behind a dumpster

  4. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone in their right mind would vote for Biden as President of the United States. He can’t even remember what state he is in half the time. Is that what you want to lead this country? The other countries leaders will think we are the most stupid people in the world for voting someone like Biden for President. We will be the laughing stock od the universe.

    1. I have the same feeling as you and have said it more than once. Why are some people (like millions of them) so easily brain washed? ??????????

  5. They want to pass him off as a moderate, but he wants open borders, take away our guns, high taxes, free medical for illegals, and that horrible new green deal! Not only that, but he has dementia! So who will really be pulling the strings behind him if he gets into the WH?!

    1. I believe Obama and Hillary will be the people behind the scenes pulling his strings. Voting for Biden will be almost the same as voting for them!

  6. Face it – so far Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – is not supporting Biden. Barry has been stumping for Bernie. Why? What does Barry know about Biden that he would never say? Besides if Biden beats Bernie – Barry will have to change his tune. Hillary is now supporting Biden. Funny – in 2016 Biden did not support Hillary – neither did Biden’s family. Personally I think the only reason Hillary or Barry supports either one of these buffoons is that they look at them as a way back into the White House. Two old white men – both with serious medical problems – Biden’s brain and Bernie’s heart and I’m sure the DNC can come up with some coronavirus if they want it. They just have to keep Hillary away from the coronavirus too – as feeble as she is. She is not campaigning because it would be embarrassing for the DNC – She can’t take a flight of steps without assistance. So Barry is younger and stronger. The problem they have there is that Barry is NOT eligible to become president. They would have to change the rules to do that – as much as they have changed the rules during the nomination process to get what they want – the DNC CANNOT just change the rules of presidential eligibility in the middle of a campaign or term in office. As we said at the beginning when there were 20+ Democrats running for nomination – it was like a clown show. When you look at how bad – both – Biden and Bernie are – you can’t help but wonder – How really bad were the others when these two have been selected by the DNC as the cream of the crop? OR has the DNC come to the conclusion that they will not beat Trump in 2020. So they throw these old fossils out there to be destroyed – so they can vilify white men and Jews again in the next election?

    1. Biden, Bernie, and Hillary couldn’t make a healthy person put together. And Hillary had the nerve to say TRUMP didn’t have the temperament to be President. How many times now has she and Biden yelled at people in Public??? If you want to rile Biden, just bring up Hunter, if you want to rile Hillary, bring up Monica and all the other women Bill has had relations with. Or, ask Hillary what BILL thinks of stuff.

    2. I read in a conservative pub today that Hillary is going to run for President. If that is true….

  7. Be prepared next time. When you try to have an adult conversation with this addled old fool and when he goes off you throw it right back in his face. Turn it into a confrontation yelling right back at senile old JoJo.

  8. Biddie Biden is the establishment sacrificial goat to the upcoming election. Whomever loses to Trump will be relegated to the scrapheap of political history. And, in doing so, it cleanses the kommiecrats of all moderates and starts the new kommiecrat party with She Guevara and her Squad of Muslimas and Latinas.

  9. Agree with Soon Fabich: Biddie Biden is the establishment sacrificial goat to the upcoming election. Whomever loses to Trump will be relegated to the scrapheap of political history. And, in doing so, it cleanses the kommiecrats of all moderates and starts the new kommiecrat party with She Guevara and her Squad of Muslimas and Latinas.

  10. Way to win hearts and votes Joe. He is a moron and has always been. Can’t keep his stories straight and now insulting possible voters. Oh wait, auto workers are mostly Trump supporters. Why wouldn’t they be? Low life, low class idiot for sure.

  11. i am so glad to never have been a democrat to be embarrassed by these two. they are the best two the democrats have to offer??? bernie stalin and alzheimers joe quid pro quo.

    joe who meets a new wife and daughter every day. where you can’t be sure who the best democrat of worst three is the mental case, the nut case, or the corona virus. when they are all so close to the same infection. although the corona virus has killed less people than socialism.

  12. Biden is not only becoming more and more demented along this campaign trail, but he’s also becoming more and more hostile. A tell all part of full blown vascular dementia. First he says he’s will challenge PRESIDENT Trump to push ups, then says he’d take him “out back of the gym and beat him”, then he calls a voter a “dog face pony soldier”, another one he told “go to hell and don’t vote for me”, in one city he actually poked a guy in the chest and told him to shut up and back off. Now he’s telling this guy in Detroit that he’s “full of sh*t” and don’t say “that to me or I’ll slap you one”! What’s next? Is he going to reach his boiling point and actually reach out and slap someone before the Liberal press will report his deteriorating communication skills and intolerance to questions he doesn’t have straight answers to or changes his responses so often that he can’t keep them straight? I say, keep letting him speak. I can’t wait for the one on one debates against President Trump and him. Bidens gonna make Killary look like a world scholar

  13. Friends…………… I am NOT worried about 2020…… President Trump WILL WIN & CONTINUE, THE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA, EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVELY… I do believe, we should be SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING & working on a Candidate for 2024, who will continue on what Pres. Trump began, & once & for a long time, make the demon-crats mere spectators in Washington…. By then WAPO & CNN will have disappeared……IMHO……
    Hey…how about Sen. Ted Cruz, for 2024…….

  14. PATHETIC: I am now beginning to feel PITY for Ol’ Joe. He has gone so Low. He has thrown away his good standing in life. He has had a lifetime in a position to do good for the PEOPLE, and all he could do was to suck people dry and take as much advantage possible of the PEOPLE he was elected to represent over the years in many different capacities. What did he do with his mega-opportunity to build CHARACTER? I am appalled. He has basically not valued his life enough to BUILD CHARACTER!!! He has few to none of the treasures he could have had to take with him to the heavenly realm. –My opinion for what it is worth.

  15. Wait till after the DNC convention and he has to deal with professional hecklers on an almost daily basis.
    Gonna need a bigger popcorn popper.

  16. I have this repeating nightmare that biden beats out burnny, and picks hrc as vp. They steal, cheat & pay & bribe for votes enough that somehow they beat Trump for the American Presidency. Within the first year in office, hrc has joe killed or declared totally incompetent due to dementia and becomes president!!! Then I wake up and President Donald J Trump has won by a landslide victory, because We The People did get out to vote and not take for granted that we would win!! This is the Most important election in my 76 years on earth here in the United States of America ?? Please, Please Vote GOP and God Bless America!!!??

  17. Joe certainly knows how to make friends an win voters. NOT! Joe’s proposals and policies are actually as bad as Sander’s. It is just that Sanders is more in your face and obnoxious whereas Biden is just pathetic.

  18. I agree with KayKay as far as Trump winning a second term. But I have be paying a lot of attention to the HOUSE and Senate. If we really want to turn this Country around we have to vote for GOP straight up and down the ballot.

  19. Go out and vote a straight Republican ticket. We need to get rid of all of them. They all want power and money and they could care less about the American people. Never vote for a Democrat.

  20. Liberals like Biden know what’s best for the rest of us. They get frustrated when we don’t recognize the value of their superior knowledge and bow to their demands.

  21. Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satan Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus AKA: Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

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