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A new YouGov poll finds only 54 percent of black Americans have a favorable view of Vice President Kamala Harris, the first black person to hold that position.

Only 29 percent had a “very favorable” view of Harris, a finding that complicates Democrat efforts to find a successor to Biden.

It also found 29 percent holding unfavorable views of Harris, which is a large unfavorable number among blacks for a Democrat.

Harris’ selection was speculated to be a move by Democrats to solidify their strongest voting bloc, black women.

But, as in her 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign, Harris has failed to connect.

Many cite her detached, awkward style – similar to Hillary Clinton.  Staffers and other insiders have also noted Harris fails to prepare for interviews or even familiarize herself with the topic she’s addressing, leading to rambling responses slammed a “word salad.”

The poll also found that among all American women only 43 percent held a favorable view of Harris while 49 percent held an unfavorable view.

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  1. Old , OLd , OLD news and many people can see she is not qualified for office or should I say to be anywhere in society .

  2. the crime family boss, dementia jo and the giggling ho, are perfect for a commie democrat pedophile racist nation! and the entire commie democrat pedophile cult party need to be exiled to Afghanistan out of America.

  3. Kamela Harris is her own worst enemy and no “Real Friend” to People of Color anywhere! One would think after having the position of “Vice President” handed to her because a demented person promised the position in a Campaign speech to a “Woman of Color” as opposed to a person qualified for the job, she has proven herself “Unqualified” to complete any Task assigned to her whether it was impossible or “too complicated” America has still been paying for her to fill a position that she
    just can’t seem to handle or just won’t even try to handle and consequently
    has failed as a “Role Model” to young people of Color who might have applauded her efforts had she put forth something they could be proud of!

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