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With spending-fueled inflation raging and law-abiding citizens struggling with rising prices, the Biden White House sent as much as $5.2 billion in relief fund checks to illegal aliens and federal prisoners.

House Budget Committee Ranking Member Jason Smith (R-MO) is now demanding the Treasury Department “provide information, including documents, records, and correspondence, directly to the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the number and total dollar amount of stimulus checks from the American Rescue Plan sent to deceased individuals, convicted prisoners, non-U.S. citizens living abroad, and illegal immigrants.”

“President Biden’s $2 trillion so-called ‘Rescue Plan’ sparked the worst inflation crisis in forty years. A closer examination reveals this very same spending has left behind a massive trail of waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars, including billions’ worth of taxpayer-funded checks that went to prisoners as well as Japanese citizens living in Japan,” said Smith.

“Reports further indicate that millions in taxpayer funds were sent to deceased individuals while millions of illegal immigrants may also have received funds under lax immigration enforcement,” said Smith.

“The American people and their representatives in Congress deserve a full and thorough accounting of where and to whom this money has gone, and what, if any, attempts the Biden White House has made to reclaim this money for the taxpayers,” said Smith.

According to Smith, preliminary information finds:

-$783.5 million in stimulus checks sent to over 500,000 federal prisoners, including the Boston Marathon Bomber

– $1,400 stimulus checks sent to Japanese citizens living in Japan

– $13 million in stimulus checks sent to deceased individuals

-Up to $4.38 billion in stimulus checks sent to illegal immigrants

The payments to illegal aliens and federal prisoners appear to add up to $5.1635 billion.

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  1. Where did the money come from? If from his contingency funds approved by Congress, or something else _unauthorized_?

  2. Compromised joe biden and family allowing China to take over our Country, you can’t open any business in China without them being 50% partners, why not the same for US policy? Steal our technology, bribe our politicians,fxxx over our trade policies,need anybody ask why?

  3. What Congress approved fund is being robbed to give this money to Illegals? Biden will be held up by the tax payers for his actions,

  4. As long as we have an income tax, the Democrats will continue to give our tax money away to anyone who will vote for them or who have families or friends who will vote for them, including illegals. We need the Fair Tax instead, a sales tax that would force illegals to pay taxes on everything they purchase. It wouldn’t be a total solution, but it would help to mitigate this income redistribution to illegals.

  5. Expand the IRS,
    For what because we wont see this money back on our taxes,
    These people don’t pay taxes,
    Biden your gonna get whats coming to you.
    Is this worth staying in power,
    I really dont care how much ammo the IRS needs now.

  6. Glad to see my increased ‘everything’ being used so well. Tax, spend, and destroy! Great ad for Democratic Party!

  7. Total Buffoonery alive and well spewing fourth from the White house basement where EL supremo Buffoon”O” “O”biden craps his depends and Laughable wife D-o-c-t-o-r Jill attends the fool.

  8. Where does a pile of crap get off giving my money away to illegals? Doesnt this kind of thing suppose to go through congress and be agreed upon? I want Biden put to death for his treason. This doesnt say anything but come on in to all illegals. Our government has turned into one big damned joke. I`m telling everyone to stop paying taxes. Our government has to be held accountable first for everything.

  9. https://mainstreetgazette.com/report-paul-pelosi-flashed-police-organization-membership-card-during-may-arrest/

  10. Brain dead Biden didn’t send anything! It was his handlers, the Kenyan Hussein and his cabal are the ones still trying to destroy America!

  11. Is this why the latest “Biden Bill” needs to hire so many more IRS agents? – to see if these recipients pay taxes on this money? Inept doesn’t begin to described this.

  12. Biden should be impeached for this act. Here our own citizens are hurting for finances to buy gas and food, and to buy kids their school clothes, and this inept individual is trying to appeal to the ones who shouldn’t get the funds, so they can vote democrat. I smell a rat.

  13. Biden and the left’s cronies are destroying this nation and he wants to use the 87thousands irs agents to harass people who support Trump.

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