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In an impassioned essay, former Speaker Newt Gingrich warns that America is headed toward a ‘catastrophic defeat’ in any conflict with communist China. Noting various examples of China’s growing power and U.S. acquiescence, regularly reported by ADN, Gingrich concludes that a dramatic national overhaul in the U.S. approach to China is needed to stave off this defeat.

Gingrich blames American corporations for much of the rot in U.S. policy toward China. Wealthy American companies are aiding and abetting the enemy while undermining the United States.

Gingrich writes:

…look at the giant, wealthy American companies that already kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party’s demands and adjust their language and behaviors to placate Beijing.

After pressure from China, Disney removed an episode of “The Simpsons” from its streaming services in Hong Kong over a reference to the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Nike and Coca-Cola lobbied against legislation to ban imports of goods made with forced labor in China. JPMorgan Chase has expanded its business in China—despite known, serious data security and national security risks. And remember the turmoil when Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted support for democracy in Hong Kong. The NBA and players went into a tailspin of shameless apology and censorship on China’s behalf. It was disgusting.

Some American billionaires have made so much money in collaboration with Communist China that they prioritize padding their pockets over American values and national security interests.

Gingrich also emphasizes in the Epoch Times that “The Pentagon and intelligence community’s distracting focus on creating a woke force rather than a war-winning force is further weakening America.”

All this while a real war with China may be looming just over then horizon. Gingrich adds:

According to The Guardian, now retired Admiral Philip Davidson, who was the 25th Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command, said in March that a serious fight over Taiwan could come in the next six years.

“I worry that they’re [China] accelerating their ambitions to supplant the United States and our leadership role in the rules-based international order … by 2050,” Davidson said

Gingrich notes various classified wargames where the U.S. loses to China which has been devouring our military literature for decades and knows our playbook better than we do.

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten warned of one major exercise in a July conference: “Without overstating the issue, it failed miserably.”

Hyten explained that the wargame, which simulated a conflict with China over Taiwan, involved an adversary which had studied American conflict and warfighting for two decades.

In this wargame China “just ran rings around us. They knew exactly what we were going to do before we did it, and they took advantage of it.”

The most telling example noted by Gingrich is described by James Kitfield in Yahoo News in March. This one is “a highly classified simulated conflict with China which started with a Chinese biological weapon attack, continued with a massive invasion disguised as a routine exercise, and culminated with devastating missile strikes against our Indo-Pacific bases and warships and Taiwan itself. Needless to say, America lost that one, too.”

Gingrich concludes:

We need a full-blown investigation into the requirements for victory over China—and a commitment to undertake every reform needed in defense, education, capital markets, supply chains, manufacturing, and other areas to ensure American safety and freedom.

Anything short of a complete rethinking of our capabilities and the challenge of the Chinese Communist Party’s system-wide effort to become the world’s dominant superpower may well lead to our defeat in a much shorter time than anyone thinks possible.

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  1. We need a TOTAL EMBARGO of all things Chinese. Products, services….EVERYTHING. Cold turkey and it needs to happen NOW! Don’t even go to a CHINESE RESTAURANT!

    1. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST has stolen our Secrets, our warfare secrets, our private industry secrets, our patents, our jet plane programs, our carrier plans, our ball bearings which was given them by Bill Clinton, they are in our most secret labs, our universities, Colledge’s, our board rooms, buying our land, our hotels, our supplies, our pork production, have a birthing hotel to give birth to Chinese citizens, they have rovers on the moon, where did they get that information, they have our jet war planes, and they have a friend in the White House, why, I ask why would they attack us when they have already captured us without firing a shot!

      1. In the case of Clean, Safe next generation of power plants, the U.S. gave China & the World all the taxpayer funded technology.
        I propose that China install several Pebble Bed & Molten Salt power plants in Mexico on the U.S.S.A. & Mexico border & sell that clean energy at a huge premium to the U.S.S.A. They would make a killing.

      2. China would never attack – they would only carpet us with EMP weapons if they thought we would rebound from the Abyss we have gleefully started to walk down into.

        1. The Chinese way is like martial arts. They let us destroy ourselves without risking a single Chinese soldier.

  2. Speaker Gingrich, how many nuclear weapons do we have? How many does Communist China have? How many does North Korea have? How many does Russia have? How many does Iran have? How many does Isarael have? How many does Pakistan have? How many does Germany have? How many does Saudia have? And how many does the rest of the world have? Do you think that if China threatens us with war if we stand up to them if they try to take Tiawan? And do you think that we won’t use them if China was to declare WAR ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! IF THEY DO, THIS WILL BE THE SHORTEST WAR EVER, 15 MINUTES AT BEST, AND THE WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED, PERIOD!

    1. True except that the insane ones are currently in charge. Insane people tend not to act rationally and do not care as to the consequences.

  3. Unfortunately, the author’s correct in his assessment. US Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen were a finely tuned force. Now, thanks to Obutthead, Biden, Austin and Milley, there’s a pernicious rot in our military institutions. Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (D.I.E) are killing the services. Good men and women are leaving the service and the replacements are confused about which bathroom they should use.

  4. with the current communist democrat, pedophile, racist, cult party and the puppet regime , yes we are doomed!

  5. The main, core purpose of the Democrat Party and specifically the Joe Biden administration, is to destroy the country of the United States and United States economy, so that under the leadership of the “One Worlders” all human beings will have the same level of social existence, and no country will be richer or better-off than any other.

    This is PURE Soviet styled Marxism, which has already been tried and failed (and is still being tried) in the world, and has resulted in nothing but premature death, horrible suffering, and hatred for other human beings. This is what socialism offers to people, but the Joe Bidens and Hillary Clintons of the world do not care a whit! They don’t care, because they know they will always be able to live as the upper echelon elitist leadership – as the royalty of the middle ages did – which is exactly like the old Soviet fifteen percenters, the “nomenclatura” lived, while the rest of the poor Russians starved – literally, starved. This is what the modern elitists think is global “justice” – not understanding the rather low-level, obvious, basic philosophical truth that people deserve only what they actually earn. This tenet is known by all 5th graders who have had any education at all.

    This EXACTLY what the elitists of the American “woke” crowd wants, and what we, the people, must deny them. People like the Biden crime family and the Clinton crime family MUST be brought to justice, and incarcerated for life – AT LEAST! AND!! So much as this description applies to ANY Republican or any other politicians out there, the same fate is properly aimed in their direction.

  6. I don’t trust and rarely agree with Newt, but he’s right about the core problem with the corporate “enemy” within. As for defeat if war with Red China occurs, we won’t be defeated, but stand to suffer a mutual destruction event where the Reds won’t win either but would suffer immense political and physical damage that could lead to the Communist regime being overthrown from within.

  7. Well YEAH, since the military seem to debating which gender pronouns to use and as far as I know, holding tranny tea parties??? And the mega corporations are indeed all about the Almighty Globalist Filthy Lucre, stabbing any and every nation in the back to make a buck or a yen or even a ruble.

  8. Something Gingrich didn’t say is that our fleet is terribly undermanned thanks to Biden. The Marine Corps is undermanned thanks to Biden. The Army is no doubt undermanned thanks to Biden. The Air Force and Coast Guard are no doubt has the same problem. Biden seems to be queer to have everyone vaccinated and wearing a mask. There are many who can’t and others who shouldn’t but Biden has this one size fits all attitude. Speaking for myself, I served in the Navy from 1943 to 1946. All the military at that time was run like military organizations. Recently, I’ve talked to young men who’ve served and according to them it’s more like being in a social club than properly serving, and according to most of the young men I talked to that’s the reason many are now civilians. China is building it’s military but Biden is tearing ours to pieces. And another thing. We get into it with China, we have China, Russia, Iran and North Korea to deal with. After the Afghanistan fiasco where Biden deserted our allies which one would even think of taking our side?

    1. Biden has been president for just over a year. So you are saying that he decimated all these forces in that time. Wake up Trump Ass

  9. Although I don’t wish and physical violence on these China supporting Marxist traitors, If by some chance they ALL contracted a excruciating painful fatal disease causing them to scream in pain every minute they are alive… it would put a great big smile on my face.

  10. The US will be defeated long before 2050. What the Chinese will take great pleasure in is the annihilation of a US carrier group. The footage will be engraved in history forever and remain a living scar that no one will forget. The current administration is setting the board for this to happen. It will make Afghanistan look like a school yard punch up. Every minute that the crooked Biden regime stays in power is a minute closer to disaster.

  11. While I have a problem believing anything coming out of the mouth of neo-con Gingrich what he has said COULD be true; YET!!! If America would repent of all the evil it has propagated here and around the world; if we would reverse Roe v Wade and stop offering child sacrifices to the god of sex, I believe there is hope. America is facing it’s Nineveh moment, are we smart enough to restore true justice? Are we willing to stand up against the wickedness condoned by most Dems and all those Repubs who are not true conservatives? Are we ready to give up some of our “free time” to serve in political offices such as: school boards; village and township counsels; county commissions? Power starts with WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  12. They don’t need to attack us, with the leadership and elected officials we have had and most likely will have, we will just “turn it over to them”. Look at what the POS in the White House is allowing to happen on a “day to day” basis.

  13. I never thought much of Gingrich, even when he was Speaker of the House. He just never impressed me much. He ran for President against Romney and McCain in 2012, and that was one year I was tempted to vote in one of the other minor parties. I could see the Democrats were only putting up a false candidate not based on ability, but on RACE, and that really turned me off on the Democrats.


  15. you can see why there was such a huge and strong force against president trump; all the corporations that are in bed with china as well as the deep state, which also is, had to keep him out of the white house, cuz president trump was the only president that actually was a force agaibnst china, and he was making a lot of headway in his attempt to kick china out of the u.s. in all the ways it’s embedded

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