$400 million in U.S. taxpayer funds will be released to Taliban terrorists ruling Afghanistan, a United States senator reveals.

Under the International Monetary Fund’s “special drawing rights” program, member nations can dole out cash to other countries.  Afghanistan is slated to receive cash on Aug. 23, despite its hostile takeover by armed Taliban terrorists.

“The Biden administration has been a proponent of the $650 billion allocations of special drawing rights (SDRs), which would send more than $400 million to Afghanistan. The IMF allocation is set for Aug. 23,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) revealed this week.

Kennedy is urging Yellen to stop the transfer before the funds’ Monday release.

In his letter to Yellen, Kennedy writes:

“During our meeting last May, I urged you to halt your pursuit of approving Special Drawing Rights under the guise that an allocation would provide foreign aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I noted, the bulk of the funds from an SDR allocation would wrongly benefit G20 countries—the wealthiest economies in the world—while millions would go to our adversaries, state sponsors of terrorists, and countries that have perpetrated genocide. It is my understanding that Afghanistan, under the approved allocation, is expected to receive $450 million in SDRs, a portion of which is scheduled to arrive in Afghanistan by next week,” wrote Kennedy.

“As the Taliban has seized power in Afghanistan, just two weeks before the U.S.’s troop withdrawal, it is clear these SDRs will fall into their hands. Not only that, but since the U.S.’s withdrawal in Afghanistan, many adversarial governments are poised to extend economic and diplomatic influence over Afghanistan. This is evident as both China and Russia have indicated they would formally recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s legitimate government,” Kennedy continued.

“The Biden Administration must not allow the Taliban to gain legitimacy in economic or diplomatic dealings with the U.S. or abroad.  The Taliban never intended to abide by the terms of the peace deal, and this administration should not bend to the false promises of the Taliban,” he explained.

“With this in mind, I urge you to block the nearly half a billion dollars that is headed to Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule. Furthermore, I ask the Treasury Department and the IMF to end the use of SDRs as a means of foreign aid to countries like China, Iran, and Russia, who continue to support this terrorist regime.”

The Taliban aren’t the only U.S. enemies to receive cash from the program.

“China alone would receive $22 billion in special drawing rights, which is more than the total that all of the poor countries combined would receive. Russia would receive $18 billion,” Kennedy says. “In addition to sending billions of dollars to Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, the allocation would send billions in aid to Hassan Rouhani, Bashar al-Assad and Nicolas Maduro.”

“State sponsors of terrorism would also receive aid from the allocation President Biden has approved. Iran would receive $3.5 billion, and Syria would receive $900 million,” says Kennedy.

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  1. You can’t make this stuff up people! In what universe is there any question about why we don’t send this money to the Taliban??? Sheesh, the pile of dumb stuff this administration does just keeps getting higher by the minute!

    1. And ya’ think they aren’t ALL in This together….Certainly including THIS United States Administration?

    2. This is bullshit.. Jihad Joe is terrorizing America and destroying our country ..where is the freaking common sense of these asshole politicians that can fix the stolen election and remove this illegitimate bought and paid for puppet ??

      1. I compare these shenanigans to Plate Spinning Acts. Our attentions are diverted to the wobbling plates, just as Numb Nuts and our boot licking media is deflecting our attention from the actions of a regime, which will dismantle our Constitution, dissolve our sovereignty and bankrupt our nation.

  2. Maybe they just want to negotiate his cut. I wouldn’t put anything past liberals, particularly when money is involved.

      1. That’s all they are good at. Giving money to China? Now they finish their ballistic missile launch sites! Great news…

        1. Whatever money they’re giving to anybody, that money comes from our earnings, and we have no say about these expenditures. You can compare liberal government officials to teenagers who are provided with credit cards. Perhaps a more favorable comparison would be the Menendez Brothers…..

      2. I shudder to think how much they’re raking in with these “Indian” Casinos. Someone please let us know if Numb Nuts or any of his family members own energy stocks.

  3. I’ve pushed for Congress to impeach this vegetable for months. The Dem scoundrels from MI ignore our letters & admonishments as they’re party fools.

  4. Geezus H Christ, Is this CLOWN in The white house for REAL ?, first he Unconditionally surrenders, then He Runs out like a whipped DOG, then he wants to give the cocksuckers MONEY? ????, Impeach him and Kumalot hairass both,

  5. How crazy does it have to get? First abandon our personnel and all our sophisticated arms/vehicles for takeover by the enemy. Now we have to scramble to keep our “leadership” from sending them a fortune to spend. WT-F?!?!?

  6. Stop sending out taxpayer money 💰 send there paycheck instead. They are so dam rich why are we sending money when our people in our country is suffering I would love to have 13,000 fora used car so I can drive to dialysis three times a week and help paying for house insurance on a older house social security doesn’t cover Much I’m no teen asking for a new vehicle but I am just a poor old white women

  7. Have President Biden deliver the money to the Taliban and he can stay there with them they can become buddies you know like Bubba

  8. Wow this is not even funny anymore it’s time to round up all the way fare left Democrats who are telling this complete failure of a Man exactly what to do!!! They have lost it☠☠☠ Time to round all of them up and have public hangings broadcasted around the world !!! Biden and his cronies worse than the Taliban, remember they are plotting to for you…
    All of you!!!!!!!!!!☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  9. Remove our Americans First, then remove the Christians who want to leave, then Nuke the Taliban. Three step plan.

  10. It’s time to impeach sleepy Joe Biden or use the 25th amendment on this mentally ill lying “Incompetent in Chief!”

  11. We need to band together to remove Biden, Harris and Pelosi. This has gone to far. Call on our Congress to begin removal. This is insane. Why has it taken so long to see the incompetency.

  12. At this moment a host of Democratic leaders are trying to figure a way to get Biden out and keep Harris from succeeding him. The nuclear option of telling the truth and declaring the 2020 election fraudulent suddenly appears viable.

  13. Why are we paying these governments who hate the United States? No wonder this country is so far it on the hole we will never get out. Stop the money going to foreign countries.

  14. What a moron. Ok so he is just following orders because anybody in thier right mind would not do anything this stupid. And the Americaan Right are the biggest threat to the US… hey give us some money to..

    1. Huh?!!!
      The Right is our ONLY F’ing HOPE, you moron!
      The Democrats and the Whole LEFT need to be EXTERMINATED. COMPLETELY! FOREVER! NOW!

  15. Why is it that liberals and socialist are always willing to give someone else’s money away, but keep their money. We need to keep that money to pay down Biden’s give a way money.

  16. Why are we sending any money to any of those that were mentioned. They are all our enemies in one way to the other. What is going inhere ???? Call you senators and DEMAND they put a stop to these Special Drawing Rights

  17. If we can’t get ammo and guns from Russia we can’t give them no money!
    Also, How much of that money to China is coming back to bidens pocket?
    Let’s hang the Bast***!

  18. LISTEN UP…The BUCK STOPS HERE. PUT a FREEZE on the PURSE STRINGS. ASAP. The MONEY to STAY in the U.S.A. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  19. There is no way us taxpayers should be giving our hard earned money to any of these countries. why? We need this money to stay in our treasury to help pay down the debt for our children. What else is our government giving away that we are not aware of. Who is running this country? Stupid weak Congress. We know by the actions of President Biden he is weak and unable to be trusted ever again. He has ruined our nation by all his Executive Orders open borders Inflation, Critical Race Theory. Relying on foreign oil. Supporting China and Russia over the United States, his putting our nation last in all things,a failure when it comes to Covid because if he really cared he wld not have opened the border and bussed and flew all these illegal diseased people to all the 50 states. He was not legally elected. The dems are trying to keep this virus going so they can cheat again in the next 2 elections because they know for a fact in 2022 we will take back the Congress and the Senate.

  20. I don’t understand this. Why is there a “special drawing rights” program to give money to other countries?? Why don’t THEY (the other countries) give the UNITED STATES money??

  21. This pathetic Old Man Needs to be removed from office him and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

  22. Why is this now coming to light ? We here a lot of crap about pelosey and chuck stuper but what about the repulsicans in congress two weeks before the give away?? Again where is the so called “ right wing” media reporting ?? Finding out about this after the fact isn’t helping anyone. Jus sayin !

  23. Now this idiot supports Taliban. Isn’t that some sh*t. Are we even have a free country by the time he’s out of office?

  24. This is what happens when you are WOKE. All the DEMONCRATS claim to be WOME an as Trump said in last notes rally “ Everything WOKE trims to SHIT”. I agree with President Trumpet

  25. How much longer are we going to put up with this bs. This is treason and all complicit should be treated as such. We all know what we do with traitors.

  26. No money to any foreign country and that includes South America and Mexico! We are not the world bank. Taxpayers put their hard-earned money into this government so that we may be protected and have decent roads and infrastructure. They can pay for their own crap.

  27. send them the “big one” we have it and they are working on one so use ours now before they get theirs done and use it on us.

  28. They got there funds. They have all our equipment, isn’t that enough. Thanks to Joe (dementia) we could get bombed with our own stuff. What a moron so called president.

  29. Stop giving away my tax payer money to other countries. You god dam idiots This is sick. Tired of the government giving out free money to anyone. Stop. We haveAmerican citizens , veterans living in the streets. Under bridges sn you let foreigners come into my country in droves. House them. Feed them. Give the money. You give able body people money to not work when there are jobs all over. Stop this. This administration sucks

  30. No money should be allocated to any country especially China,Russia,and Afghanistan..what a nation of fools we have become.

  31. Pretty predictable since bribing and pay offs are the way to keep themselves
    protected from their own illegal dealings to empower themselves financially
    THIS IS TOTALLY SINFUL!! Should not be on the backs of the American people who are paying the price tag in more ways than could imagine. We are in peril over on our soil for the giving up of our nation to these CCP, corrupt leaders. We have one, too, and he has to go along with his puppeteers.

  32. How stupid can this administration be to let these animals get this money ?
    What other country would give their enemy money like this ?

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