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The Biden Administration, Democrats, and their allies in the media are making a case for war. Immediately following Biden’s inauguration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a national warning about a domestic threat for the first time in its history: 

“Ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,” stated the DHS warning.

The White House spokesman, Jen Psaki, declared that “the rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat.” 

Jake Sullivan stated in his first press conference as Biden’s National Security Advisor that “domestic violent extremists” are a top national security priority.

Who are these “domestic violent extremists?”  Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee provided one definition in a March 2nd tweet:

“In Washington DC on January 6th, where it is alleged that 40,000 protesters were in DC with the mindset to overturn a legitimate election & to kill the Speaker, the Vice President, and Members of Congress, in that instance, only 300 persons have now been arrested and are being prosecuted.” 

In short, the party that encouraged and even bailed rioters out of jail last year, wants peaceful protestors prosecuted for beliefs Democrats say are dangerous.

And according to the Washington Post, Democrats say that Trump supporters are even more dangerous than extremist Muslim terrorists:  

“The Jan. 6 attack has left many lawmakers, and especially Democrats, insisting domestic terrorism has eclipsed the threat from foreign actors such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.”

The reason this appears to be a casus belli is that Democrats who objected when President Bush used powers granted under the Patriot Act to spy on Islamic terrorists now insist on granting greater spy powers for the Biden Administration to pursue American citizens. 

According to the Post, the new mission for Biden’s DHS is to turn its investigative powers “inward” and “protect Americans from other Americans.” An odd choice of policy for a man who ran on “unifying the country.” 

The January 6th riot at the Capitol might seem like a convenient excuse but Democrats have been categorizing their political opposition in stark terms for a long time. In 2011 for example, then Vice-President Biden said that “Tea Party Republicans” were “acting like terrorists.”  

If one is inclined to believe that the Biden Administration’s focus is on just a few violent and racist militias they say are terrorizing the country, recall who else Democrats say are engaged in “systemic racism” – local police departments and county sheriffs.  

Last year while police officers were being shot in Los Angeles, Louisville, and elsewhere, Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were celebrating. Democrats, including Kamala Harris, were raising funds to bail them out of jail, calling for police departments to be defunded, and accusing local police of committing genocide against minorities.  

If last year did not claim enough ironical paradoxes, here is an important one to ponder:

While Democrats were calling Trump supporters dangerous, police departments systemically racist, and painting the nation’s history with disdain, an academic report that was released last summer warned that armed and dangerous left-wing militias were the real threat. 

The “Contagion and Ideology Report,” presented by the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience at Rutgers University, refers to groups such as Redneck Revolt, Antifa, John Brown Gun Club, and a host of others, as “anarcho-socialist extremists.”

These are some of the groups that Democrats describe as “peaceful protestors.” 

The Miller Center is made up of academics and though they call their findings “preliminary” and recommend more investigation, the study produced evidence that contradicts the “peaceful protester” narrative of Democrats and the media.

“We find evidence that violent anarcho-socialist networks played an active online role in preparing for and coordinating real-world riots nation-wide and in real-time,” the report states.

While the Democrats are focusing the nation’s intelligence resources on conservatives, the Rutgers University report provides an ominous warning: 

“These data hint that insurgent behavior, stochastic terror, and even attacks on vital infrastructure may be fomenting, and even indicate the possibility of a mass-casualty event.”

All of this raises serious questions about the motives of Democrats wanting to focus on conservatives who they claim are a threat and ignore left-wing extremists that have participated in the violence. Perhaps Democrats view Antifa as a suitable replacement for the police they are defunding.

Scott Wheeler is an accomplished and diverse investigative reporter having worked in many mediums as a newspaper reporter and editor, as well as chief correspondent for American Investigator Television Magazine. Wheeler has authored two books and has produced 17 television documentaries. At least two times Wheeler’s reports have been on the desk of the President of the United States, sent by Congress with requests for investigation. Wheeler’s work has invoked investigations by national federal agencies, as well as by foreign governments. Wheeler has been a contributor to Forbes Magazine, The Washington Times, The Hill, The Washington Examiner and other publications.


  1. Common sense is becoming increasingly more uncommon. To ignore, or seem to encourage, bail out rioters, then claim they were mostly peaceful, then call 300 out of 40,000 a national security threat seems a little duplicitous. Just saying, there are plenty of us who see this

    1. It serves the Democrats political purposes, just as letting in illegals (some of whom WILL vote and they will vote Democrat), giving statehood to Puerto Rico and DC (more Dems in the Congress), and continuing the pandemic while running up the debt (make more people dependent upon the federal government).

      1. I would not depend the the government for anything. There is a huge debt and the check are not any good!!

  2. What’s frustrating is the democrats are doing this in plain sight while the upper branches of law enforcement isn’t doing anything about it.
    Just like the capital rioters, the FBI knew in advance what was being planned, and did nothing. This was all over the airwaves, and social media.
    As far as another cilvil war, well it’s possible, but I think the far left groups, especially the well armed
    ones have watched to many hollowood movies
    and if s&@t does hit the fan they will back down instantly.

    1. 95% of the people in the DOJ (which includes the FBI) gave to hillary’s campaign in 2016. That should tell you why the DOJ/FBI are one-sided and not to be trusted.

    2. What’s interesting is the time table for coming events. Many people, myself included, believe Harris is going to pull the 25th Amendment Rug out from under Biden. He was ready for the rubber gavel during his campaign, so the element of surprise (or otherwise…) would be minimized. I predicted Biden would get us into wars, and he has not disappointed me. I sent the commissar an email demanding that he cease and desist all efforts to repeal our 2nd Amendment, and that he is not authorized under our Constitution to do so. No response…

      1. I’m so surprised he’s still around. Clearly he’s not able to do the job. He’s even admitted he has no idea what he’s signing. Wonder if Kamala has bothered to un-pack her stuff.

        1. We realize why democrats live so long: If you knew where they were going, you’d hold it off as long as possible.

      2. And, you will not get one, because you are now a peon worker ant in their dictatorship. All you are fit for is to provide tax dollars for their out of control spending to send to our enemies, and to feed, house, medicate and take care of their illegal voters. If you own land, prepare to lose your land and your home, prepare to eat what they dictate for you to eat, the amount you can eat, what you wear, what you can hear, listen to, and every aspect of your lives, all of which will be rationed, and if you exceed your rationing for the month, you and your family will do without until the next months rations. It’s coming, because they cannot allow you to spend your money on yourself, they will control that so that their money that you are suppose to supply for them does not come up short with what they take out of your paychecks every week, and every month, that goes directly to THEIR IRS. You will not have the luxury of being free, the luxury of owning your own life, your own paychecks that you earn. It’s coming, and nobody can see this. This is communism, and this is where all socialism ends up, and it’s not the one big happy social Facebook family that they have indoctrinated our kids into thinking. This is what our troops bled and died to save us from.

      1. Most, with the exception of 1 or 2 are figureheads in black robes who aren’t worth a dime! Traitors of the Constitution and the people.

    3. The s&@t will hit the fan soon. The radicals in the WH and Congress have gone too far. There will be a breaking point and it will be ugly!

    4. Well…I’m a retired Navy commissioned officer…73 years young, and ready to KICK ASS when the time comes! Thank you chain, rocky and Randy!

  3. The leftists are brain dead. If they keep going they will get what they don’t want which is a loss of all jobs in all governments for the leftists. The people will throw them out.

    1. Leftists don’t have a brain to start with. Their entire movement functions by emotional reactions to issues orchestrated, fabricated or embellished by the media and their party officials. You can tell these morons anything, from baloney about the climate to cultural conflagrations, and they’ll jump around like scalded monkeys in response. Liberals are basically an Amen Corner for the implementation of socialism.

  4. The fact being that Before Biden ever took office there was an action of National Security the 6 Jan invasion of the Capitol by those believing a lie started by Trump that the election was stolen, when not one ounce of proof to any voter fraud was actually proven in any way. When an armed group tries to influence any arm of the US Government and they were armed, in every state and in the Federal Law Enforcement laws, anything you have in your hand and in the case of professional fighters their hands or other body parts are considered armed under the law, we have seen that on public television where officers shot someone armed with a knife, baseball bat and in one case crutches. Then the intelligence agencies are reporting that there was enough chatter on the wire to say that another insurrection was about to happen, and possibly would be on 5 March, which di not happen but they are not going to let their guard down.

    1. Hmm. So, if that ‘ounce’ was proven, I’ll bet you would mitigate such proof. Right? This was a coup, and you don’t need to lecture people how they’ll have to prove that.

    2. “not proven” only because the SCOTUS members are too afraid for their own lives & careers to do JUSTICE and determine the proof needed that this “election” was in truth only a selection and installation. President Trump started no lie and stands for TRUTH.

      1. What was also ‘proven’ was a dire need to deploy National Guard Troops around Washington. The democrats figured their coup would stir up anti-Biden protests. That’s how Third World nations conduct their ”elections’.

      2. The SCOTUS FAILED their oaths- all of them – to uphold the Constitution! They all knew there was fraud, plenty of it and should have gotten involved. Too bad they were afraid for their lives for that is no excuse in failing to do their jobs accordingly because they knew at one time or another as judges they could be threatened as it comes with the territory when in public office, nothing NEW, however it still does not give them the right to ignore their responsibilities. It is a sad day in America when its people cannot have a strong, unbiased legal system, especially the highest court of the land!

    3. There was not one Gun of any type taken on the 6th from any of the peaceful Protesters, the only gun taken was an AR on the Day after the 7th. And your Lying your ass off about no Fraud Syates are still Finding Election Fraud. So get off Your High Horse.

  5. The only case that Democrats have for war is TO DEFEND their lying, cheating, stealing, corruption, terrible leadership of our country, and murder of fetuses. They will lose soon because we are still “One nation under God” and we will MAGA!!

    1. Trump had the right idea. Bringing U.S. jobs back from sweatshop countries while trying to seal our borders placed him squarely on the side of the American people. We should still oppose Globalists, and forge American Sovereignty by our own volition.

  6. Insane Pelosi is “poking the bear”who is the sleeping giant. She is too old and feeble to be do this, not a wise woman.

  7. It’s the Nazi’s attack on Jews all over again. Only in this case it’s the democrat machine trying to eradicate the conservative and christians.

  8. NG forces on duty 24/7, 365? Better remedy food services & housing
    Red States recall Units home
    NG units members have other duties, they run business etc
    Get them Home

  9. Joe Biden was put into office via an illegally conducted election, that the courts refuse to take up. A war is certainly underway, with the left systematically flaunting the rule law, abided by a corrupt FBI and DOJ, and a Supreme Court afraid to rule for fear of being packed with Democrat operatives. The left should be targeting Republicans as their true enemy, because they want the rule of law fairly enforced. The Democrats are working to undermine the American justice system, the integrity of elections, and the very borders of this nation, and therefore it’s citizens. The choice seems clear, resist every action of the Biden administration until it is overthrown, by a legally conducted election.

    1. We will not have a country if we wait till the next election. We need to impeach/remove Biden as President for failing to uphold his oath where he promised to protect the US and it people. He has done everything to endanger the lives of Americans by opening up our borders to millions of people, including people with Covid 19 who are allowed to go into American towns and spread the virus and more death to Americans which the US up till now had a pretty good handle on, he has taken away thousands of jobs which are desperately needed now during a pandemic recovery by closing down facilities and allowing immigrants to take further work from us and by endangering the US security with his flawed and unsound foreign policies with China, Russia and the Middle East among many other issues.

  10. What kind of fools do these retarded Congress people ( I use the term ‘people’ very loosely) think we are??? I’ve decided I’m going to TURN this ‘RESIST ‘ BS MOVEMENT AROUND on these progressive socialist demoshits like THEY’VE been doing the last 4 years . I think WE (TRUE AMERICANS ) ALL SHOULD— RESIST WITH WHATEVER IT TAKES ( as they have done ) TO DESTROY THEIR COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY that’s ruining our way of life. OUR COUNTRY isn’t going to become China or Russia !!!!!!!!! Even if it means dying for it .

  11. There is no question. We DO have American terrorists living in the United States. They are called Democrats. Americans (in the know) have been aware of this for two decades or more, now, and it is only getting worse. It is now difficult to find ANY pro American Democrats in Washington, DC – or in most of the state houses around the country. When are the American people going to see this and get rid of this Democrat trash?

  12. I took a nice long drive today past many places I lived over past 90 years , sad I had to do it alone .I went by what was my History teacher In Junior High , He said at one of his talks I f ever one would just put in Fifty Dollars we could pay off our national debt , it was then about 250 Billion ! Now today we are going to Borrow 1.9 Trillion Dollars from whom , China Russia It just shows how low America has went !

  13. That’s exactly why the present administration must be removed. The constitution and bill of rights must be preserved for future generations of Americans. NOT SOCIALISTS!

    1. If we cannot remove them then we must remove ourselves form the union. Article 5 of the Constitution- The Convention of States gives the people the power to seek this with state legislators. We do not need the votes in the House or Senate to achieve this. Every patriot should learn about this way of legally seceding without war!! Our forefathers were geniuses!

    2. So I tried to reply to you, but they are holding up my reply- lord knows why? It is not threatening, lewd or bad language. I agreed with you about the removal of the present administration and then went on to say that there is a way to leave the union without war by means of The Convention of States which is under Article 5 of our Constitution. I then went on to describe what that means and that it gives the people the power to make amendments to our Constitution by state legislators who then get the states to ratify and does not need the House or Senate’s voting approval. Nothing wrong in discussing this…

      1. All this sounds plausible, but you’re talking about lawyers here. Our leadership is comprised of crafty and experienced advocates who can shower opponents with so much Latin, you’d think Caesar’s Cabinet was reincarnated on Capitol Hill. These people can convince their opponents that 2+2=15, with conviction! (How do you think they’ve been able to convince their sheep about “Climate Change’, while they cavort about aboard luxury jets?) What these crafty devils cannot withstand is a mob of vengeful constituents marching toward their thrones, with the goal of wrapping a rope around their necks. There was a very good reason why Numb Nuts activated the National Guard to protect his coronation ceremony, but no amount of Latin, or passels of armed troops, will forestall the resolve of a determined and righteous militia of fed up gentry.

  14. How about the leftist riots coast to coast for more than a half year? Even leftist attorneys threw Molotov cocktails, burning a police car. Now they’re trying to excuse their conduct. Outrageous. People killed, cities burned, weapons used, etc. No weapons on Jan. 6, except for one used by police. Disgusting double standards.

  15. Democrats think it’s ok for Antifa and BLM to Riot and burn our cities down but soon as people go after the useless Democrats working in congress all of sudden it becomes a great big Deal.

  16. Those “extremists ” you turncoats are eluding to are pissed off Americans, who are sick and tired of the corruption and double standards…..You want a war?….becareful what you wish for…..


    1. “You want a war?” They’ve got a war! Numb Nuts sent our beleaguered troops to Syria, and they’re going to be sent to Iran. I’m quite sure those smirking, spineless liberals will finagle some means to avoid their involvement in these skirmishes.

  17. Maybe the Democrats should take a good look in the mirror. There, they will see the exact thing that everyone hates, or are disenfranchised with. You, yourselves invite such outcome.

  18. Hmmm, the question was asked by one of our legislators was who are these Domestic Terrorists ? Well the answer to that question is easy . Just about 90% of our Legislators and elected officials with a big “D” after their name . And Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the biggest threats . All one need do is look at the radical changes Democrats have or are pushing through in order to advance their agendas . They are changing this nation into a socialist/Communist society from our government of for the people and by the people . That alone smacks of Treason .

  19. The Demonicraps accomplished that a long , long time ago, they’re just displaying it more and more !

  20. Democraps senile Biden, lying Kamala, crazy Pelosi, wimpy Schumer, dumb-dumb SJL and nitwit AOC illustrate the lack of leadership shown by the donkey poop party!

  21. Just a move by the democratic to stage a coup to take over the government and installing their Marxism/communist form of government by using the military as their police force to insure no one can stop them especially after they take away our right to arm ourselves the same as they have already taken away the right to free speech and religion

  22. So, according to the democrats, peaceful protests as opposed to their orchestrated. planned and paid for riots this past summer that burned down OUR businesses, killed and maimed police, killed our citizens and even babies, is perfectly okay. And, the fact that they bailed them out, even those who killed innocent people and babies, and they declared none were violent, I guess by democrat terrorist standards, and NONE of them are even being prosecuted. They call the January 6th protest was a terrorist attack when they planned and orchestrated that one, too, so they could blame it on Trump so they could execute the 2ND impeachment. They provided the fodder and they provided the Antifa rioters with Trump hats and signs. And call it worse than ISIS.

    So, did anyone in America hear of them beheading anybody and hanging their bleeding heads and bodies on a pole for all to see? I didn’t hear the police or the lousy FBI, or the lousy DOJ give any gory details of bloody knives and pole hangings. I didn’t hear of cars being set on fire, businesses set on fire, but the people that were breaking windows and ramming the fences had the exact MO that I saw on TV this past summer in Oregon, Michigan, and all the other states that had their cities burned down by the communist Antifa and BLM professional anarchists who bragged and admitted to being professionally trained for insurrection and terrorism to invade and take down a country with for their treason. And, Kamala Harris, all the dems praised them, patted them on the backs, bailed them out of jail, and no one has, and will not, be prosecuted for their murders and for killing the babies and the police. They are told what they did was a badge of honor. They are loyal to their agenda not our country, this makes them terrorists.

    Every act of hate and crime, and treason was perpetrated by the democrat party in the year 2020, which all began in the year 2016 clear through to this day. Now that they have their stolen absolute power and absolute control over us, their treason is being legislated into laws to make their treason legal so they can destroy us and our country, and no one will be able to stop them,
    because they have made themselves above and exempt from the law, and made themselves too powerful, and all their corruption, fraud, and treason they are making it legal and no one can stop them, EXCEPT the coming of Jesus Christ. Remember this Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, WaPo, Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter, rappers, China, and all of you who know who you are.


  24. The democrats declared war on the American people a long time ago. It is just now when they have lost the support of most of the people that they have made it obvious and have stepped up their attacks.

  25. Question: being that WDC is the number one target for a nuclear tipped missile from our enemies, how is that fence going to prevent that ? Don’t the caged zoo animals realize that if there is an emergency configuration, rescue teams and medics can’t get in ? But, that is the best way to get rid of Congress.

  26. The left never got over losing the Civil War and their slaves, and they have plotted against America ever since. They booed God out of their convention and have been making deals with the devil ever since, using tactics an honest person would reject even thinking about. The left has endorsed breaking the 10 commandments in their singular lust for power and influence for their party. The 2020 election fiasco was the deal-breaker and the American people, all of them must hold the left accountable, no matter whose feathers get ruffled, or how long it takes.

  27. The Demon-cratic party declared war on America back n the 1920s, when they were first taken over by Soviet-aligned Communists. They were just more careful, and not so brazen back then because they knew they couldn’t get away with the sorts of shenanigans they’re trying to pull on us now.

  28. Remember when Alex Jones said that there were secret meetings of a globalist organization called the NWO (New World Order)? The networks, Big Tech, and the New York Times LAUGHED at this “Conspiracy Theory.” Biden has now admitted that his primary concern is for the globalists and THEN America. He, Schumer, Pelosi and major Democrats should be on trial for violating their oaths of office–TREASON. That’s why BLM and Antifa have been so handy to burn our cities, diverting America’s attention from the DNC and Deep State. Next is undermining the American dollar to digitalize our currency like the CCP. Then all financial transactions can be overseen by the government. This is their Declaration of War. Obama and Hillary thought this was a fait accompli by the 2016 election. Then they were surprised by Trump’s election. They are traitors.

  29. They stole the election the invaded the WH.
    No one is above the law.
    Today MUST sue Nancy Pelosi for gross negligence causing the wrongful dead of Ashli Babbit in the Capitol riot, she was unarmed, who gave those orders to the the Capitol police to shot an unarmed person without first giving prior notice of that they will be shooting at them , violating the law.
    No one is above the Law not even the POTUS, Nancy fired the experienced Capitol chief of police days before the riots and placed an inexperienced person to be in charge, refused the offer from the POTUS TRUMP to have 10,000 troops to stop riots in DC, there are multiple videos that show how the Capitol Police let the rioters in the Capitol and also guide them to the chambers then inside to ambush them and gun down an innocent person.
    We The People want the Law to be upheld even to everyone, no one is above the LAW.
    Now the say the Capitol police that shot Babbit is in hiding who is helping him to do so, and why they haven’t open an investigation!!!.

  30. Does it not seem that the Left is declaring those at the Capitol on Jan. 6 as “domestic terrorists”, yet the only gun used was by a Capitol police officer who shot and killed an unarmed veteran female? And the other 4 who died, did so of ‘natural’ causes. Then initially the FBI stated it was “pre-planned’ with pipe bombs, etc. set up at least a day before, that Antifa and BLM were also involved! NOW the FBI says it was ‘domestic terrorists’ who stormed the building with intentions of killing Pence, Pelosi and other Congressional leaders? Wait just a minute, my grandma used to say “Who is the pot calling the kettle black” ?….Not a racist remark, yet one meant to convey the stove pot, was calling the stove kettle…black, which most were at that time! And the FBI seems to have changed the narrative to ‘domestic terrorists’ from their previous pronouncement.
    WELL me thinks that this change in narrative is so Nancy and her cronies can declare the Capitol under siege by ‘barbed wire and the National Guard”, just to reinforce their FAUX premise. Sounds a lot like the BS they tried to throw at Trump for 4 years….misinformation and FAKE News! It is time to get the GOP moving on reopening the PEOPLE’s Capitol building…and get to the bottom of this nonsense. Our country demands for the center of Congress to remain open and not closed to the public. Do you see any ‘domestic terrorists’ roaming about DC? NO, because there are none and the Dems have made it all up to ‘smoke screen’ the truth. Who is taking Nancy to task for NOT providing security on Jan.6? GOD help us or this Republic will be ‘squashed’ by those haters of America.

  31. The dumocrats opened war when they restricted free speech, illegally elected the president, illegally opened the border, stopped the wall construction, stopped the pipeline construction, called the bail out money a virus stimulus when less than 10% goes to the people and 90% is demo pork, and the list goes on and on.

  32. Well it’s pretty much evident that the Left shoulld be held for insurrection as they are the ones inciting the riots. Where’s the fake news when you need them.

  33. Right out of Hitler’s Play book. Accuse the other side of being dangerous (Jews) and then use his “Brown Shirts” = Antifa, BLM to attack them. While telling the public they were being protected from attack. Same with MARX / Stalin. We are being lied too at every turn while the Democraps take us down with be trying to scare us with their THUGS. If the fight starts, What is the LEGAL LIMIT on THUGS? UNLIMITED or until you run out of ammo! Good won’t have to count or tag them.

  34. Where is the evidence that threats were made to kill the speaker, the vice president and members of congress?? I’m talking about real evidence, not the made up crap that is spilling out of the chicken shit democrats. I would caution them about wanting to go to war, they know not what they ask for. This country is fed up with this socialist swing to the extreme left and out of control spending. We were doing just fine before this last election, which by the way was as illegal as illegal can be. Someday the truth will set you free and all traitors will be exposed. Biden is only a puppet, god only knows who is pulling the strings. I suspect the border problem will have a large impact on the upcoming turmoil. Just sayin, my interpretation from my morning news reports.

  35. The iberal dem bloodskcing parasitical tiks are rubbbing the showpoish off of their toes now standing so lose to civil war.


    1. Learn who owns the WA Post, you’ll better understand why they’re so extremely biased. He’s the same owner whose social media website has been banning/censoring conservative speech.

  37. Conservatives need to stand back and wait while they self destruct! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

  38. PRR, Reading, Baltimore&Ohio, Seaboard Line, Chicago Rock Island and Pacific, Kansas Oklahoma and Texas (KATY), Union Pacific, Northern Pacific, St. Louis& Santa Fe combined with Burlington Northern (BNSF), Kansas City Southern, L&N (Louisville and Nashville) , Durango and Silverton, and Southern Pacific say TOOT, TOOT here comes the railroad!

  39. Here it comes, you Politicians vindictively persecuted the former president because your own Hillary was not elected ( “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” ). You cannot be satisfied with your election win with Biden and the name calling and schism continue and the Biden promised “unity” tanked with his forty or so Presidential edicts that opened the border to bring in illegals while punishing Citizens with restrictions and destroying the economic progress of a new pipeline from Canada to Texas Refineries shutting down jobs and satellite industries. Bad decisions and the suffering of middle class America will be your legacy so here it comes, the Railroading of the American way of life. Be sure to collect your lobbyist kickbacks and go on junkets to Hawaii and Italy while funding Iran in its Terrorist Schemes. I’d ask the American Representative to Benghazi , Libya but he hasn’t talked since 2012. I have to cope with the rising price of gasoline and the dwindling value of the dollar with the vast printing of fiat money to pay for all the useless insanity we have seen. Like Joe South said “Walk a mile in my shoes ” too. I am on fixed pittance retirement income so this is the last I can say, Joe

  40. There is a quiet undertone to America right now. The first 6 months are transitional, to say the least. The test will be if Joe lives that long, or is able to stay in office that long. The Dems will begin to implode and turn on each other without stimulus from the GOP. This summer will tell the tale of who is rolling over and who is not. There will be a LOT who will not. God help u all if things get as violent this summer as last.

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