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Once again, the Democrats’ much-ballyhooed fear of so-called dark money failed to materialize, further proving their latest boogeyman is a figment of their imagination.

The proof that money in politics failed to buy votes lies with congressional Democrats’ abysmal performances in high-profile races.

As Dan Backer, writing for the Washington Examiner, explains:

The response to this is predictable. From ESPN to NPR and local news outlets across the country, the left-leaning media continues to reinforce the false premise that votes are bought and sold — whoever spends the most, wins the most.

They fail to mention that reported President-elect Joe Biden amassed an unprecedented war chest in his campaign against President Donald Trump. Moreover, Democrat-align groups flooded the airwaves in battleground states. At the same time, a telling phenomenon appeared in down-ballot races, too.

In Maine, Democratic challenger Sara Gideon more than doubled Republican Sen. Susan Collins’s overall fundraising numbers, raising over $63 million since launching her campaign last summer. Collins, on the other hand, raised about $25 million over the last two years. Who won? Collins defeated Gideon by 9 points despite trailing in polls leading up to Election Day.

In South Carolina, the third quarter saw Democrat Jaime Harrison raise more than any other Senate candidate in U.S. history in his attempt to unseat Sen. Lindsey Graham. On the eve of the election, Harrison had poured more than $52 million into TV and digital ads, compared to Graham’s $19 million. Graham won by double digits.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who raised $30 million less than his Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, still won by 20 points. McConnell, long the Senate’s fiercest defender of political speech, would later dismiss a question about voter fraud in his race by opining, “I don’t know — at the risk of bragging, it wasn’t very close.”

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1 year ago

There was plenty of ‘dark money’ alright:
It seems Dominion Voting Machines was BOUGHT OUT by 2 Chinese companies for $400 million just months before the election.
That gives Trump EVERY RIGHT to investigate foreign influence in our election