Voter skepticism of politicians remains high, according to a new survey released Friday yet President Donald J. Trump gets high marks for keeping the promises he made in his first run for the White House. According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, nearly half of all voters believe he “has delivered more than most” on the pledges he made in 2016.

The survey, conducted by telephone and online, found general disappointment widespread with elected officials when it came to them doing what they said they would do when running for office. Just 16 percent of those surveyed viewed successful candidates as promise keepers while a whopping 70 percent said they were not with the remaining 14 percent undecided on the question.

Rasmussen Reports called the results “a noticeable improvement” over voters’ response to the question in previous years. In November 2009, the first year the question was posed, only 4 percent of those surveyed said winning politicians “kept their campaign promises.”

Trump fares better than most in this latest poll. Of the voters who participated, 45 percent said they believed he “has kept his campaign promise more than most presidents,” up from 38 percent in a March 2018 survey.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats were more critical of Trump than Republicans, with 66 percent saying Trump had kept his promises “less than most presidents” while 68 percent of Republicans said he’d kept them more. Nearly half of the unaffiliated voters in the survey, 47 percent, sided with the GOP.

Overall, Democrats are “a lot more likely” than either Republicans or independents to believe politicians follow through on their campaign commitments after they are elected. Just 14 percent of those in the GOP and 9 percent of unaffiliated voters believe most politicians can be counted on to govern on the platform they ran on compared to 23 percent of Democrats who agreed with the statement.

The lack of confidence the American electorate has in Washington is probably explained to a considerable degree by these numbers. Neither party finds the political class trustworthy.

The results should be a boon for Trump who, according to every recent national survey, is trailing Joe Biden by as much as double-digits in their battle for the presidency. In his speech accepting his party’s nomination Thursday night, the former vice president seems to say repeatedly he wanted voters to base their vote on how they felt about the character of the men running for the nation’s highest office.

In a contest of competence versus character, a theme likely to underscore the GOP fall campaign, Trump may have a narrow lead. Among voters who think most politicians don’t keep their campaign promises, 48 percent said “Trump is doing better than most presidents” while 38 percent disagreed.

The survey of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted August 18-19, 2020 by Rasmussen Reports and has a +/- 3 percent sampling error at a 95 percent level of confidence.

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Peter Roff is affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations and is a former U.S. News and World Report contributing editor who appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.


  1. Oh, so E-Verify is now law with stiff penalties if violated? And annual legal immigration rates are lawfully bound not to exceed 100,000? No!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The most typical American President of late. A liar about reforming the most destructive policies to the US, IMMIGRATION! Like his most recent predecessors, Trump is bent on destroying the US.

    1. Trump has faced unprecedented opposition by the corrupt Leftist
      Democrat Establishment Elite, RINOs, Deep State, and still (at least partially) delivered on all his promises.

      Give him another 4 years with the backing of a majority of MAGA supporters in all levels of Government and we will enjoy the greatest prosperity the World has ever known.

    2. To Richard I’m at a loss how to answer your BS statement. You are obviously a watcher of CNN or MSNBC or some other anti Trump or never Trumper information propaganda crap and lie place. People like you never change your tune no matter how much truth I can give you. I will just advise you to try searching for the truth somewhere other than where you have been looking.

      1. Idiocy and ignorance are incapable of “looking”…Fortunately, due to the obvious malice and calumny of the corrupt MSM, except for those severely stricken with TDS, more “dormant” brain cells are being awakened to the perils of a win by the “establishment”…Hopefully enough so that the DNC will be obliterated in November…

    3. Please tell us how you think our great President Trump is hell bent on destroying the US. If Socialist DemoRats would work with instead of against him, the US would be running like a well oiled machine. But no, all they do is try to dig up dirt that isn’t there and are doing absolutely nothing to make out country and its citizens safe and prosperous. President Trump doesn’t even take his salary. He donates it. Now, please answer my question that is in the first sentence.

      1. He along with the Democrats are living in a fantasy of their own making validated by the fake MSM & social media companies. People like Richard mimic Biden in that he pokes his head out from time to time,takes his fingure puts it in his mouth, holds it in the air and then determins his next sound bite.

  2. I am amazed that Trump actually has tried to keep all his promises.

    The only promise the Obomination tried to keep was to “Fundamentally Change America” for the worst.

    1. These polls make me laugh, all of you commenting on this article, have you been polled? Nooooo, they just collect the ones they want and skew the other ones just to make it look like Trump is losing. Bwahahahahaha! we will see Nov 3rd. until then they can wipe their asses with those polls.

  3. Used to be once the elections was over the loser would work with the new president, this has not happened, Hillary self anointed herself as queen before the results was in, after spending billions on her campaign, all the promises she made to her donors never happened, its a wonder her and Bill are still alive, since then her and the DNC have tried everything to tear down Trump, nothing has worked, it never will, Democrats even turned to Antifa and BLM for help who are Marxist and the communist to make Trump look bad but its backfired in their face. MEGA.

  4. Despite the Enemy from within – We have sunken into a society of Envy, Hate, and constant Resistance at any cost – even the deliberate destruction of the economy fueled by the Mainstream Media.

  5. Biden wants respect and character in the White House? He better say out then. He cheated with Jill when he was married, and Jill cheated on her husband. Jills husband (X)… has a story to tell.

  6. A Democrat operative is telling all about the massive voter fraud operation deployed to rig elections for Democrats through paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots.

  7. No president, or politician, in modern history, has been treated like our wonderful, great president. He has been a president for all Americans, and yet they curse him,lie about him,threaten him,want to destroy him, do u honestly believe GOD will let that happen, HE won’t, HE will be protected, and again u will be the losers.LORD bless our president, protect him, and his family, watch over all of us believers.

    1. The Warren Act was rescinded during G.W.’s term and the likes of Pelosi, Shuler, Nadler, Schiff et al voted unanimously in favour…Trump is needed for another two terms to clean up the “mess”…and term limits should be imposed on all other elected offices…

    2. Trump is not a career politician. He will be in public office for eight years at the most. He has nothing to gain personally by his service. No matter what happens now he will always have been the 45th President of the United States. He is working to preserve the United States and and the welfare of American citizens.

  8. We have to make sure that the voting by mail and absentee voting is legal. If Trump loses by a small majority, someone needs to recheck the votes before 1/20/21. Pelosi is locked and loaded to become the next president if the votes arent all counted by then. She is about as crooked as Shitty Schiff. They are already to impeach Trump the minute he winds. They also arae going/trying to take Mike Pompeo out. They are working on it already. The Dems are so corrupt, they will do “ANYTHING”. TO WIN. THEY HAVE ALL GONE CRAZY. THIS ONLY SHOWS, 2 MONTHS OUT THAT THE CORRUPTION IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS HUGE. THEY WANT THE COMPLETE RULE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE USA..THEY WILL BE BUSY CONVESCATING ALL OF OUR HOMES. WE WILL HAVE THEM TAKEN AWAY BY FORCE IF NECESSARY. THEY ALREADY WARNED PEOPLE IN PORTLAND THEY WOULD BE BACK FOR THEIR HOUSE AND THE OWNERS BE READY TO MOVE OUT WITH NOTHING. THERE IS BUT ONE OPTION LEFT THEN AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT I WONT SAY IT.

  9. I do not find politicians on the whole to be trustworthy, But I also not not find political polls to be reliable.

  10. Here is how bad Democrat voters are:
    If Trump told them that the glass contained arsenic poison and they should not drink it, but Biden told them it would make them feel super, they would drink it and die.

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