All of a sudden…

Thousands of years after the founding of medicine, doctors in Australia have decided to rename parts of the human anatomy for not being “woke enough.”

It’s unclear when this purge for human body parts named after “men, kings, and gods” will come to America, but make no mistake; it will come sooner or later.

Leftists never stop trying to move the goalposts. With that in mind, here are the human body parts that are now considered “misogynistic” and “irrelevant” by overly sensitive, under medicated health care professionals. Which one is the most outrageous? Let us know in the comments below!

(H/T the Brisbane Courier-Mail)


Dr. Kristin Small claims the phrase hysterectomy (the surgical removal of the uterus) is sexist, because it implies women are hysterical, or something.

Pfannensteil Incision

Stockholm via Wikimedia Commons

Small’s problem with the name of this surgical procedure? It honors the memory of the dead white man who invented it: Hermann Johannes Pfannenstiel — oh, the humanity!

Achilles Tendon

BruceBlaus via Wikimedia Commons

Small and her comrades find the Achilles tendon insufferably misogynistic. After all, its name derives from the mythological Greek warrior, Achilles. Talk about toxic masculinity!

Funny Bone

Alright, alright, the funny bone isn’t an official term and hasn’t caught Small’s ire yet. But we figured she’d find it offensive too because liberals have no sense of humor.

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1 year ago

This one is. Hysterical with a severe dose of PC disease.

A. D Roberts
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikey

The entire point of this woman’s rant is the same as the drive to destroy ALL statues and monuments across the nation. It is a drive that communists use when trying to force communism on the citizens. After all. They “konw” best what is good for us. And the idea is to destroy EVERYTHING that is not communism. God help us.

1 year ago

Didn’t Australia also change the name ‘manhole’ into ‘ femalehole’?

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

Maybe a hole

1 year ago

Some people are so ‘woke’ they have become severely ignorant.