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There’s a new provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that would require women as well as men to register for draft service. Men for years have been forced to register for the draft while women have not. This proposal would put women on the front lines — all in the name of equality.

Here are the Republican senators who either voted during a recent committee hearing to draft women or voted ‘not present’ as a way to avoid responsibility by not taking a real stand on the issue, according to Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) these are the biggest cowards in the Senate GOP:


    1. Agreed. Look at all the Congressmen of the last forty years that avoided the draft with educational deferments or medical waivers. They have nothing to worry about!

      1. Nope, we went to war to protect our Nation, Our way of life, and to be able to Feed our women and children…. The demons have all but Destroyed the first two….

    2. There is no such thing as equality in every single thing!..Life was NOT created that way and you all know it!!…This insanity is pushing against humanity, sane minds, biology and decent people!

    3. If you want to require that everyone perform two years if paid public service between the ages of 18 and 25, that’s one thing. But females should not be drafted and sent abroad.

    4. But we should only draft those so called women whom are of the dumb ass woke crowd. Put their asses on the front lines. Then that way when their cowardice treasonous lyingest dumb asses run from the fight we can Honorably shoot them in the face So as not to permit them to return home.
      That’s my opinion an I’ll stand by it.

      1. What a brilliant idea! Take take all the women who behaved badly in BLM and Antifa, and instead of jail time, give them military time

      2. An interesting concept. When I reported to the Armed Forces for duty, the drill sergeants exclaimed: ‘Welcome, all you jailbirds!’ I was drafted, but we became well aware that a significant number of our platoon mates were offered the alternative: ‘Either jail or the Service!’ QED Take the militant Antifa and BLM babes, draft them and send them to Afghanistan or Guantanamo.

  1. Women should be subject to the draft. I favor requiring the draft to include women. And I’d like to see the draft reactivated.

    1. I wouldn’t like to see women drafted, but I would very much like to see their faces if they’re required to register, then watch Numb Nuts get us into a shooting war. You’ll see unwed and married female pregnancy rates skyrocket. As you may be aware, the media has depicted females as superior soldiers, who would deploy into combat zones on equal footing with their male counterparts. Military commanders are discovering that those depictions are complete (Liberal..) fabrications.

      1. It is because men can’t keep things where they should be when women are around them in all situations- worse if in war! Women, if trained well, would be superior they have had to become superior in most things these days, because guys have decided to be gay & stupid instead because they can’t handle real life!!! Woman have done it all any way even though it would not be right to force them to have to go to war leaving the children behind or not taken care of- because men can’t take care of the nation or us or the kids anymore!! Come ON GUYS…where are the real men anymore? Get with it guys and become MEN again instead of fruit loops and take care of business and this country!

        1. The problem with women in the military stems from the environment comprised of thousands of young, horny, uncouth males trying to garner the attention and affections of females, who are a distinct minority. I had to fly down to March AFB to pick up one of our flight operations specialists, who attempted suicide after he was rejected by a female cohort. Morale problems aside, women are women. They’re basically a pain in the butt, and our military forces are discovering this trait more and more. (Of course, any mention of this particular trait by a male soldier is a career-ending act.) The Supreme Court agrees with this assessment, though they employed enough Latin to skillfully dodge a more candid acknowledgement of these facts.

      2. The Good Lord made it abundantly clear that women are not, repeat NOT the same as men. End of discussion. Anyone that thinks so is in for a disastrous fall. Their minds have different patterns of thought, their bodies different functionalities and their souls different imperatives. Their emotionality rises and falls like the waves of the sea.

    2. Yes, mandatory military service being halted was one of this country’s biggest mistake, It gave birth to all of these lost snowflakes

      1. I grew up military and it was great as a teaching tool, but I would NOT want my daughter or anyone’s to be forced into Boot Camp and war! That is for the men to
        do, even though they lack the wherewith all these days to be strong men! Too many fruit lops and gay nonsense floating about!! That said, that is what will go into the military as ‘women’ — the gay women who would just as soon beat a guy down as look at him! So that is safe, but the rest of us….if you guys want women, wives, and mothers for your children- you better make sure they never are in the military as a soldier and on the front lines or you will never ever have anything in this life again that resembles a normal life with a woman…we will change into hardened copies of men and that would be against humanity and as GOD created us to be!

    3. Yep, an activated Draft is the tool to make one mature, although I’m not sure Basic Training is as tough as it was when I or my Parents served….

      1. I went through USAF Boot Camp at Lackland AFB, Texas (July 1972), and it was not half as bad as earlier troops experienced. We had “Black Flag Days”, which were designated by temperatures, where we would not be required to march, or engage in other physical tasks. We had the Good Cop/Bad Cop version of D.I.s, and the basic mood of the staff was that the Vietnam Conflict was winding down, so we would probably be discharged before our class graduated.

  2. There is a method to the madness. Women would be made truck drivers, cooks, clerks, even journalists and broadcasters, so the men could serve in the combat arms – Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and combat engineers.

    1. Me with 28 years of military service… Women should serve in any role they can physically qualify for, including pilots, combat snipers, and infantry. Some women may not be able to physically meet the requirements of some jobs. But in the modern army its brains and not so much brawn that is needed to use the complex and powerful weapons systems. That said, if your job is to lift a 105 round and you can’t do it it is not the job for you.

      1. 105mm round ? one hand,, 155mm round, okay, Two hands,…. let em heft a few 8″ rounds, as I have done back in the day…. two hundred and four pounds each…. and yes a 125 pound gun bunny Can do it, I did at 18 years, generally it is done by two, but guess what? if your buddy gets shot you gotta step up, the gun has to eat or you ALL DIE….

      2. You might confine your argument to the Draft. The Supreme Court absolved women from having to register, so the point is moot. The only reason women are functioning in many military positions is because the physical requirements for those duties were adjusted to accommodate them, in conjunction with other qualifications for technical specialties. One more aspect of this issue concerns legal resources for military females. Check how many times private lawyers have sued the military to resolve ‘discrimination’, ‘sexual harassment’, and other gender-specific issues. It looks like lawyers were the ones who pushed girls into the military…..

    2. That is NOT what they are talking about Ken!…they are talking about women– all women on the front lines with you guys…NO that will NOT work! Not should it!

  3. Duh! Not present or voted for the draft! Which was it? Or is it too complicated to determine yes or no for the draft?

  4. The first women to be forced to the draft must be all the ones that voted for joKe, they should be the first ones to volunteer …

  5. Why not? They want to be equal. They said that they can do anything that a man can do. But they can’t piss against a wall or get laid with their pants on.

    1. The operative phrase is ‘can do’. What women want is a title, but the actual physical work will not be performed by females. Soldiering is not a glamorous or desirable profession when the enemy is determined to extinguish your existence. The Military Draft is an acknowledgement of this fact, and serves to ensure that our fighting forces are staffed with competent and physically capable troops. What women will do when the stark reality of their imminent demise is apparent during actual combat or other dangerous tasks is finagle their way out of those environments, currently by getting pregnant. As I pointed out, the Supreme Court tacitly confirmed this trait of females, and gave them an out from involuntary exposure to such conditions. Even the women who volunteer to engage in combat zones will quickly learn to avoid the less desirable combat environments.

  6. Females want to be equal to.males; so, they should sign up. For decades now, females have been in the millatary, including being officers. This would include transgenders too.

      1. Kmbold True and this is part of the “equal” part! But today’s women’s libber does want to be just like a man. They want in a man’s locker room, they want to play hockey and football and baseball in men’s leagues. But they still want the car door opened and they still don’t want to fight on the front lines – why not? Do you not believe in dying for the freedoms that you asked for?

    1. It’s not really about the quality. Everyone should be required to serve their country in some capacity like domestic Peace Corps or the military. Give back to your country because America will be there for you for decades. We live in a great country. Discipline, responsibility, duty, teamwork, etc. all of these would be learned by the young if everyone according to their abilities, required to serve their fellow Americans.

      1. Nobody is saying military service for all. If your number doesn’t come up for the draft then you don’t serve. If it comes up, you are part of the fabric of society and want equality, which I agree with, so you can’t pick and choose which things you want to be considers equal for. You don’t get to eat at the table unless you helped hunt, gather or cook the food.

        1. “…military service for all…” Once the BIG ONE commences, you’ll have to eat those words, along with K Rations, also known as MREs. Wars cost lives; hundreds of thousands of lives. Those casualties need replacing, and as a protracted shooting conflict (Such as Vietnam) results in plane and shiploads of those metal coffins arriving stateside, this aspect of conflict will be abundantly clear. You’ll also discover that many potential warriors will be reluctant to deploy into combat zones. (The retired Lifer Non-Com Poops I was forced to work with would regale us with their tales of battle, and try to convince us that they personally won the Vietnam War all by themselves. Few of them were near combat zones.) These people use standardized methods to disqualify themselves for combat specialties, or simply being inducted into the military. It takes a very special kind of patriot to step up and fight for our cause. They’ll know they’re expendable, and they could be maimed or killed in horrible ways, or tortured by the enemy in squalid POW camps. Women know they’ll be portable R&R for both our soldiers and their captors. They’ll also know how to avoid such inconveniences, and employ their unique means to effect a discharge or rotation to a non-combat locale:

          That means being their getting pregnant.

          Currently, those women are refining that means, particularly within our naval forces. If they’re facing a deployment to an actual war, where death is more likely than survival, they’ll be donning short skirts and lace panties soon enough.

  7. You are quite mistaken to think that women should be drafted into the military! It is not womanly in the least to be forced to do battle with and against men, despite the ubiquitous “battle of the sexes”. This is an attempt to alter the innate nature of women, whose biology signifies for most of them, whether they are aware of it or not, childbearing and peaceable nurturing of their young within marriage. Just as they are reaching the age of seeking out a suitable mate they would be trained to “kill people and break things”. I write this as the mother of a girl who chose and was accepted at a military academy and flew jets. She was not eligible to go into combat at that time, thank God. Those who sense a call can join. Others would be lost beyond words in such an environment and should not be subject to a draft or any edict imposed on them by a Godless government.

  8. What the hell is wrong. you want equal showers you want equal bathrooms ‘ you want equal outcomes regardless of talent. Women are already in the military so what is the big deal.

  9. There is nothing wrong with anyone signing up for the draft. If it’s just signing a piece of paper like my son did. Doesn’t mean there going any where. They just register. Remember they still have to pass a physical.

    1. There are different physical standards for men and women, to the disgust of many men. Standards are lower for women. They may try harder but they can’t carry the same load as men. Not good. Of course if the battlefield is at a computer controlling a killer drone none of this matters.

      1. One of my Friends, Actually a co-worker of my wife, can out-lift any man I have Ever met…. she was at 1003# on the dead-lift…. she does Compete…. and has the trophies to back it up…. but at 60 years old couldn’t be in the Military, I am just Proud that I can lift a 5.7 chebby engine at 66…. not going far with it but I can, get it on the bench, to Repair , Mary Barra’s cheap Junk…

    2. There is no draft in effect as of now. With girly men as they are maybe it is up to the manly women to step up.

  10. But WHY? Women can ALREADY join if they so desire, become soldiers as they wish and if they make the cut. But the DRAFT for women makes no sense to me. For there are plenty of women who have no desire whatsoever to serve in the military. A draft for women, forcing women to enlist under the GUN is worthy of a tyrant like Comrade Stalin or Chairman Mao.

    1. Because Men, Especially the Mouthy ones seem to NOT join when the bullets are flying, they HAVE to be Drafted

  11. It would have been better if you had found out how they actually voted. Not present or voted for is not journalism. It’s bogus hype.

  12. I’m all for it. They pushed for “equality”, which I believe in – I was raised by a single mother who worked. This isn’t an equality except for this and that type of equality. If you want equality then this is part of it! Been a Republican all my life. Just like gay people who wanted marriage…bring it on because they can go through a life-altering divorces too and lose 70% of everything you ever worked for and have to pay alimony for the rest of your life. Equality- there you go!

  13. Women need to hold up the home front during an all out war, and give our solders a reason to fight and come home to. period.

  14. What’s good for the goose, women want equal “everything” so this is part of it.——-I’m not sure REAL women want to play soldier, but the empty barrels haven’t been challenged

  15. Maybe that is not a bad thing…. These idiot, liberal snot nosed punk, lazy brats should be drafted into the military. Maybe that would straighten them up, teach them responsibilities and structure, team work and all the other benefits of our country’s military .

  16. Why should women not be drafted like men, the all volunteer forces has proven that women are as good as men in the military in all aspects of the military operation. To treat women as if they are not as good as men as has been done through the centuries which in ways make them 2nd class citizens

  17. It doesn’t mean anything, anyway. For the last 50 years we’ve been getting the ” feminist” mantra pounded into our heads, now let them get true “equality.” So they would have to fill out a post card at the USPS, and then never hear anything again, just like the men do. In a worst case scenario…if ” drafted “…just don’t go. It worked for bill clinton, didn’t it?

  18. I don’t support drafting women into the military for any MOS other than medical personnel or clerical work.

  19. I don’t consider them cowards – that is a ridiculous label. Registering and serving are two different things. In Israel, young women are required to serve one year. Let’s then use registration ID for voting!

    1. You’re artfully dodging a certain topic: Israeli commanders are trying to convey to their liberal leaders how useless those female soldiers are, and how they’re injured during their duties well beyond the rates of male soldiers. As we’re well aware, a similar media dominance between America and Israel results in an egalitarian coterie of apologists conjuring up lame excuses for these findings.

  20. Since my time in the military, I’ve believed that every American should serve their country. A two year commitment, pick the ages say 18 to 25. A domestic Peace Corps, or something like it, or the military. Everyone to the best of their abilities.

    1. The military anymore is rife with politics, backbiting, drunks, brown-nosers and barracks lawyers. That environment is not conducive to a satisfying career. Add speech codes, fraternization and a general cultural malaise forming among disparate personalities, and you’ve soured the esprit de corps and unit cohesion necessary to bolster a fighting force. We can’t even win wars against people who don’t fight back. Don’t expect any conflict with China to be a cake walk.

  21. Women sure as hell want everything else the country has.
    what makes them special as to avoid being drafted.

    1. Equate Socialism with the Moral of the Little Red Hen. Socialist wait until all the roads are paved, all the buildings are constructed, all the wars are fought and the economy is thriving. They then insinuate themselves into power, and cajole those who didn’t participate in the hard work, investing, planning, fighting and rebuilding to impose Government authority to gain access to positions created to oversee our economy, infrastructure, borders and military forces. You can surmise how such schemes are playing out within our barnyard…

  22. If they want to be equal in every way then why not draft them. I’ve never been for that but it would make them equal.

    1. What makes women ‘unequal’ is that crack between their thighs. They’ll demonstrate this inequality at a propitious moment; the moment when that yellow telegram is yanked from their mailbox.

  23. Equal rights mean equal responsibilities. Registering for the draft is just tokenism these days with the draft not being mandatory and the all military services being on a volunteer basis. So, let’s not make a big deal out of this for it is not.

  24. Since colonial times women have been involved with the military, I see no reason why they should not be registered for the draft into the service. I would certainly rather have a person with a backbone by me in foxhole be it male or female than a wimpy ass coward.

  25. The feminazis have been screaming for equality with men for decades. Well now you can be included in the dirty jobs too. They got the standards for elite military teams lowered for women which I believe is wrong. If you can’t cut it you should not be given special treatment.

  26. If women are required to sign up with Selective Service just make sure women of all creeds and races are required to sign. All.

  27. What about all the Senators who support drafting your sons. Maybe in the past the headline of this article would have been acceptable, but once so called “woman’s lib” became the accepted social norm, then why should women be exempted from serving our country. There are plenty of jobs in the military that could be preformed by those not capable of combat. On top of that the birthrate in the country would get back above the two person average needed to sustain the population without immigration. Many girls/women would decide bearing a child preferable to answering the draft.

  28. And why is this? Is there a shortage of volunteers? How about drafting the sons and daughters of the elite. Military service before anything else. College included. No Military, No College. It is a Right you much earn. Not some place for the elite to hide out in.

  29. Amen. Would help a lot of many young women I see daily ruining their lives with alcohol and drugs and many bad decisions

  30. What’s the big deal, should be mantatory 2 years of service for all 18 to 25 year olds, then maybe we get people to understand why we are free.

  31. Seeing as both my Parents served in the Military during WWII (Father , Air Force) (Mother, Army), I tend to agree that Women should be Required to Register….War being a Numbers game, the bigger your Army the better your chances of winning…Last Woman/Man Standing so to speak…

  32. What on earth is the matter with these people?? Perhaps they have NEVER HEARD the phrase “women and children FIRST” — this NOT just common sense, IT IS SURVIVAL !! Risking these two categories is risking the survival of “your” race — a step only taken when ALL alternatives have been expended. If some females WANT to volunteer, so be it — to FORCE them into life threatening situations is FOOL HARDY !!!

    1. 9 times out of 9, women seek two specific benefits from voluntary military enlistments: Husbands and education benefits. My cousin was a sterling example. She joined the Navy. Approximately 4.882 seconds after she was eligible for G.I. Bill benefits and Veteran’s Healthcare, she finagled her way out of her enlistment with an honorable discharge. Many (MANY) women I knew in the military were taking advantage of the opportunities derived from being a tiny minority among thousands of young males, as they found husbands among the more worthy candidates.

  33. I’m a Conservative, and if women don’t want to be drafted like men, then don’t go into the Military, definitely don’t go into Combat! It’ BS to want to be there but not be subjected to the same as the men…..

  34. Women were warned back in the Bra Burning days…. Equality does have some prices, You asked for Combat, You got it…. that was the whole reason women weren’t drafted in the past…. No benefit since they could not go to war…. the thought of war paralyzes many folks…. hence 20% or less will even join…. women could NOT be subjected to Combat back in the day so they joined and did the “Nancy Nurse, supply, and clerk typist jobs” and a few others, But NOW, they can stop a bullet just like the Man Next to them, and some are anxious, afraid…. you asked for It you got it LaToyota Shaniqua annie Jones….Enjoy those weeks without a bath…. the harsh conditions…. and KILLING FOLKS !….

  35. Why is this a problem. Women have (and are still) screaming and crying for equality. If there’s a draft, all able bodied (not otherwise exempted) should have to report!

  36. None of which have daughters of the age that would be drafted I bet you!!! THAT is insane, no matter, to have women forced to go to the front lines! They are not like men– well, the ones that are GLAD to be women and want to be mothers, wives and have a career other than military. Yes, there are some women that do go in and if they WANT to they should be able to. But to FORCE ALL women to go in and to the front lines is insanity and wrong!!!! We are the care takers, not the war mongers! Besides we have to be here to protect the homeland as there will be fight right here in our own neighborhoods, with Civil War 2 that is coming if ALL Americans do not get themselves in order and back to the freedoms, rights of the Constitution and faithin God that we were founded for! They ALL have got to stop being so stupid with all this race, cancel culture, gay/trans junk, and the anything goes crap that is spewed like insane rampant trash that they are pushing..THEY ARE THE ONES THAT SHOULD BE PUSHED TO THE FRONT LINES TO SHOW THEM WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AND WHY FIGHTING FOR FREEDOMS AND WHAT THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED FOR and ON IS ALL ABOUT!!! THEY THEY WOULD SHUT THE HELL UP AND BECOME PATRIOTS and DECENT PATRIOTS OF THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

    1. Here’s a novel suggestion: Petition our government to cease getting us into conflicts. You can guarantee that the bulk of our leaders, nor their offspring, were ever placed in harm’s way.

  37. With the current push for equality I believe women should register. I have a daughter and 4 granddaughters I also served 26 years in the army. The military has thousands of jobs and skill sets everything is not frontline combat let the register and if the draft ever returned they could enlist and based on ASVAB scores chose their branch and MOS just like men.

  38. Israeli women are required to serve in the IDF after high school. However they’re NOT raped by their counterparts. American soldiers think it’s okay to sexually assault women and they get away with it!! Women in America should have to serve in the military as well as men once they turn 18 yrs for at least 2 yrs. BUT both sexes NEED to know that any unsolicited sexual conduct will be immediately dealt with in courtmarshall/time in jail and dishonorable discharge!!!

  39. Over my dead body will my daughter be drafted.

    I will do whatever I have to get her out of the country if they ever try that one.

    Now if she wants to join then it is her choice and I will support it.

  40. Of the eleven Marines killed at Kabul Airport last week, two were women. One was pictured carrying babies while the men carried the guns. My dad was a POW. Just think what they would do to a captured woman.—– Marsha Blackburn is a “beauty queen” while Joni Ernst is big on “castrating pigs” to intimidate fellow Iowa farmers. Just think if the Nazis faced a female army at the Battle of the Bulge. We would be speaking German instead of ebonics.

  41. After the recent surrender in Afghanistan and the murder of 13 Marines and Sailor, the USA will be lucky to recruit anyone. There will have to be a draft. Women have been fighting to fill combat positions. Why should they be exempted from the draft ? We just had two female Marine Corp Sargents killed, the ultimate in equality.
    BTW, only the Army has ever drafted.

  42. I feel women did this them self crying that they wanted to be treated equal to a man they want to play there sports they want to be able to work the same jobs that A man does work on oil rigs in the police force being a fireman they want to be in the military Fly planes well then they can be drafted just like men they need to sign up when they turn 18 I’m not for equal rights for women I myself enjoy having a door open for me being said yes man no man And knowing that I’m being protected by the men that’s what they were born and bred to do take care of their country so there’s no one to blame but the women themselves they need to be told to sign up for the draft at 18 they want to be like a man act and do the same thing a man does or they yell discrimination well then let them be able to be drafted like a man and put on the Frontline equal rights we don’t want anybody calling discrimination

  43. These people dont care for humanity or for children. A woman is the heart of the home and should be nurtured. Politicians are the scourge of humanity

  44. I guess the communist democrats are wrong about women being as able as men as they have been shoving this crap down our throats! Maybe the communist democrat cult party can pass the fake transgender off as a female like they want to in sports!

  45. Anyone! Who supports the drafting of American women should be summarily executed by the first American Patriot they meet on the street.

    Hundreds of thousands of American men have died, so that this sort of nonsense would never happen. Brave men fought and died for their wives and daughters to be free of government force from ANY source. If the American government does this, they are no better than the ChiComs or the old Soviets, or any other dictatorship on the planet.

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