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ANALYSIS – As previously warned, the dangerously Orwellian hunt for ill-defined ‘extremists’ in the U.S. military has just gotten more concerning. The U.S. Navy now says that simply liking or sharing a social media post found “offensive” could brand sailors as ‘extremists.’ This, according to Vice Admiral John Nowell, Jr., Chief of Naval Personnel.

Using frighteningly melodramatic language, usually reserved for foreign jihadists and mass murders, Nowell said: “You may not personally know any shipmates with extremist beliefs,” Nowell was quoted as saying in Navy Times. “But I assure you that those forces of darkness are among us.”

What are these dangerous new ‘forces of darkness’? They are still mostly undefined. Some refer to anything related to ‘white supremacy,’ others to so-called ‘militia groups’ or anti-government ideologies. But it becomes highly worrisome when this ‘extremism’ isn’t clearly defined and can be highly subjective and arbitrary.

Even worse is when a sailor can be branded as an ‘extremist’ for simply liking an ‘offensive’ post online.

As noted by Navy Times, “Just by posting, retweeting, or liking an offensive post on social media — you could be participating in extremism,” Nowell said in a new video shared on Facebook.

But who defines ‘offensive’? And using what specific criteria? If the process is anything like what Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn employs, sailors will be entering a bizarre hell of biased, leftist ‘woke’ feelings and capricious enforcement.

This concern is reinforced by the recent announcement on February 3 I wrote about, of the Navy’s bizarre, Marxist-inspired ‘socio-cultural-sexual’ ideological’ indoctrination program outlined in the Task Force One Navy (TF1N) report.

Referring to the Pentagon-wide, 60-day ‘extremism’ stand-down, Navy Times notes that: “Among other things, the stand-down must also include listening sessions focused on the Navy’s core values and Culture of Excellence campaign, along with the findings of Task Force One Navy.”

Based on that dangerously subversive TF1N report, almost anything that is considered offensive by the most ‘woke’ leftist observer can also be considered ‘extremism,’ and subject to sanction by the Navy.

Any ideologies be they from the left, or right, white or black, advocating violence against the government, or its lawful representatives, including those targeting the police, should correctly be unacceptable in the U.S. armed forces, or anywhere in American society. However, this goes far beyond that.

The current aggressive and dangerous woke push against undefined ‘extremism’ is simply Leftist ideological indoctrination and purging of the military in disguise. It must be challenged publicly and legally – and resisted.


  1. So if you are in the U.S.Navy you have to check your 1st Amendment Rights at the door. Oh, P-L-E-A-S-E. What are the next RIGHT’S the Military will be required to relinquish. Is this going to affect ALL Branches of the Military? Where does it end?

    1. It has more to do with the Demon-crats planning door-to-door gun confiscation in the near future. The idea is to “weed out” patriots from the military who would fight for freedom against our internal enemies, such as Biden and Harris.

      1. True that I estimate they will get rid of half or better and find foreign armies to take our guns away. They are extremists of Satan and God will deal with them in the right time..

    2. This is NOT the Navy I served in just over 50 years ago. I think Vice Admiral John Nowell, Jr. is really overstepping his bounds. I would be ashamed to serve under a liberal like him that only accepts ideas that he finds acceptable.

    1. Please help me relax and advise when this “process” occurs! We can’t watch much more of this “we hate America” elites.

    1. The dark evil here is the establishment not the good soldiers. A little deception on behalf of the good soldiers sound good to me.

  2. There is something called The First Amendment and the DNC are trying to eliminate it. Fine for me but not for Thee is their mantra. Military should sue DNC for playing with their personal beliefs and religious liberty. They’re playing thought police which is very dangerous..

  3. The president is the commander in chief and boss of the armed forces, BUT all members of the arned forces take an oath to defend the Costitution of The United States against all enemies , foreign or domestic.

      1. The rot comes from the top including the so called “Commander in Chief”, his alleged “Defense Secretary”, and top DOD civilian “leadership” (many there since the days of the Obumbler admin). Interesting too that the congressional Dems want to strip JoeBlow from using nukes without their permission. First strike on the way and call a congressional committee to debate a response!

  4. Woke Leftism is destroying the Military. After their through, what’s left isn’t going to be up to the task of protecting the country, let alone our interests in the world. Obutthead started this move and Biden’s going to finish it.

    This is beyond sad. It’s an Atrocity.

  5. This is why at times it is best to practice OPSEC. I often read comments on stories involving Democrats’ efforts to take our guns among all other rights away and the comment is how they will get a snoot full of buckshot from a 12Ga Mossberg if they try. To all who may want to make similar comments on a story, don’t. And this story is a glaring reason why. Democrats will use social media posts or comments on stories to come after you looking for that Mossberg or claiming you are the traitor instead of themselves because they’re in control and disagreeing with them is akin to treason. For now, don’t post anything online they can and will use against you. Practice OPSEC until we (legally & Constitutionally) get them out of power and hopefully in Leavenworth or federal prison where they belong.

  6. This is a warning that any/all patriots who are currently in the military that they should get out ASAP, and patriots who are considering joining should not do so.
    Let the mindless Woke drones go fight in the endless foreign wars the Demon-crats love.

  7. This is the same as the McCarthy era witch hunt for communist. Nacy and Joe McCarthy are at it again using congress to punish and destroy the lives of innocent citizens without any proof just the accusation of those who wants to stop them from voicing their first amendment rights.

    1. History has shown McCarthy was right but the media was full of Stalin supporters so Joe was “evil” and was trashed even if he wasn’t the most careful in his approach and conduct.

  8. So the corrupt satanic Nazi democrat biden wants to change the US Navy to total 100% communist members huh? Not much of a goal being the US Navy is 80% communist now!!!

  9. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    Americas’ enemies are again laughing at the American armed forces high command idiocy
    Is there a better way to reduce moral?
    Wait for it each vessel will appoint Gestapo Politial officers to spy and report.
    And most of all don’t worry when the Statue of Liberty is finally demolished because then the change will be complete.

  10. If you want complete control you must do away with freedom of speech, thought and all other ideas, other than your own.

  11. Democrats and the Leftists want to revoke the oath to ‘support and defend’ the Constitution and replace it with mindless support of the democrat party.
    It WILL not end well.

  12. I say all military stand down from this and refuse to support a president that will not fight for AMERICA!!!!!!

  13. This is crazy. Where are the Veterans at? What would you of done? This sounds like a joke. They want to weaken our military? This same thing democrats and liberals do to cities. Weaken and destroy them. I can’t understand why nobody sees this. Or am I missing something? I feel like I am on bus out of control and I only one freakin out. Can’t understand what it take for media/ news to open up with WTH is going on AMERICA. Anyone else feel safer and confident in future with Trump? He had some moments but for most part he good President. And he cares about Americans. ALL OF THEM! 👍

  14. Behind me is a photo of my dad in his naval aviation group from the aircraft carrier Coral Sea…he-along with the rest-would be turning over in their graves if they were to see what the Navy has become. This crap is spit in the face to those who have served ALL armed forces. It is SICKENING!!! Witness the downfall of America…

  15. This is just the first step in an all loyal Army so when the Democraps decide to instill marshall law to take over the country and install Comala Harris as Queen of the US and Schumer and Pelosi as Crown Prince and Princess. What about Biden you ask? He get’s to live in the basement of the New White Castle when they tear down the White House.

  16. There is a forgotten little principle called KARMA. What goes around comes around. Yes, and perhaps the maligned military extremists who swore a solemn oath to defend the Constitution will one day launch a witch hunt against HIM! I’m just sayin’….

  17. Alienating the Military is not the brightest idea, they are not paid enough to take that type of “abuse” and they are a little over 5000 strong surrounding the Capitol with a Barbed wire Fence
    and some Frightened Democrats are seeking “More Troops” and “Additional Fencing”
    Abusing and Jerking around the People one is asking for Protection, is just “STUPID” However no one ever said Donkeys were Intelligent, just Stubborn!

  18. The Armed services have long been on the D’genrats Sheet list. As early as the eighties when the D’genrats held up mailing ballots to troops overseas so they could not vote and get the ballots back in time to meet arbitrary deadlines. When many of the GIs votes were expedited the D’genrats held them in a PO just north of St Louis so that they could not be counted. This was not the case of lost ballots suddenly being found in the trunk of somebodies car, they were valid ballots cast by GIs stashed in the dark recesses of some building.

  19. The military can do what they want but I would try to keep all the service people that I could. With these nut case we have in the White House and those in Congress, they may need everyone that they can get. Unless, they want to start up the draft and draft all these Leftwing nut case that we have walking around our country to fill the gaps. Their going to need to build a time-out building for all of them.

  20. Enough is enough. Biden is a bumbling idiot. I’d rather have Mr. Magoo for a president. Somebody yank him off the stage along with the lying liberal media. Their insurrection to our Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE is criminal treason!!!

  21. Obiden has to screw up the military for his overlords China so they don’t get their ass kicked when they attack Taiwan, Japan, Australia, India. That’s why the quad isn’t letting Obiden drag them down because they know China is Paying Obiden and Toes Up Harris to to help them. Its’ sad situation that this country has come to this point and we are the leaders of the free world. Apparently NOT ANY MORE! Long Live the Republic! With Obiden and BS doing this to the military do they expect them to fight for them? If they ruin their careers and put them out we won’t have much of a military, but that’s what China wants. I’m NOT impressed with that new black General they stuck in to run the defense department. I think he looking for vengeance on white troops now he’s the “HEAD N***ER”! I wondered why they gave him a pass on being retired so many years before he could take that position. GOD BLESS and PRAY for America and Israel. Stuff PC where the sun don’t shine.

  22. This is beyond reality and NEEDS to be napped in the bud….
    This can NOT be allowed since it is a violation against free speech and the American FREEDOMS.
    What they are trying to do is cut our military out of any circulation and from having anything to do with the civilian world, do they forget that the most of our military are married and have families just like everybody else?? This would mean that they would NOT even be able to like a post from a family-member, since that could get them in “hot water”; absolutely beyond annoying; does NOT belong anywhere………..

  23. CHEATER Joe Biden has to get rid of all conservative American troop leaders and replace them all with left leaning ones and here is why??? They are trying to create a “new American communist party here in America and the American people could revolt against it in the next for years with a Second Civil War”!! He has to have loyal left American troop leaders to crush any American Civil War people and protect his new American communist party completely!! By the way, that is why they still have American troops protecting the Capitol Building and have a 10 foot wall around it also!!! Whydo the need a border wall there and not at our southern border????????????????????????????????????????

  24. Vice Admiral Nowell has violated his oath to “PROTECT AND DEFEND” the CONSTITUTION of the United States against “ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”. He should face a court martial hearing for treason!

  25. Learn from history. Hitler got rid of those who didn’t agree with him. He lived in fear because those close to him he couldn’t trust. This is what we are seeing in our country today. Why would Biden need the National Guard and fences around DC still? There is no rationale reason for it. They can only have liberal friendlies in the military. These actions should be considered insurrection! But democrats are never held accountable. Everyone should be concerned. However, those removed from the military for their “extremist” views (conservative views) will uphold their oath which lasts a lifetime to defend and protect the USA! That means the COUNTRY, not a certain group of people known as liberals.

    1. Old Adolf was a tyrant. One other disaster cooked up by his lieutenants was the rounding up of war refugees, who would be interned in work camps that were disease-ridden and poorly managed, where those hapless people were exploited as forced laborers. This heartless policy resulted in tens of thousands of those workers dying miserably after the German infrastructure was destroyed, and no supplies were forthcoming to those camps.

  26. “Extremists”? I worked with retired military air traffic controllers (We called them “Non-Com-Poops” during their active duty tours) who wanted all the blacks sent back to Africa, and regularly berated presidents, the Supreme Court, Congress and anyone else within a 30 mile radius of Washington D.C. Unless you’ve served in the military, you won’t understand the social climate within those installations .

  27. The military started this process when I enlisted (Though my Draft Notice was sent to me during USAF Boot Camp) One of the most crucial elements of a combat force is Unit Cohesion. The culture within a military environment does not require polite interactions: These troops kill people, destroy property, assassinate leaders and occupy countries they’ve decimated. In order to have an effective fighting organization, they must be both motivated and steeled to the job of slaughtering human beings by the bushel. This namby-pamby nonsense does little more than provide lawyers with fodder to soak the government for more litigation largess, while according feminists and racial groups a free rein to dictate speech and behavioral codes, affixing a large chip upon their narrow shoulders which they dare their targets to knock off. Military morale today is off-scale low, and the more these politicians and pressure groups campaign to ‘socialize’ our soldiers, the more frustration and demoralization will adversely affect our people in uniform.

  28. This treasonous government only wants brain dead leftists in their ranks. Patriotic all American types are not welcome and will be kicked out one way or another. The military is becoming the enemy of the people. Just the same way the media and hollywood has.

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