Senior Airman Kristoffer Kaubisch via Wikimedia Commons

The Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought into sharp focus the threat China poses not only to the United States but to the free world. While China’s actions regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 are extremely serious, the China threat extends far beyond China’s deception and malfeasance about the Wuhan virus.

China’s massive military buildup and expansionism in the South China Sea – and beyond – is now clearer than ever. Much of this Chinese military buildup involves massive numbers and types of new missiles.

Unfortunately, as noted by Reuters in a Special Report, the “United States has largely stood by in recent decades as China dramatically expanded its military firepower.” However, now – having boldly – and strategically – shed the constraints of the Cold War-era INF arms control treaty last year, “the Trump administration is planning to deploy long-range, ground-launched cruise missiles in the Asia-Pacific region.”

As I noted April 10, the “US needs lots more missiles to defeat China and Russia.”  Otherwise, the U.S. might lose a war with major rivals in direct conflict, especially against China in the South China Sea.

In a special series last year, Reuters reported that:

While the U.S. was distracted by almost two decades of war in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the PLA had built a missile force designed to attack the aircraft carriers, other surface warships and network of bases that form the backbone of American power in Asia. Over that period, Chinese shipyards built the world’s biggest navy, which is now capable of dominating the country’s coastal waters and keeping U.S. forces at bay.

Thankfully, President Trump and his defense team understand this threat and are fully engaged to counter it. According to Reuters:

The U.S. moves are aimed at countering China’s overwhelming advantage in land-based cruise and ballistic missiles. The Pentagon also intends to dial back China’s lead in what strategists refer to as the “range war.” The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China’s military, has built up a huge force of missiles that mostly outrange those of the U.S. and its regional allies, according to senior U.S. commanders and strategic advisers to the Pentagon, who have been warning that China holds a clear advantage in these weapons.

And, in a radical shift in tactics, the Marines will join forces with the U.S. Navy in attacking an enemy’s warships. Small and mobile units of U.S. Marines armed with anti-ship missiles will become ship killers.

Initially, a small increase in land-based cruise missiles won’t alter the balance of power. Over time, however, many more of these – and other better weapons – combined with similar Japanese and Taiwanese missiles will seriously threaten the Chinese force in the region, as Reuters notes.

Meanwhile, shorter-term, the biggest immediate threat to the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is coming from new, long-range anti-ship missiles now entering service with U.S. Navy and Air Force strike aircraft.

The PLAN should be especially concerned with the Long Range Air to Surface Missile (LRASM) being added to everything from Navy carrier-based F-18 fighters to Air Force B-1B bombers, which can carry upwards of two dozen LRASMs per aircraft. As I explained April 9, U.S. Air Force bombers armed with anti-ship missiles can help sink China’s navy. Using strategic bombers for naval strike missions is a tremendous short-term solution to countering the growing PLAN fleet.

This administration is moving rapidly across the board to reverse China’s strategic military gains of the past 20 years, and experts are beginning to take note. “The Americans are coming back strongly,” said Ross Babbage, a former senior Australian government defense official now at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Wash., DC. – in Reuters, “By 2024 or 2025 there is a serious risk for the PLA that their military developments will be obsolete.”

Trump is sending a strong signal that China’s military free-ride is over. The U.S. is preparing to compete with China’s massive arsenal and combine a growing missile force with bold new techniques to effectively neutralize China’s buildup. Soon, in case of a major conflict, the U.S. will be able to decisively defeat the Chinese navy. This will help increase deterrence and encourage skittish U.S. allies in the region.

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    1. Too bad Truman blew off McArthur in 1953 with his suggestion to nuke north korea, be done with it and move on and just look where are we now. We had the technology and if this happened, we could have gotten rid of two enemies, north korea and china. Kind of killing two worthless birds with one stone. Finally the USA’s gotten the message, china’s no friend of ours, never was our friend and never will be our friend nor friends of world peace

      1. Just how smart are the communist leaders? NOT VERY. At the same time they have made themselves dependent on us for a market for the junk they manufacture, they act like banty roosters, determined to fight no matter what it costs them. WHY? When you are your own god, you only can see what YOU want. And when you are a communist chinaman, NOTHING outside of your own fulfillment is to be considered. And yes, death is not a problem for them. They individually, don’t believe they will die. God help us. Just like every other dictator in history.

    2. Pence Haily, 2 RINO’s. Come on man think. They are the swamp. Don Jr/Rand Paul. Or Don Jr/Ted Cruz. Aftre 8 years then Paul/Ivanka or Ted/Ivanka.

      1. You was doing ok until you said Ivanka- she is a gun banning demrat, every big gov program pushed- is by Ivanka, every Sodomite extra rights pushed- is by Ivanka…and just a few short months ago, she went all over capital hill offices pushing for Communist Red Flag gun confiscation and banning of Modern Sporting Rifles- she changed her party affiliation so she could vote for her Dad

    3. Hailey …the enemy of Southerners, the Confederate flag, and the 2nd amendment…she folded like a wet bag of manure when the the communist party NAACP started spewing their hate in SC

  1. More. Silent. Service ( U.S. SUBMARINE PRESENCE ) in all of the. SOUTH CHINA SEA . UP. NATIONALIST CHINAs’ ( TAIWAN ) NAVAL FORCES..Permitting. Greater RECON FLIGHTS over the CHINA — MADE ISLANDS . The Many feel that Soverignity should be Ceded to TAIWAN.If at all Possible .

    1. Taiwan sovereignty should be part of the reparations for China’s intentional spread of the Wuhan virus.

  2. Lets quit screwing around. Subs with new battery tech and anti-ship missiles. F-15ex with F-119 engine to kill Flanker variants and joke J20. New very cheap air decoy missiles in large numbers. Buy those surplus Boeing 737MAX and rig them for long range patrol and ship killing. Pair B1B and P8.

    1. To give them all the secrets from Congress and what the DOD is doing. She’s a commie spy just like the rest of them.

  3. Why did Pelosi went to China recently?
    Well, Biden went to China with his son and come home with a billion and a half business deal.
    So, if Biden can do it, why not Pelosi?

  4. I say look into Pelosi and Schumer And Nadler And Schitt. I bet they are just like the others. Follow the money

  5. Russia fears a China takeover. China has already taken over several American corporations.
    Trump has come in the nick of time.

    1. I think the US should take back our meat companies from china and if they give us any shit
      Shut of sending food to them That will take care of them

  6. I predict that the CCP will lash out against the world for retribution against them for unleashing the Wuhan Kung Flu and murdering hundred of thousands of innocent people! They (the democrats) will be defeated and China will be broken up into several independent democratic countries to stop them ever amassing this kind of power ever again! There are 75 million Communist in China and everyone of them will have to be exterminated!

  7. The Biden’s went to China first and come back Millionaires….. WHY wouldn’t Pelosi go and try it too? ANSWER: Nothing to Lose…. but could GAIN MILLIONS, TOO!

  8. Nothing like telling our enemy our Military Plans and Strength. Although I guarantee we have way more powerful weapons than what was listed in this article. This is a smoke screen. Bruce Lee is finally going to get his ass kicked…LMAO.

  9. One must ask how did communism take root in China? China, before and during WWII, was a relatively poor and backward nation. The U. S. A. sent troops over there to defend the Chinese people from the Japanese. For that we get no thanks. Instead we are getting nothing but threats. Have we learned anything from that?

  10. Quite possibly, a long overdue move. Let’s exercise a bit of caution though,lest we end up in one of those My D++K is Bigger Than Yours situations. By the way, that sad to note, applies internally too, for it does seem that the various branches of our military sometimes seem to be in competition with each other.

  11. I think what President Trump is doing militarily is great, but, why must we always read, or hear, about it. The enemies then read, or hear, about it as well. Bad enough we gotta worry about dimocrats selling out the info, why make it easier for them.


  12. Just print up the Democratic Platform for their last twenty years. Anybody who is not a moron, or scumbag traitor, would vote them out, and would arrest the owners of Fake news as traitors and trouble makers. These two are our worse enemies far worse than Russia, China, Iran, or the Muslims. The trouble is the news media is careful not to advertise just how sorry the Progressives, Socialist, or Communist really are. The Democrats are a composite of all of them. They support atheism and all who are our natural enemy. Our country was built and flourished with God as our inspiration, leader, and supplier of all that is good. Without God we are just another land full of liars, thieves, murderers, and sex perverts!

  13. This is good news! Thank you President Trump. I hope he will let the public know about this dangerous Chinese threat, justifying our missile build up. He needs to let the public know what the Democrats will do this build up if Biden were to win. This is yet another important reason President Trump must be reelected!

  14. China has a choice. we can be a friendly nation or an enemy. We are nation that can and will defend ourselves. wemust give this president confidence that we will survive. how? by getting ready for war. stocking foodstuffs to last a year. provide means to have water for a year. be able to remove waste and trash and provide local law enforcement. provide support for people that cant do this for themselves. will it be foolproof? No but it will show China that we are serious as a nation and back our president. let them know that when our president speaks they had better listen because he wont say it twice. China may have power over its people but the people will revolt and their power will sucume to the sheer numbers of people that have become used to western living and prosperity. knowing how much they depend upon trade with course and all other nations will overthrow the dictators that in past times exert control. back our president!!!———- Grampa

    1. to take them down SHUTOFF their food supply and stop buying from CHINA That alone will take care of CHINA’s problem

    2. How can they revolt? Pitchforks and shovels? Any revolt will be immediately squashed; just like Venezuela.

  15. China had the help of Obama and his FASCISTS DEMOCRAPS. DEMOCRAPS are still protecting and defending China’s killing of almost 80,000 Americans, mostly our old people in retirement. Thanks to the democrats who are covering for Chinese SCUM. We need to clean house of DEMOCRAT SCUM then go kick some Chinese ASS

  16. Not 4 more Years, it should be 8 MORE YEARS!! The Dems, Stole, his First 4 Years!! President Trump, should be REIMBURSED WITH HIS FIRST 4 YEARS! That could solve, the Chinese ambitions. Communism will Never Take Root in the U.S., until we have the Constitution Protecting this Nation! That’s why, these forces, within our own government, want to take the Constitution to the Cemetery, and bury it, just as fast as they could, if we the People, would be Stupid enough, to put them back in Power!
    That’s the sad, bottom line, Vote Republican in 2020, smack down the Line!! Then, we have a chance, to defeat these Globalist, anti American, ideologists.

  17. Awaiting Moderation? For what? No More Freedom of Speech? As far as, I checked, the last time, the Second Amendment, has not yet been, stripped, from our Constitution.

  18. Let’s not blow our horn to loudly just yet. We’ve a long way to go to reach equity with China. They haven’t just been sitting around on their hands for the last 20 years. We may have the technology to get their, but the issue remains how do we keep that military and intellectual property out of the hands of the Chinese while at the same time allowing our schools and industries to remain wide open to our enemies. Let’s plug the holes and put a new veneer of protection on our country.

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