US Air Force via Wikimedia Commons

In a return salvo in the “information war” with China, the US made its own show of force in the Pacific. Shortly after China took advantage of the momentary absence of US aircraft carriers in the region, and threatened Taiwan with its own aircraft carrier and strike group this weekend, the US reminded China of its formidable bomber force based in Guam.

Tech. Sgt. Cecilio Ricard via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, at least a dozen aircraft from the US Navy and Air Force, including B-52 long-range strategic bombers, took a very visible “elephant walk” at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The base is about 1,800 miles east of China — well within the B-52’s range.

As shown by photographs published by the UK’s Daily Mail, U.S. Navy MH-60S Knighthawk helicopters, U.S. Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk, Navy MQ-4C Triton drones, Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bombers, and KC-135 Stratotanker aerial refuelers could be seen lined up on the runway.

U.S. Air Force via Wikimedia Commons

As previously noted, the USS Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan are the only two US carriers in the Pacific, but both have been sidelined and forced to dock due to coronavirus cases onboard. This has effectively given China free rein in the region with its own naval forces, sparking concern in the US and with China’s neighbors.

However, as the Pentagon and Indo-Pacific Command just highlighted, aircraft carriers are not the only forces the US has within striking distance of China. While the US needs to quickly return its supercarriers to their Pacific patrols, US Air Force and Navy bombers and other aircraft clearly stand ready to fill the breach in the meantime, if any conflict should arise.

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  1. Maybe all the B52s on the tarmac at Guam isn’t such a good reminder to the treacherous China – when Israel’s war for independence was gearing up after it was voted by the UN to be the State of Israel in November of 1947 the Arabs there declared war on the new Israel, which was to begin in May of the following year, 1948 – the scramble was on b/c Israel had nothing for war – it bought leftover Messerschmitts from Germany and put a navy together with scrap ships bought from the United States, all stuff from the 2nd WW – the preparation included pitchforks and frying pans (that the Israeli women fought on the front lines with) – while flying back in their ‘new’ Messerschmitts’ lay the entire Egyptian air force beneath those pilots – and the ‘war’ began early as Israel took out the entire Egyptian fleet.

  2. Give China a does of their own medicine. What they did to us is not Trump’s fault. Blame who is at fault here. This was done deliberately to unseat our President. A two year old could see this. I am not blaming the Chinese people for this, it is their government. I wish Truman were back again. He would take care of this. Freeze their assets, cut off all monies and first and foremost get rid of the WHO and their communistic sympathetic president.


  3. It’s time to do battle with China and all Communism there AND in the USA!
    Led by China, they crippled our economy and killed millions of people . MURDERERS … this is my first comment!!

    1. China unleashed bio-weapons upon us. This is why we went into Iraq, to prevent the use of bio-terror (weapons of mass destruction). As far as I am concerned, this has been a declaration of war by China and should be dealt with accordingly.

  4. Do not forget about our sub-surface capabilities, which are highly mobile and nearly as lethal as CV-19 has been touted to be.

  5. Well, one might thing it proper to showcase our B52’s; but, hey, let’s
    keep the nuclear subs silent, ok? But maybe load them with our own

  6. As a Navy veteran with four years of shipboard service whose father was a POW shot down over Germany on his 21st mission, I can tell you that China is no one to play with. As a traditional Catholic, Pope Francis has made a concordat with China which is similar to that with Hitler and Napoleon. I believe that China senses a major victory on the road to a one world socialist government. Francis is a “snake” and China is his “ace in the hole”.

    1. I so totally agree with you. The pope is not a Catholic, IMO. He has always been working in some capacity, other than that of an honest religious leader.

      1. He is a plant like bo was. Years ago before the pope was placed in his position, and bo s. I had read a long article about them and their back ground. The pope was from S/A and was hustled out due to some BS he had pulled. He was pulled out in the night and sent to some eastern country. He was taught how to Act LIKE A POPE. SHADY BACK GROUND LIKE BO ALL ON THE HUSH HUSH. THEN ONE BY ONE they reappear. Who was behind it? NWO? Anyones guess. Author? But far to much does make it all seem true! Probably the 4 or 5 rich filthy rich evil ones plotting their dirty deeds we are seeing to day! Everyone would like to take over OUR country! Old and still have all my marbles and read a lot!

  7. I’m glad to see images of B-1s and B-2s as well as the venerable B-52s, which are now being driven around not by the sons but instead by the GRANDsons of their original pilots.

  8. The BUFF has quite a history and is still quite capable. They have had proper maintenance and refitted with more environmental friendly engines. it has a 70,000 pound conventional payload and a range over 8,000 miles.

    1. Who cares about environmental friendly engines? It is a B 52 It will bomb the them back to the stone age.

  9. Do a Swarscoff like in Irac just show up with unmarked everything. Make sure the literature you are dropping on the government is in a nice neat pattern.Don`t help them this time. Everyone hates us we drilled the oil in the middle east. We saved China from Japan for what?

  10. B52 Bombers! From the time of General Curtis LeMay, the standing orders were; “Airworthy and Combat Ready 24/7” Having been privileged to be a Crew Chief of a B52 Bomber and privileged to fly with many missions, I believe the B52 to be more than a just formidable weapon of war, it is an example of “Peace Through Strength!”

  11. China’s quest for a biological weapon has let to the deaths of countless humans all over the world. If we had a “Dr. Strangelove” or “How I learned to love the bomb” scenario, whereby a rogue military man “pushed the button” and caused a nuclear war, we would have bombed China senseless. But since it is “only” a virus, we seem to have allowed China to escape with impunity. We need to STOP all trade with China, declare our indebtedness to China as “paid in full” because of our thousands of deaths to Chronovirus.

    1. Are you kidding me its only a virus….China has been stealing from the US for years…President Trump is the only one who has said anything…as a business man he should know how to spot someone out to get advantage of him….seriously thats what hes doing..

  12. I have said it a thousand times China is not a friend of the USA. It never has been and never will be, as long as it is a communist country. It went from a medieval anarchy to communism, the people there do not know freedom. How can you talk to people that have no conscience, it is like talking, to a crazy person and expecting a sane answer. This virus was intentionally set, on the world by China, it doesn’t care about people. It doesn’t even care about its own people, I have heard that they locked, the sick virus people in their houses, to let them die. That doesn’t sound like a government, that cares about its people.

  13. China is well prepared with missiles stolen from our technology to stop them in flight before they reach China. We have no effective strike force close by without carriers. The way to defeat them is economically. Remove the international favored trading status reserved for developing countries and bring our factories back home. Let all understand what they did in lying about the virus as they stopped shipping our masks and l.p. items, turns around a container ship of goods made by US factories loaded with masks, gloves, and masks, bought half the world supply and now sell us 50 cent mask for 8 dollars. Stop all of this abuse from China, pressure other countries to do the same, get rid lot the present makeup of WHO and you have defeated China and their economic conquest of the world.

    1. And much of the PPE that they have been selling has been found to be Shoddy Goods that are unfit for the designed purposes.
      It’s really as simple as every Citizen making the personal decision to buy A-B-C, as in Anywhere But China. When enough people start practicing the A-B-C buying standard Corporate Boardrooms will instruct their Buyers to go elsewhere for goods because the Chinese “Junk” isn’t selling because the Non-Monetary Costs have been determined to be too high.

  14. The Epic Times at least a month ago said the virus came from the lab spread by a woman who accidentally contracted the virus and the rest is history. That the bats blamed for it were not found in the market and in nature they would be in hibernation.
    Was it spread on purpose, probably not, are the Communist Chinese enjoying the USA and the world’s economy failing , Yes I believe so. That fact that the Chinese kept people out of Wuhan but allowed potential virus spreaders out of Wuhan is disgraceful. Also I read everyone in China must have a cellphone, they can’t cancel their phones yet after the Coronavirus outbreak in China thousands of cell phone users disappeared off the radar!

    1. On the Cell Phone issue, what I read was that they have and track something like 1.6 billion cell phones. From Mid Dec 2019 to Mid March 2020, the cell phone usage dropped by 21 million phones. A chunk of that may be job related phones due to factory closures.

  15. Trump goes back and forth between praising China and trying to act like a tough guy. For the first two months of this crisis, he was saying they were doing such a great job, and they had it under control, and he was totally confident Xi would take care of it. He got played. Some negotiator.

  16. Just as a point of reference to the pictures of the aircraft shown in this article, none of these aircraft are B-52’s. If I am not mistaken none of the aircraft pictured in this article are even mentioned in the article.
    The conventional weapons payload is eight AGM-84 Harpoon missiles, four AGM-142 Raptor missiles, 51 500lb bombs, 30 1,000lb bombs, 20 AGM-86C conventional air-launched cruise missiles (CALCM), 12 joint stand-off weapons (JSOW), 12 joint direct-attack munitions (JDAM) and 16 wind-corrected munitions dispenser (WCMD). Although the B-52 no longer carries nuclear bombs, the standard ordence can really mess up your day.

  17. China’s aircraft carrier needs to be given the same treatment as US Aircraft Craaiers were given by the Russians during the Vietnam Era.
    Russian Bear [bombers, their equivalent to the B-52] would regularly overfly US Task Forces and this was met boy US Fighters being scrambled to escort the Bears while in US Task Force Airspace. One sneeze from the Bear Pilots and our fighters were prepared to take them out before they could “lay any eggs”.
    The Chinese need to have the same treatment, only whole squadrons of B-52s, with full fighter escort, for the “surveillance” flights. The Chi-coms can’t afford to have their baby carrier put out of commission because they don’t [yet] have enough “Air Power at Sea” to pose a threat beyond the flight range of their land based aircraft.

  18. First the US should recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Second rearm Japan. Third nationalize all of China’s assets here in the US. And finally I would like to say God bless the United States of America.

  19. PAPPY
    All countries cease and desist from buying or selling any products made in China. Pull all manufacturing facilities back to the countries of origin. Stop any and all supplies shipped to China. Freeze any and all monetary assets. These people, Heads of State and all those involved in the manufacturing of the coronavirus need to understand the consequences of their actions…now, not ten yeas later.

  20. We need to force all US companies that outsource to China to remove their overseas workforce and work only within the USA. This can be done very easily by placing a super high tariff on all goods manufactured by US companies doing outsourcing in China. Whether it’s pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, makes no difference. This would force US companies to relocate back to the US. This would annihilate the China economy and bring them to their knees, forcing them
    back into a third world country status and make them rely on the US instead of the other way around. DON’T BUY CHINA MADE GOODS.

  21. US Reminds China of Its B-52 Bombers on Guam. China responded with a Thank You, we forgot about them and will re-target a few missiles!

  22. “WE THE PEOPLE” are responsible for the financial and military power that china has. We have been buying their substandard products for many years, up until lately, their products are almost as good as the U.S. now, but at a much cheaper price. The politicians we elected to protect us and our sovereignty, giving them most favored trade nation and encouraging our industries to move to china. The democrats, clinton, obama, carter and rhinos the bushes, giving them most favored trade nation and classified information about our missile guidance, stealth properties and naval communication and operations.

  23. We’ve got to expose the Globalist People who are China’s allies. They pose as good Americans and some were actually born here but have sold out for $$. Money & Power is their God and have the same ideaology as Communist China and YES they have Blood on their hands from this so called bat virus that was initiated to ruin economy and stop President Trump’s re-election. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  24. That is why the Captain got fired couple months back ( maybe it was sooner ) you do not report you are unfit to complete youre mission out loud…

  25. He got played that is true..but when youure being lied to by the people who created it and their backups…world leaders mind you…but when he learned the truth he acted…didnt he??

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