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China’s rapidly constructed man-made island bases in the South China Sea appear to be collapsing and sinking due to shoddy construction and weather conditions.

Intended to give China effective, albeit illegal, control over large areas of ocean in strategically located contested or international waters, these artificial islands have been a flash-point for potential conflict with the U.S. and neighboring countries. But now they seem to be sinking.

As noted by The National Interest, “the Chinese government has dredged and mostly destroyed ecologically delicate reefs in disputed waters,” beginning in 2013, “in order to build seven major military bases complete with ports, airstrips and radar and missile installations.”

China’s dredging and construction came at a huge environmental cost, destroying much of the delicate reefs and surrounding sea life.

But to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the new bases were worth the environmental cost. As The Economist explains, the bases “allow China to control the entirety of the South China Sea in any scenario short of all-out war with the United States,”

“The new port and resupply facilities are helping China project power ever further afield. Chinese survey vessels look for oil and gas in contested waters.”

These man-made bases have sparked tensions with neighboring countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines who also have claims in the area. Meanwhile, the US Navy has been increasing its Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS) in and around these artificial islands to maintain its right to sail in international waters.

In the event of war between the United States and China, these military outposts in the western Pacific would likely be key initial targets for U.S. strikes.

However, The Economist added. “Rumors suggest the new islands’ concrete is crumbling and their foundations turning to sponge in a hostile climate. And that is before considering what a direct hit from a super-typhoon might do.”

But, as The National Interest points out, “The island bases’ uncertain future hasn’t deterred China from heaping additional capabilities on their potentially fragile infrastructure.” To counter low flying threats to these outposts, a surveillance blimp for the first time appeared on Mischief Reef in November 2019.

As China continues to build additional military and surveillance capabilities on these islands, the question now may be – will the U.S. need to destroy them in a war, or will they self-destruct on their own before then?

Paul Crespo is a defense and national security expert. He served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. He holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. Paul is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and a Contributor to American Defense News.

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  1. To me this is VERY funny. The sea and the undercurrents are more powerful than the little chinese politburo members. The VERY BAD construction materials that the chinese export to the US, in order for the US buildings fail, are just as bad and are not strong enough to resist Nature. Beaches everywhere are destroyed because of currents. They need to be refilled with sand. From Brittany, France, to Dubai, UAE, to South Carolina, Folly Beach, there are thousands of beaches in those precarious situations. The world destructors get the treatment they want to inflict the rest of the world. AMAZING. Thank GOD. Those GODless people deserve what they get.

    1. Amen! I love how God confounds the ‘wisdom’ of the world especially with enemies such as this one. Too sweet for words.

  2. They destroyed beautiful reefs Nature took millions of years to create! As a Snorkel and Scuba diver since before 1960, I resent that! The God THEY don’t believe in, will Get Them for That!

    1. it is not likely ELOHEEM G-D is going to approve of us doing that. THEY would not let us do this in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

      the two cities we were allowed to destroy were the two christian founded cities that had become like sodom and gomorrah. so democrats beware.

      the physical judgement is not by race, creed, color, or sex. it is by who is truest to ELOHEEM here in THEIR Story of The Physical Creation again. sadly no different than the last Seven Days. in this world making all the same mental freewill mistakes and expecting different physical results.

      friends or foes of ELOHEEM, pick one.

  3. I hate the Chinese, they skin dogs alive to use for coats to sell to stupid people around the world and then eat them , these people are sick and need to be exterminated

    1. Do you know why the Chinese eat what is unclean to us ? Have you ever wondered why they do this ? The Chinese government is led by god. To oppose the Chinese government is blasphemy and the god of China cannot be opposed even when you are forced to eat things no other country would ever even think to eat, unless they were starving to death. These people are in a concentration camp from one end of their country to the other all of China is a concentration camp. So now I am asking the ONLY LIVING G-D to send help, to set the prisoners free and to cause them to see the face of the ONE WHO loves them so much HE died for each one of them and entered Hell in their place. If you look closely at them, you will see HIM because they are made in HIS image. Please L-rd in Yeshua’s (Jesus) name, send YOUR Word to set them free to enter YOUR Kingdom forever. Thank YOU Most High. Amein.

      1. The largest underground born-again Christian Church is in China! A number of these people are willing to be Martyrs for Jesus Christ if necessary and that’s what’s happening right now as I write this. They are being arrested by the Chinese government and their churches are being torn down or burned down. You don’t hear this from the mainstream media; they don’t seem to know truth about anything anyway!! Same thing is happening to the Muslims too! China is against ALL religions.

        1. The mainstream media doesn’t care about the truth either. They are for only themselves (the commies) and against everyone else. They see Christians (G-D bless them) as a threat to their communist ideals.

      2. sosh: i really do not want for ELOHEEM to lead us the same way THEY led the egyptians and the pharaoh. for those who do not wish to be led by blessings shall be led with curses. the covid 19 (v) is just one of many many other plagues with hell and death leading the way.

        just like democrats who are not being led with blessings. and refuse to repent of their evil and wicked socialist fascist ways. i have no sympathy or empathy for anyone who would get their whole nation cursed. global pandemics reveals the whole world is amiss. national pandemics reveals the nation is amiss.

  4. The really big news is that a cowardly world has demanded they stop this illegality and has done nothing to stop it thereby putting the all important sea lanes in danger during any conflict as well a commerce to empower them to do even more. They don’t care. If they can’t fix them they will destroy more of the ocean and build all they want while we complain and do nothing.

  5. Grandfather said about communism ” they’ll dine , laugh, go
    to bed with you with all pleasure but watch your back always
    because they will stab your back of you are not wise enough.
    Just how many of us are aware of this ? Not many and to think
    he was from the first World War. Family has been passing the vital info to our every generation born, especially that they are all Americans. Democrats Socialist has made them rich and
    prosper with thousands of $ donated to every candidates as
    disguised as Foundation Charitable tax exempt. What a crack of Bull!! . MAGA 2020 and beyond! Thank you President Trump
    for protecting us and from around the world that is always lurking to destroy our way of life here in USA.

  6. It amazes me that the chinese act like super villains intent on destroying the world. I wonder if they consider what happens next?

      1. And Bloomie has their backs all the way! He has mega money invested in China! And God help us if he becomes bidens puppet master. Doesn’t his son have some interest in China also?

  7. Clinton both of them did well with foundation donations from the Chinese and Russian puppet masters. Obama was their favorite chump.

  8. Atheist… Do not mess with God.
    How about a little praise and prayer for those of us who know our Creator God lives, from eternity past until eternity future.

  9. GOOD let it Sink . Let CHINA Sink along with them but put PELOSI , SCHUMER , SCHIFF , NADLER and WATER’S on them FIRST !!

  10. I knew when they started building them they wouldn’t last, you can’t just throw up islands anywhere you feel like they should be. Water currents and reefs determine where they are even possible and water currents will remove anything you put in their path.

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