Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trump Exposes Reporter’s Ties to Communist China

Following reports that China is hoarding personal protective equipment (PPE) in an attempt to corner the global market, President Trump wasn’t going to take questions from a reporter with ties to Beijing lying down. 

The Daily Caller reports:

The reporter, who said she was with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based outlet sympathetic to Beijing, began her question by noting that the Chinese government and companies like Huawei and Alibaba have donated medical supplies and equipment to the U.S. to handle coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a statement more than a question,” Trump said after the reporter finished listing off the aid.

Trump then went on a riff about a massive trade deficit between the U.S. and China that he said he has addressed during his administration.

The reporter interjected to ask Trump, “Are you cooperating with China?”

Though not wholly-owned by the Chinese Communist Party, experts consider Phoenix TV highly sympathetic to the regime, with an owner who reportedly served in the military and, to this day, maintains close ties with officials in Beijing.

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      • So the press corp will allow this representative of China, pretending to be from a Phoenix news station IN but refusing to allow OAN
        I think it is time to remove control of the Press room from anyone who is not conservative. Let me have the job. I won’t even make money on them.

        • I’m as disturbed by this as much as you are. I don’t see why the Press Corps. has the power/authority to say who is allowed and who is not. It should be under the control of the White House press staff Leader.

      • Just who really wants anything made in China. Have we not learned our lessons by the poisonous dog food, products with lead in the paint and fake drugs that they LOVE to sell us.
        Tell you what. Our worst traitors are the businessmen and women who buy junk from China. Greedy and not able to make sure the Chinese don’t poison us.

        • absolutely correct. who is going to tell these evil people we want nothing to do with you. they are unleashing their trash all over the world and have occupy most of Europe with their people and Chinese cheap products .. 138.000 Chinese in the Northern Italy alone live and work there and after their trip to their polluted infected country they almost killed all the people in Italy upon their return. why are we all in Europe also allow these people to immigrate? we must rely on ourselves as we had done for ever before.

        • i answered to your comment i agree with you. and they will not allowed it to show. they are afraid i offended the Chinese after they almost killed everyone on this planet ? they have moved on every country in the world taking the business from the people selling trash and i am not allowed to comment the truth. great for our freedom of expression

  1. China is hoarding PPE from the rest of the world – The rest of the world should hoard the supplies they used to ship to China. They won’t be eating those PPE’s long before they change their tune. They’ll be begging for MRE’s. Besides I wouldn’t trust any PPE’s from China = there have already been contaminated mask and they are not known for having reliable equipment in the first place. You see the people in Hong Kong rising up against Beijing – Taiwan – the entire Chinese population could be next.

    • It is not Communist China’s fault. We should have had contingency plans in place. Our “just in time delivery” system is insane and unsustainable. China is rotten and evil, to be sure, but the US is naive, dependent on others, and quick to pass the blame instead of admitting our leaders are short-sighted. The pitiful scrambling to address this medical crisis shows a lack of planning for all kinds of emergencies. Our military is equally behind Russia and China’s capabilities. Trump is trying to quickly build it back, but the liberals place a barrier every inch of the way.

      • The WHO World Health Org branck of the UN is paid millions and protected the Chinese SO YES IT IS THEIR FAULT and you want to blame America? We would have had over a 2 week notice if it were not for WHO with holding information protecting China and then finding the leader is not a medical doctor and was a hard core communist! You sound like another socialist America hating DemocRAT

      • Be sure to thank Obama Democrats for outsourcing our medical supplies plus failing to replace N95 masks after the last virus outbreak.
        I suspect both ISIS and China will be voting for Biden and Democrats so they can get back to screwing us over.

    • The United States has ZERO room to complain! Last week Trump BLOCKED a shipment of 3-million masks and gloves that had been contracted for, bought and PAID for by Canada telling the world that 3-M company cannot export any PPE out of the U.S. It wasn’t until Premier Ford threatened him with the closure of the briedge and all trade between Detroit and Windsor, effectively stopping all trade between Canada and America that he reluctantly released a half-million each (about one week’s supply). Ganted, Canada is not hit as badly as America, but now is not the time for the President to show his true colors and become greedy. The U.S. needs Canada orders of magnitude more than we need you and we have the ability to bury any semblance of an economy you have left.

  2. Almost pity all reporters who’ve ‘protected’ China in some way, especially making a big deal about the President calling the virus pandemic exactly what it is – Parent Disease COVID-19’s latest baby since 2004, the Wuhan China Virus.
    How much are all reporters protecting China being paid? – that must be graft or embezzlement or something including their Wm. Joyce treason – he was hanged after the 2nd WW for doing exactly what they are doing, but maybe they think Nance the Ripper Pelosi has a secret vaccine that will save them from American wrath.
    No way.

  3. For one thing China is responsible to all mess in world and ten of thousands people dead. And they need to paid for it. I also think that WHO is UN should be accountable for spreading Chinese lies. No more our money should ever paid for 1 American life.

  4. The WHO has become nothing more than a China apologist. We need to suspend all funding immediately. As far as the debt to China? I believe the cost to this country should be paid for by the Chinese and a certain portion of the debt (if not all) should be canceled as reparations.
    Many people believe this was a bio weapon directly aimed at North America and Europe; just one of many strategies to become the preeminent global power. Let’s cease the anti Russia rhetoric. It is a diversion from the true reality of our war with China.

  5. DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA. We have not been buying goods made in CHINA especially canned goods. Quality is very bad.

    • I have not bought anything “Made in China” for over 30 years. Unfortunately, REPUBLICAN George Bush II, cancelled the requirement of “point of origin” for imported goods, so it’s difficult to tell, except checking the quality. You may not realize it, but OUTSOURCING is illegal in Canada. That’s why our economy is quite stable today. I will invest in the TSX years before I gamble in the DOW.

  6. Stop cooperating with China. They will soon own the US’s economy if we don’t put a stop to it! The opioid epidemic in this country is because the Obama administration needed cheap medical supplies to keep the cost of Obamacare low. What did we get back? A lost generation of drug addicts. What else did they put in those drugs? We’ll probably never know the full extent of the drug deals Obama made with China…..meanwhile the congress members were filling their pockets with Chinese cash.

  7. It’s bad enough the resistance led by Pelosi is already forming a committee to trash President Trump and try to impeach him for a second time? The Democrats say they care about women blacks the environment yet they could careless about any of those people/agendas they just want power control and the money that comes with it. Her and several others should be removed from office and makes for a good debate for term limits. Politicians living off the US Taxpayer$ Pelosi alone has 35 years? Insane..

  8. Well, Howard, there WAS a “contingency” plan in place!But, after that last flu epidemic thatBiden/O did NOTHING about for 10MONTHS& their incompetence cost thousands their lives, they didn’t bother to restock as they should have, leaving us short for THIS epidemic which may have cost MORE lives! But Trump, called in best drs, scientists, heads of BigPharma-he actually spoke of this in the SOTU-&next day issued his travel ban that Dems&MSM screamed “racist”, “bigoted”, but CDC says saved countless lives! They gave him high praise, saying that they’ve never walked into a situation so well prepared! Manufacturers jumping in making supplies,only succeeded due toCapitalism!

  9. are you cooperating with china…..you knowci will never understand how china got so much over us.. This shows how little is made right here in the US..everything is dependant on china..a communist country

  10. I wish you people would proof read your replies. Just look at the reply previous to mine. I know it should read “never” not”ever”.

  11. Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) and other things that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus bill. Evil and Devious indeed! Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satanic Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus Bioweapon AKA: China Virus, Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts Soros the MSM fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials.RINOs..to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie free America!

  12. President Trump is doing the right thing about China .do not take your foot off the pedal this virus thing just proofs that they cannot be trusted and they will continue to screw us every chance they get

  13. 1) Trump is spot on
    2) China is responsible for the virus and is our enemy
    3) I can’t believe the ignorant grammar and spelling in many of these posts


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