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According to a new report, far-left billionaire George Soros spent at least 40 million dollars in recent years to help elect a slew of radical progressive prosecutors across America.

As The Daily Wire reports:

George Soros has invested tens of millions of dollars into getting progressive district attorneys elected in 75 cities across the United States, according to a new report.

Analysts with the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) found that Soros, a progressive billionaire and founder of the Open Society Foundations, has invested about $40 million over the past decade to elect dozens of progressive prosecutors, including many in the most populated U.S. cities. Soros-backed prosecutors represent one-fifth of all Americans, and they hold office in half of the top 50 most populated U.S. cities and counties.

Cities with Soros-backed district attorneys are responsible for 40% of criminal activity in the U.S, according to the LELDF. Soros-backed candidates are known for their support of “social justice” and lax criminal justice reform proposals.
“Soros is using that campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda,” LELDF President Jason Johnson told The Washington Examiner, the first to publish the analysis.
Why do you think Soros seems to bent on undermining America’s justice system from within? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. progressive commie sore-ohs made billions under capitalism to promote communism!
    democrats are such donkey holes!

  2. To undermine the greatest nation on earth and financially benefit … he has done it before …. he is actually banned from other countries for trying this same thing. People need to wake up to what is happening!

  3. These claims about George Soros are nothing but BS !!! The right needs to stop lying about and demonizing him !

    1. Berger…like attracts like…true Commies attract true Commies. The left is loaded with one-rule progressives-socialists….anyway, thanks for your BS!

  4. They should throw this POS Soros out of this Country. I don’t even care if He has become a Citizen. He is systematically destroying this Country w/all His billions. He is an evil Person!!

  5. Because he can’t be president and is ticked off….and therefore hates our wonderful country. Those prosecutors need to be identified and then they need to be impeached, or at least voted out on the next time around.

  6. I have to ask every gutless Congressman and woman, Why hasn’t that crooked, wrinkled, old ba***rd been thrown into the slammer by now? Just what are you afraid of? That old, POS is destroying America right before your eyes, and you’re doing nothing about it!! May God forgive all of you, and cause you to do something, before it’s too late for you AND America!

  7. Why do you people ask for comments, then delete them when they speak the truth? What are you afraid of?

  8. Soros has a goal of destroy9ng the US in his lifetime, the destructions sdesires is societal as well as Economic. Soros is succeeding and would view 40 million to install 75 radical leftist prosecutors as money well spent.
    America’s problem is tha absolutley the only defense America has form the indie is the 2nd ammendment…and Americans are not using it to any effect.

  9. If they have that kind of information on Soros get the names of all the judges he put on the bench because that is treason to operate against your own country so pull them off the bench NOW!

  10. this is the evil force behind obama/biden and gates/fauci to bring this country under satan’s control

  11. this guy seems to fall under the same double standard that the clintons,pelosis etc enjoy .. nobody goes afterthem.

  12. Why do we accept the use of the word “progressive” to describe leftists? “Destructive” would be more appropriate.

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