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Could Donald Trump be considering revoking more endorsements? Is he finally going to confirm his 2024 plans? Trump has never been seen like this before and he’s finally answering America’s burning questions. In an exclusive interview with Real America’s Voice “Just the News – Not Noise” Trump delves into a wide range of topics from the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine to issues here at home within the GOP and on the southern border with John Soloman and our partner Amanda Head.

Amanda Head and John Soloman with Donald J. Trump Courtesy of Amanda Head

As the world watches while Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, Trump wasn’t able to avoid noting the obvious link between current President Joe Biden’s family and wealthy Russian oligarchs.

During the 2020 election, Hunter Biden’s suspicious links to Russian oligarchs were uncovered after a laptop belonging to the youngest Biden son was uncovered. Amongst the troves of scandalous photos and videos of Hunter, there was also proof he accepted payments from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, an ally of Vladimir Putin, while he served on the board of Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma.

Shifting his focus back to issues within the United States, Trump hasn’t shied away from holding Democrats–and some Republicans, accountable for their radical agenda and the effects it has wrought on the country.

Last week Trump infamously announced the decision to pull his endorsement from Alabama Sen. Mo Brooks

“Mo Brooks was a leader on the 2020 Election Fraud and then, all of sudden, during the big rally in Alabama, he went “woke” and decided to drop everything he stood for—when he did, the people of Alabama dropped him, and now I have done so also. The people get it, but unfortunately, Mo doesn’t.,” Trump said at the time.

Trump, who has been crowned the “kingmaker” of the GOP, is continuing to keep a watchful eye over candidates without breaking his focus on the ultimate goal of winning back control of Congress in November. Despite Trump already issuing a slew of endorsements, he’s made it clear he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty for the good of the Party and shake things up once again.

The question remains on which Republican may meet the same fate as Brooks and have his endorsement snatched from under his feet?

However, the candidates aren’t Trump’s main concern, it’s securing election integrity. Despite the tumultuous 2020 election and some Republicans’ pleas, Trump has refused to shy away from the need to tighten election security. While Democrats have pushed to remove ID laws and allow ballot harvesting Trump praised the RNC’s efforts to fight against Democrats’ push to federalize elections and destroy citizens’ trust in one of the country’s most sacred rights.

While 2024 is still years away it’s clear Donald Trump is going nowhere while Democrats send our country into a downward spiral and he remains committed to Making America Great Again, both of which are terrifying to liberals.

TONIGHT: Want to see the full interview tonight when it airs? Be on the lookout for an email from our partner Amanda Head at The Hollywood Conservative!

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