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Journalist Lauren Bassett joined a chorus of voices across the political spectrum who are now calling for Chris Cuomo to be removed from his post covering politics for CNN due to his obvious conflict of interest and bias.

As Fox News reports:

Journalist Laura Bassett wrote Tuesday for MSNBC that CNN host Chris Cuomo “should resign from covering politics or be fired” over advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., on responding to the sexual harassment charges against him.

The call to oust another liberal primetime host in Cuomo followed New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation detailing multiple instances of sexual harassment by Gov. Cuomo. The explosive report included information about the younger Cuomo working behind the scenes to help his brother respond to the allegations.

“Given this information, Andrew Cuomo should resign immediately or be impeached,” Bassett wrote. “His brother, too, should resign from covering politics or be fired. It’s extremely inappropriate and unethical for a journalist to advise and craft the statements of a politician, regardless of family relation.”

Bassett’s complaints about MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ sexist language toward her led to his abrupt retirement last year.

Others across the political spectrum joined in Bassett’s call to fire Cuomo:



  1. Yeah, now they call on him to be fired because there’s no more hiding the fact that all of us who don’t have our heads stuck in the sand have known for a long time – that there’s been collusion and a very inappropriate conflict of interest by having Little Fredo cover politics in general but specifically stand on a soapbox for his brother. What a racket (hmmm? maybe RICO charges too?) LOL!

  2. I honestly couldn’t care less about this nonsense. He should’ve been tried and convicted of GENOCIDE of tens of thousands of of American seniors and others who were forced to be housed with infected residents forced to return to their group homes and senior centers. Sexual harassment and assault are the least of his crimes. As for his brother, we know he’s always been a hack and the defender of his brother. Let’s stop acting shocked and appalled now.

    1. The rest of the liberal talking heads on cable must be looking over their shoulders. When the liberal agenda is proven to be the evil house of cards it is, like dominoes, it will fall suddenly . WHERE TO GO !Th e left wont need them and the right won’t want them. I don’t think there are a lot of empty slots on main stream media that will accommodate them and Conservative media doesn’t want them.

  3. It’s so refreshing when they eat their own. The higher they lifted these scumbags up the further down the fall.

  4. CNN has presented biased “news” for a long time. This gave the Cuomo brothers their feelings that they could do anything and not be punished or held accountable.

  5. Oh heck no. It’s New York for goodness sake. They’re perfect.
    They are doing more to recruit for the republican party than anyone but Biden.

    Of course the problem is that as Andrew puts more people in their graves that equals more democrat votes. And the few people with an IQ above rock status are leaving.

  6. Does anyone else see the resemblance between Chris Chomo and Hunter Biden? They look A LOT ALIKE and could be brothers. Both obviously have the same low morals and disgusting personalities as well. And Asshat Cuomo belongs in prison already!

  7. This is a wake up call for the liberal media to reexamine their slanted agenda. If they can’t be objective and honest and honestly review news as it is presented from all sides of the spectrum they should have to label themselves as biased, opinionated and Democrat operatives or get the h22l out of the business.

  8. I’m not one who likes to divide us into liberal and conservative because we all have a degree of both ideologies in us in various levels. It is the extremist in either ideology that is dangerously ignorant and hateful. One good thing about extremists is that they have a tendency to turn on one another fairly quickly, especially Progressive liberals. As soon as one of their own becomes a detriment to them, Progressives will eat their own. We just need to have more rational, liberal minded citizens realize when their extremist idols have taken them too far down the wrong path. It’s good that the Cuomo’s are being attacked by their own, but we need a lot more Leftist revelations to get back on track as the nation we were designed to be.

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