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An innovative new conservative social media company ‘Caucus Room’ has now revealed how it plans on avoiding the fate of other social media companies who tried to appeal to Trump voters but ended up canceled by liberal learning tech giants like Google and Amazon.

Caucus Room founder Matt Knoedler and lead engineer Nathan Carlson published a detailed article on Thursday detailing the ways in which they are ‘cancel-proofing’ their new social media site. Setting up an environment in which conservative users will no longer have to fear having their free speech rights infringed upon by left-wing censors.

Knoedler and Carlson point out that it was the dramatic and stunning de-platforming of the social media app Parler in the wake of the January 6th disturbance at the Capitol building which showed just how far the left would go to silence those they disagreed with. Meaning that it was time to take drastic measures to make sure their own project would not meet the same fate.

Knoedler and Carlson continued, describing how a key part of cancel proofing their company was ensuring that they were no longer on  cloud-based platforms:

CaucusRoom.com is a social network designed to help conservatives gather, encourage and engage locally. We are a small but growing player among conservative platforms that see a need, and a business opportunity. Operating on the “Cancel Cloud” posed a liability to our company legally, financially, and technically. Now unshackled from Big Tech’s chains, CaucusRoom is better off in every respect.

Fortunately for CaucusRoom, our tech stack was still small and nimble enough to maneuver off the cloud on our own terms. Within days of the Parler deplatforming, we received about a dozen calls from conservative-friendly data centers and tech vendors. We easily found a data center with owners anxious to help companies like ours. The customer service is fantastic. Every person we work with is someone we’ve personally met— can you imagine saying that about a Big Tech company?

The move took about a month of preparation, testing, and transitioning. Backend infrastructure management is a different engineering discipline than the front-facing website seen by our users, but fortunately, our engineers spoke the language. If needed, our data center hosts also offer a team ready to personally help make the transition, and our monthly fee includes a few hours of their engineering time whenever needed. Now we are using the hardware we want, directly, and without a gaggle of woke gatekeepers.

In addition to allowing them to evade woke censors being off the cloud has also resulted in Caucus Room being not only faster but also responsive.

And as Knoedler and Carlson note, things have only gotten better for them since their transition away from Big Tech’s ‘Cancel Cloud’:

In just a few weeks after moving off the Cancel Cloud, CaucusRoom added new investors and landed a major national network of conservative activists. Our product improved, our risks decreased, and our future capabilities expanded.

It’s refreshing to finally see a conservative social media company that is prepared to take the proper steps necessary to ensure that the free speech of its users won’t be violated by the arbitrary whims of the radical left or corrupt silicon valley tech behemoths.

In an age in which conservatives are being forced to constantly scan the horizon for new threats it’s nice to know that Caucus Room has their back.

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Marcy Harris
Marcy Harris
1 year ago

I like the concept of the Caucus Room. Now to get all Conservatives to abondon Twitter and FB. How? I would love to be part of this but it will only work if we move over en masse.

Ed D.
Ed D.
1 year ago

All I can say is: IT IS ABOUT TIME!

Ken Fortin
Ken Fortin
1 year ago

Best of luck to you all….I am with you all the way….