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A 21-year-old Marine was hit in the back by a stray bullet while walking in New York City’s famous Times Square on Sunday afternoon while walking with his family.

The Marine, Samuel Poulin, was apparently an innocent bystander and the gunfire appeared to have originated from a dispute between a group of cd vendors.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Samuel Poulin, 21, a US Marine, was walking with his family at the time when he was struck by a bullet at around 5:15pm. He is believed to have been a completely innocent bystander who was visiting the city from Northville, upstate New York, to attend a baptism.

A group of five or six CD vendors were arguing under the Marriott Marquis sign on West 45th Street, according to police, when one pulled out a gun and fired a shot.

The victim’s wounds are not considered life-threatening but tourists in the vicinity were said to be shocked and frightened by what had unfolded before them.

A small group of people watched as crime scene tape was erected about the area with one police officer telling a tourist that it wasn’t ‘a show’, and that someone had been shot.

The shooting in one of New York’s most iconic tourist destinations highlights the stark toll rising crime is taking on the once prospoerous city.



  2. If only NYC had defunded the police faster, this shooting would never have happened. That’s how it works, right?

  3. The one who needs to be de-funded is DeBlasio. Thank God, we’re recalling our own joke of a Govenor in Calif. They both need to be in Git-mo for being traitors their states and the United States of America.

  4. I would never go to any city where ignorant stupid authorities have defunded the police. NY is a crime zone now.

  5. A Marine , well trained in the use of firearms, is not “aloud” to carry a gun, but, some thug is. The same idiots who make laws that put the CRIMINALS FIRST are wondering why tourists aren’t coming to New York City. You can’t make this stuff up !

  6. Peolpe should not use no guns use your words instead beasuse be helpful
    And we to be great attitude with people

  7. This is the liberals at their best. White conservatives are blamed with the gun violence when blacks and other minorities do most of the killing. It’s going to get alot worse in these liberal city jungles. I live in a tiny city in the south ,not one red light in whole town. No shootings very little crime period. And most of the people have guns and permits. Not gun it’s the vermin the left protects its their wards who are committing the crime. Bust into a house here and you are met with lethal force.

  8. The Big Apple has become rotten fruit after communist BLM/ANTIFA Riots, arson, looting, injuries and murders and demanding defunding of police. Apparently the Mayor is the rotten apple.

  9. Only solution is to remove the 2 at the top, Cuomo and de Blasio (Not his real name) Both are failures and actually quite evil. I believe Cuomo is in the pay of CCP. De Blasio is an out and out Communist

  10. I hate the big cities because you can’t trust the politicians to make sure people are protected. They are a bunch of whiney cry babies and refuse to do their job. So much hated in this country. GOD HELP US ALL. SORRY THAT MARINE WAS GUNNED DOWN. Senseless criminals!!!

  11. When are New Yorkers going to wake up, take their city back and start governing with Conservative policies. Time to take out organized crime, violent street gangs, crooked politicians, BLM and all other Marxist organizations in New York. But I can tell you from what I have seen, New Yorkers are mostly “Sheep”. They do not want police, they do not want constitutional government practices, so the “wolves” have taken over the City and State. Fear not though, there are “Sheep Dogs” ready to show you how to make New York, City and State into a well respected place to live and vacation, instead of being the shit hole it is now. God Bless America

  12. Who would want to visit NYC at this time? It’s hard to believe they have any tourists.

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