U.S. Department of State from United States via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump has long regarded “Fox & Friends” as his favorite cable news program. However, significant daylight has emerged between the conservative morning television program and Trump, following the president’s controversial call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over the weekend.

Trump asked Raffensperger to find 11,000 votes to overturn the presidential election results in the Peach State.

Mediaite reports:

This audio comes on the heels of news that Senator Ted Cruz leads a cabal of a dozen GOP senators who plan on objecting to the Electoral College certification vote on January 6th until there is an unprecedented “emergency audit” to look into allegations of voter irregularities.

Fox & Friends opened Monday’s show largely focused on a Georgia state run-off election and how critical it is for the Republican party that the GOP maintains control of the Senate and provides a legislative check on the democratically controlled White House and House. But eventually, the conversation turned to voter fraud allegations, introduced by Ainsley Earhardt, who repeated lots of baseless rumors. “I hear people saying they have got dead people’s ballots,” she posited, “I heard one lady say she got four ballots in the mail. Two of them were for the people who lived in her house before, and both of them are dead.” and “so many people have questions.” Brian Kilmeade interjected, ostensibly about the Cruz gambit, saying, “It’s got no shot of success.”

Steve Doocy stepped in and provided what some may see as a refreshing voice of reason. Replying to Earhardt’s baseless suggestions, Doocy politely noted, “That’s the case that Donald Trump and his lawyers have put out. They said there is all this evidence,” he noted. “But they haven’t really produced the evidence,” Doocy noted he had read the entire transcript of the call between Trump and Raffensperger,  noting how the president spoke of thousands of dead people voted and the Secretary of State down in Georgia said, that after looking into it, they only found two.

“There have been a number of the president’s supporters who have said things on TV or on social media that have, you know, clouded the waters where it’s like wow, thousands of dead people. Dominion machines and all that stuff,” Doocy chimed in, “But interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence. And so far we haven’t seen the evidence. Maybe today at noon bring out the evidence but we haven’t seen the evidence.”

Can Fox News regain its trust with Trump supporters or has the network lost its credibility for good? Tell us in the comments below!


        1. It is a thing of the past so far as I am concerned! I guess tucker and levin are locked into a contract- they are very good-and as far as Ainslee-forget her/ she is just another who “worked” her way up thanks to Sean H. Now divorced

          1. McCarthy was maligned but he was absolutely right. We are seeing the result now. They did this very gradually, but he knew it was a coup attempt. All colleges are infiltrated with CCP and Communist Professors. Anyone who questions McCarthy was educated in the Progressive Colleges.

      1. No such thing as being central anymore unless they dig up walter cronkite and clone him.Poor guy must be spinning in his grave

    1. I officially stopped on election night when I saw the travesty happening. Where have all the true journalists gone?

    2. I’ve said before that if they continued on that leftward curve they would put their necks into the same noose that hanged CNN et al. They did.

  1. Fox News has lost it, never to be regained! Wonder how they are being blackmailed? Praying for God to expose the corruption in the media, the government, the courts and restore this Country for the purposes it was established.

    1. No one needs blackmail them. They are controlled since the lefty kids took over from Rupert Murdoch. Add to that all the left wingers who now appear on shows, Wallace, Brazile and Williams to name but a few of them.

      1. Sorry to focus on Juan Williams —-but tell when has he ever been nothing but a complete Screwball— you almost have to be embarrassed 🙈 for him as he speaks like and interrupting retard all the time as your eyes roll back 🤕

        1. I get a kick out of his frowning, wide eyes which reminds me of Stimy of the little rascals, eye rolls and head shaking when he doesn’t like what’s being said.

          1. I tried to post a comment here about Raul Williams about 5 minutes ago. Then my computer crashed. Good grief! whenever I am watching The Five on Fox News I use my remote control to turn Raul Williams off.

        2. I agree he is the most negative person beside Kamala Harris their problem they want to be white Juan son is a Republican a d his grandchildren look more white si Juan is jealous of that they are not black enough seeing juan hertigage choose what side ti be African ir black so get him off fox Is one of my reason I dont like that man

        3. Totally agree about Juan! The
          remaining are tree huggers!
          They all turned on Trump on
          Election night! Losers!

      2. How they can allow a cheating nappy head Brazelle as commentator who gave debate question in advance to Hillary says all you need to know about FOX

      3. Why on Earth are they still having these people? I don’t watch very much Fox News anymore because of them!!! How come Fox News does not have a clue?

        1. Now that they shifted toward the center more and more people are now watching Fox.
          Fox is not in this for the politics, they are true Conservatives, they are in this for the money.

      4. Don’t forget that 2 faced Geraldo that swears he’s Trump’s friend, yet talks about him behind his back all the time!!!

        1. You are wrong. You are an uneducated treasonous bastard. Why don’t you move to Venezuela where if your neighbor likes you he may eat you.

    2. I agree with all of you but (we the people) have to take out country back sorry it’s not going to be easy thank the Rinos for that if we just sit back they will roll right over us we need to fight back and never give up

  2. I’m with Ainsley.
    In Pennsylvania my wife and I also received multiple ballots including one for a former resident who moved out of state 3 years ago.
    We voted in person, but were made to use provisional ballots because we had received ballots in the mail. The provisional ballots were sealed in envelopes and we were given tear-off numbered stubs.
    We were told to go to the state website after 3 days to see the status of our ballots.
    As of today 1/4/21 both ballots still come up as “BALLOT NOT FOUND”.
    Most of my friends also received multiple ballots in the mail.

  3. i will never watch fox news or believe anything they are telling the american people special when they did not let their emploee talking about communist SOROS IN THEIR NEWS ITS VERY DENGEROUS FOR OUR COUNTRY TO TRUST ANY MEDIA I GROW UP IN COMMUNIST COUNTRY AND I KNOW HOW THEIR CROOKED MINDS WORK

  4. I am appalled at how much you have shifted your allegiance toward the liberals and not conservatives. Fox News is no longer fair and balanced regardless of what you taut. I now get my news from NewsMax. Goodbye Fox. Hello NewsMax.

    1. Since moving to the center Fox has picked up viewers.
      Personally I like how they are presenting multiple points of view.
      They are no longer goose steeping into Trump’s behind,
      If you want to change politics start in the middle.
      The wing nuts never get anything done.

      1. Biden whose been in gov. 50 yrs and has not done anything forAmerica ,but has gotten millions for himself . He’ll rake in more money from China,being they own him!!!!

  5. fox will never be the same.. it proves that as long as our highest office gave them news worthy of their reporting, they were friends.. Trump is the same today as he was a year ago.. he is for the AM people, especially Veterans, middle class working citizens and never let any of us down during his term in office.. haven’t watched FOX since the election and don’t plan on watching them any time soon..

  6. I am done with Fox News. They are now , quickly becoming clones of CNN and the other , so called , News channels. Their opinion programing is , by and large , still conservative but their ” news ” programming is leaning left. If I wanted CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS or the others, I would watch them. I am watching more NEWSMAX every day now. Goodbye FOX NEWS.

  7. We no longer watch Fox and Friends in the AM or Fox period. I am sorely disappointed in Ainsley Earhart and Brian Kilmeade, just shut up. You never know when to be quiet and you have done it for years. I still love Steve Doocy but no longer the other two.

    1. You said it all about Ainsley and Brian. Both too boring to begin with and put a nail in their own coffin me to end with—-hey! Brian when in history have traitors been admired like you and Ainsley betraying Our great President and lallygag Over Biden

  8. Ever since Murdoch gave the reigns to the Fox News division to his liberal son, they have steadily gone down hill! If it weren’t for Hannity, Tucker and Ingrahm, their ratings would be in the toilet! Fox News used to be the voice of reason in a media market clouded with fake news, but not anymore!

  9. It seems like there are Much Bigger Wheels in motion here than meet the Eyes of America because All the Kings men and the Judges are turning a “Blind Eye or both Eyes” away from even looking at the Evidence when all America knows about what happened ,Yet the Powers that can correct this Dilemma are in serious Denial or they are being Coerced or Threatened

  10. I ditched FoxNews several months ago for NewsMax and OAN. Fox is rapidly becoming part of the Mean Socialist Makeup (MSM) of fake news. They should just admit they are joining the Socialist/Communists in the destruction of America

  11. Fox News is fast becoming another leftist fake news source. One American News and Newsmax are beginning to overtake them by number of viewers. At some point Tucker, Hannity, and Laura will leave and that will be the end of FNC.

  12. Other than Tucker Carlson, I will be watching no more Fox News. I don’t need a news source that does not recognize the blatant fraud that has taken place in the election. We have OAN, Newsmax, and the Epic Times. Who needs CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or any of those other propaganda machines?

  13. No wonder their ratings are in the toilet…….bye bye Fox News! So many of us trusted you…….you said you were “Fair & Balanced!” You need to change that to, “UNFAIR & BIASED!”

  14. Doocy knows better, the courts won’t let them show the evidence. They’ve been bought. But Fox I stopped watching that many months ago.

  15. They have lost the trust of voters as noted by the lack of comments. Fox has become irrelevant just like CNN and MSNBC. OAN and Newsmax are the only ones now trying to present both sides. Fox is no longer fair nor balanced.

  16. The telephone conversation was an hour long and Fox is forgetting to give all the quotes that shed light on the the conversation.

    This is a prime example of media lies due to exclusion of the whole truth and why I do not trust any media. Go over to NewsMax and listen to their reports then make your own decision based on other remarks.

  17. Read the reports, watch the videos on-line of the meetings with the state legislatures and other state officials that are available. Listen to the audience gasp at the revelations of fraud that has been documented. Even a video of one of the MSM channels as the vote tallies displayed for all of America to see miraculously change by the tens of thousands “ON AIR.” Mr. Doucy are you blind? It is so disheartening to watch as the Fox News we trusted falls in line with the Democratic propoganda. Soon it will no longer be the Democrat Party propoganda, it will be the “State Propoganda;” just like in China, Russia and other Communist countries. This is so incredibly sad.

  18. I stopped watching FOX News, all of it. So I don’t care that Kilmeade and Doochy are saying what pleases the front office at FOX.

  19. Fox News has completely and irrevocably destroyed any trust we ever had in it. We have stopped watching Fox News completely, and are having it removed from our television subscription plan. The anchors are almost entirely turncoats, and Fox News now disgusts us.

  20. Fox News had been on life support for some time…they became officially dead to me on November 3 when they revealed their true colors. I had been a fan since their network began in the ‘90s..no longer.

  21. If FOX News is not going to support conservative efforts, there will be no reason for our family to continue watching.

  22. Fox is no longer non biased. The sons are liberal and now trying to attract liberal Dem viewers. So consevatives and Patriots and Trump supporters don’t watch this channel anymore. We see like in this article the Dem talking points that it is pushing. NOPE, this show has been biased for years and now the entire cable network is. We are asking that Hannity, Tucker, and any other Patriots form a new network. We will pay for it.

  23. Discussed with Fox News and how they have turned on President Trump except for Hannaity, Tucker, Waters and Levin and several others. I felt it was the only fair news show, but not any longer. Shameful!

  24. I am NEVER watching Fox News again. The only one I’ll watch is Hannady. The others have turned “LEFT”!!!!

  25. Fox News you have lost this faithful viewer as of election night! That was the final straw! I’ll never watch your station ever again! Too bad the left leaning Changes made when the son’s took over ruined your station

  26. We are done with Fox News, they have become as negative as all the rest of the hate news and after being loyal viewers and listeners for many, many years we are through. Tell the Murdox clan to go pound sand!

  27. Let’s take this point by point. 1) Earhardt’s contention that people received multiple ballots, some for deceased residents, and moved-away residents, is true. I have two neighbors myself who received just that, and people all over the country have sworn under penalty of perjury that they received such ballots also. Thus, her statements aren’t baseless. 2) Brian saying the anticipated objections have no chance in Congress is hardly an asessment of the their merits. He’s simply predicting the political chances of Congress people doing the right thing, which I agree, is a long shot. 3) As to Doocy. Trump Team variously submitted as evidence to courts: thousands of pristine printed ballots for Biden, trucks full of ballots delivered to other states, ballots cast from out-of-state residents (not students/soldiers), to name just three, but the courts refused to examine the evidence, which is not an assessment of their merit. They just declined the suits for standing and procedures. 4) The Sec. of State is covering his and many others’ asses. There are hundreds of dead people’s cast votes attested to by technical observers under threat of perjury.
    How sad, and horrifying, this all is. This is the worst constitutional crisis of our history, besides the Civil War.

  28. Haven’t watched this bucket of crap in a long time…This was a REMINDER OF WHY I DON’T…..They are paid by CHINA AND THE DUMBOCRAPS….

  29. Their back and forth exchange sounds like a comedy show.
    They know there is evidence but they keep repeating what they are told to. Anyway don’t watch fox anymore. Newsmax and OAN here we come!

  30. I quit Fox right after they called LYING Joe Bide n a winner long before the ballots were in. This caused so many not to bother voting believing LYING Joe Biden won. HE DID NOT, PERIOD!! FOX CAN KISS WHO EVER WAS LEFT OF FOLLOWERS GOOD BYE!!!

  31. (Steve) Doocy chimed in, “But interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence. And so far we haven’t seen the evidence.”

    Steve, you USED to be the voice of reason. Now you’re the voice of misdirection. Had you spoken truthfully – as I remember you capable of six months ago – your sentence would have read

    “But sadly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if the court refuses to hear the case on the pretense of ‘lack of standing’ or ‘closed latches.’ And so far, THAT’s why we haven’t seen the evidence.”

  32. Fox has lost me due to their liberal reporting except for Tucker, Jessie, Sean, Laura, Jeanine and Greg. I won’t watch any of the others! They are just like all the other Fake News Media. I have switched mainly to News Max because they respect my conservative values. Shame on Fox!

  33. P_resident Trump did nothing wrong, he asked for nothing but Rathensberger to do his sworn duty. Analysis by experts has shown that thousands of votes for Trump were illegally discarded or switched to become votes for Biden. Just more MSM lies.

  34. Fox News is dead to 74 million people who found it mandatory that Trump wins this election. If you don’t know what really took place in Georgia Pennsylvania and the other states get your heads out of your ass and watch the state elections that’s been all over One American news. Why do you think everybody is going there and Newsmax. We’re sick of your wishy-washy middle of the road slightly left bullshit. I was a diehard FOX fan. Never ever again. And sadly when you get involved in these other conservative channels there’s no time to switch back to Fox for somebody you like. Sadly Janine, Jesse, even Hannity will go down the tubes with you. Because their shows conflict with people that were beginning to rely on on the other channels. Right now Tucker Carlson is the only one worth my time. When you lose Tucker you lose everything and honestly I hope Tucker moves over to one of those channels. He could go on the first with Bill O’Reilly, Jesse Kelly, and they would love him and that would be a great place for him because FOX has betrayed us.I’m done with all of you and I stand in the majority of conservatives. You forgot what brought you to where you are. Sad sad I used to Love FOX. No more never again bye

  35. I wish Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Maria Bartolomeo and Lou Dobbs would all leave this network. I personally have stopped watching all but those 4 shows. I will not even watch Hannity since the election. Sad to see this network go down with the ship like our country is headed.

  36. Fox News has lost viewers and is slowly changing away from conservative views and issues. One America News and Newsmax are taking their former audience. OAN has and is doing wonderful in-depth investigations of Hunter and Joe’s corruption in the family mafia. They are airing the GA legislative committee with the whistleblowers who are testifying under oath with their experiences, videos, and photos. In addition they are listening to forensic experts on the ballot inspections, manipulation of results, false and forged ballots, and the difference seen in ballots filled by computer replication to authentic machine press printed ballots. There is an overwhelming case being made directed at the Secretary of State who has fired the whistleblowers, refused to turn over data or ballots as well as explain while a document shredding company was videoed hauling bags of ballots at a ballot counting station which is not legal to do for 22 months. Meanwhile, FOX News has been as silent as CNN and MSNBC or the NYT on any of this.

  37. The chief problem in this is that the courts aren’t taking any evidence and have cited lack of standing or 12 (b)(6), or jurisdiction or forum or ripeness and one even invoked the ancient common law doctrine of laches which in my 40 years of practice I have never even seen invoked as a defense. Therefore, the public hasn’t seen the evidence in an impartial, judicial forum.

  38. That does it, Fox news can go to hell !!!. If your pitaful so-called news persons can’t be trustesed. can you spell (socialism) .

  39. I now watch OAN & NEWSMAX both are what fox was before the baby bears/wives took over with a comment that they wanted to turn fox into a mainstream news channel like cnn. I saved that comment on my desktop which has since crashed. If anyone has it saved please attach it to a response to this comment.

  40. You people seem to have a standard line of saying Baseless Allegations. I don’t think you would the know the truth if it sat on your face and wiggled.

  41. I’m so tired of Fox’s about face on President Trump. I used to have Fox News on 24/7. I woke up to it & went to sleep with it after Laura Ingraham. After 11/3 I have turned to OAN & Newsmax. Fox is no longer allowed on any of the 4 tv’s in my house.

  42. Fox, it’s incredibly thwarted so called Christian women, men who can’t think for themselves or do their own due diligence of research have proved how incredibly stupid they are. No evidence has been seen because they haven’t presented it. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity need to find an honest reporting news network!

  43. Done with Fox & Friends. I still watch some Fox News programs, but for the most part I’m done with Fox News.

  44. Years ago, when we first became part of the Fox “family”, even though we did not agree with some information we trusted Fox to be courageously conservative and a bright shining star. Their support of President Donald J. Trump was unfailing and bolstering in the Washington swamp. Then Fox’s true colors were shamelessly, openly displayed on election night for the world to see. There betrayal lost millions of viewers and plummeted ratings. Just desserts! We are more than satisfied with Newsmax and AAON. The truth shall set you free.

  45. After fox did that election coverage, fxxx Fox News I watch newsmax & OAN for my news now, no wan,Donna , etc !!

  46. Fox and friends lost all credibility a long time ago!!! Yes, there is real evidence to the fact showing mail fraud and voting machine fraud.

  47. Fox is advertised as ‘Fair and Bslanced’ but since election nite have been for ‘the winners’ or whom they thought would be the winners. Turncoats! Only Fox I watch now is the 5. Had been a loyal since they started. Now NEWSMAX.

  48. Fox News on any channel has lost my entire family! They showed when the going gets tough they are no better than a liberal fake news channel!! Bubbye Fox

  49. With Paul Ryan on the board of directors, the sheep are taking their orders from the slime ball that was accused of wanting to overthrow Trump.

  50. They want evidence, they’ll get the evidence same time we get the evidence. Did Fox sell out to ChYna? How does one change their stance and support overnight unless it’s worth big bucks.

  51. There has been plenty of evidence of voter fraud l think it is a shame that you choose to ignore this fact. Shame on you .. this country is going to be turned over to criminals and treasonous but you seem to be okay with that. I wonder how you will be reporting China knocking on your door.

  52. this is not something that just popped up,I’ve been saying for a long time that FOX was not on the same page as the conservatives , and that includes Hanitty who keeps repeating the left’s line. We don’t need to see the line peddled by CNN and the rest of the MSM.repeated on FOX

  53. Fox will be loosing a lot of their audience if they do not start speaking the FACTS and TRUTH. Opinions are like assholes, every one has one, and Conservatives are getting tired of OPINIONS!

  54. another bunch of Fox people betraying the President—have they seen all and
    heard all the evidence–do they care? I’ve lost it with Brian–he was for Trump
    conceding at the beginning—Trump needs to start a new Network!!

  55. Go to youtube and listen to the words of the Dominion executive Eric Coomer, a Trump hater and Director of strategy, who explained how the votes would be changed and that Trump f…ing isn’t going to win. And that is just for starters. Then listen to Jovan Pulitzer who testified in Georgia last week about the fraud and his ability to prove it and then all the sworn affidavits and testimonies given by people who have come forward out of disgust, out of fear, who have been threatened. What the hell is wrong with people and the media for not hearing this and caring about the long and short term consequences of this fraud. Fox & Friends has joined the other fake media sources and won’t report the truth and use the word “alleged” all too often. They rose to the #1 slot on the backs of Donald Trump and now they have turned their backs on him. And Brian Killmeade sounds as if he is the expert on anything political. I am so angry with them for their disloyalty. I will now follow OAN and Newsmax.

  56. ‘FOX and ‘Friends’ no longer friends to Conservatives!! New Liberal Management turning it into another Left Wing Media outlet ..Bye Bye !!!

  57. Fox is swirling down the drain as fast as they can. Viewers are leaving by the droves. They would not know evidence of fraud if it were spelled out across the sky for all to see. Have you checked ratings lately? Look at what has happened to Hannity and Carlson. Taking them down with them. A pitiful bunch at Fox now. Hello NewsMax. Good riddance to Rivera and Williams. They finally got everyone drinking the koolaide.

  58. Don’t watch Fox anymore for reasons such as this. All wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing. No one can tell who the enemies are anymore until they open their mouths…and then you know.

  59. They lost my trust on ELECTION NIGHT. Bill Hemmer calling states before they were amongst other things. FOX has shown what they truly are. A miniature version of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS. The majority of the hosts are blatant on what they say so you know they are with Biden etc. There is no more FAIR and IMPARTIAL with FOX. IT IS ALL IN FOR DEMOCRAT.

  60. Bunch of “cramp”. You know, I know and everyone knows what is happening . I just dont know why the American people , @ least 74 million of us are allowing it to happen. God help us, he knows the media is lying, all of you. The best I can hope for is the knowledge that you reap what you sow. When Harris gets us in deep do do and makes Soros, obumer, The Biden’s, just to name a few, a whole lot richer and “powerful” and further destroys this wonderful Country, there is no where else to go, the majority of you will, eventually, be in the sewer with the rest of us.
    you can vote your way into communism and corruption, but you will have to fight and put your life on the line to get freedom back. Those of us who are willing to do that, are getting too old to do it for you. God help us all!

  61. I guess they didn’t see the video of the suit cases being pulled from under the desks. Is that not evidence ? Pulitser just gave a presentation to law makers in Georgia proving the Dominion machines could be reached through WIFI and manipulated. Is that not evidence ? FOX has turned into CNN when it comes to telling the truth. A shame they destroyed what used to be a reasonable channel to watch. Now Wallace is their star player. what a zero piece of crap they are now using to navigating their broadcasts. Take note advertisers. Their watchers are leaving and so should you.

  62. Just maybe, FOX should start watching and pay close attention to One America News Network. OANN just aired several hours of hearings from Georgia legislators. The GA legislators heard from several brave people who, filed legal affidavits and were there to expose what really happened not just on election night, but in the days and weeks since. WAKE UP FOX “News” your viewers have noticed your leftward direction and it STINKS.

  63. I sure hope fox understands that there audience is trump and conservative Republicans. I would assume folks running fox know this … because if they believe they are going to pull democrats and RHINOs, they are fooling themselves

    In addition Fox has been bruised by both CNN and MS NBC as fake news for conservatives.

    Trump and his policies aren’t going away any time soon. When you hear the new Republican Congress woman – they know that we are the party of the middle class and blue collar workers.

    And they have come in to office on the Trump train ….Fox News might consider calling them and giving them all the air time they want

  64. The only way to make FOX pay is to quit buying products that advertise on shows that aren’t so ” fair and balanced “. The pocket book rules…………………..

  65. 🗣WTF the Fox 🦊 News is Dead to me they have gone over to “The DarkSide Of The Force” NewsMax & OANN are my new sources for Good Honest News Reporting and Opinion!🤔💭🏴‍☠️


  67. When the Fox and friends producers allow one of the Murdoch’s emotion driven wife set the agenda the ship has definitely hit the sand. The Murdochs need to get out of the news business before they bring down the entire empire. Tis a shame to see one of the most efficient, and conservative news organizations be shot to hell by a blabber mouth woman…

  68. AM Boycotting and will continue too, Fox has lost all credibility with me and many friends, no More Fox at all !

  69. baseless claims you say? what rock have you been hiding under? there is a pile of evidence and sworn statements and you have the nerve to say no evidence? you must be crazy left wing morons i say!

  70. No Way will I ever watch again, Doocy needs to get down here and see for himself, it is a disgrace and we have all been disenfranchised

  71. Contraversial call my ass! The fools within the DCAP (demoncrap/communist/atheist party) and their propaganda media are the only ones saying this!

  72. Fox news are DNC political hacks, they will never recover, every month they will keep losing ratings until they are gone, they can take Paul Ryan and the Murdock boys with them good riddance!

  73. I stopped watching Fox on Nov 3 after years of watching it for balanced fairness. That joke was blown by Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith and has now become the rule. No difference in CNN and FOX now. SGHC, PhD

  74. I no longer watch Fox. I can’t trust Fox since the change of management to those UK Murdock owners which have changed its focus from support of the President.


  76. Fox stations have lost their credibility with me. I have no patience with them and it started 3 years ago with Chris Wallace then ballooned with all the opinionated falsehoods coming out of their mouths. Especially Shepherd Smith who is no longer with Fox.

  77. When you turn your back on the people that made you number one, you will quickly lose your number one rating. Just the facts…..

  78. I keep hearing there isn’t any evidence. I have seen evidence that has shown voting irregularities. Where is the curiosity of journalists to follow the story? Fox has fallen in lock step with its other cable news competitors. As a news source it has lost its value to me and my time.

  79. I used to be an everyday Fox Watcher, but since they have become a branch of CNN I totally never turn it on anymore. I can get real news and real stories by people who don’t make up their own opinions to report from Newsmax! Love their stories, their Reporters, and all the people that used to be on Fox, now on Newsmax. I kept wondering why they were no longer Contributors to Fox…Even the Radio Stations indorse Newsmax! Yeah, real and unbiased news. You People don’t need to make up our minds for us, nor do they need to try and change our minds. If that’s what I wanted, I’d watch CNN, and MSNBC!! Tell Geraldo, Donna, Juan, and many others working at your station that they SUCK!!! Lies, Lies, and more Lies!! Newsmax is so refreshing!! The Murdoch family made serious mistakes when they hired lying Paul Ryan and the rest of their crew!! Bye, Bye To The Lies!!!

  80. The Murdoch boys have done what so many OTHER BABY BOOMERS have done to a successful business inherited from their father….
    THEY RUIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol lol (I love it!!!!!)

  81. I really don’t want a news service that is overly emotional and subjective! I don’t have a problem with FOX’s sharing what the have as facts! Let the other guys behave with bias! If I have facts, I will decide what I believe.

  82. I was a Fox and Friends viewer for many years. They’re worse than CNN. At least the mopes on CNN don’t pretend to be conservatives.

  83. FOX has done nothing to help President Trump since the election and FOX will see their sad fate after abandoning him. They could have done so much more.
    No one wants to see the evidence and so the doors of state legislatures and as high as the Supreme Court have said that there is no there there because they are afraid of riots. Didn’t our President teach us to fight and stand up for what is right. Look at his foreign trade policies. You have lost a big share of your audience. Thanks Hannity, Levin, Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingraham, Bongino and a few others. That is it. As a major network that we trusted – YOU CAVED.

  84. They are so uninformed – why would hundreds of affidavits be submitted with risk of legal charges if not true? Why were voting rules overturned in GA but not changed by the State Legislature? There’s more. But like CNN, were they told what to report?

  85. Ainsley Airhead is stupid, stupid, stupid. She knows less about the issues than the average 4th grader. Rachel Campos Duffy SHOULD be the news anchor. Use to be Earhardt never said anything, and now she never shuts up and says even less. She knows nothing and never will. Putting Earhardt in charge coincides withe the Fox demise. if they would start addressing their problems with the basics of their news delivery, and try to cut down on the number of women now in charge, then they might have a chance on resurrecting some of their former viewers from NewsMax and One America. Until then, they just continue to spiral downward. (and btw, to keep promoting the hard liberal Chris Wallace really is flying over the top. If anyone belongs on CNN, it is him.)

  86. FOX, I am done with you.

    You are now just a slot to jump over to get to a channel I want to watch, like cnn and the rest of the alphabet club.

    Some of you need to stand up against whoever is pulling your strings.

    Doocy, I hope you encourage your son to not lose his moral compass like you have.

  87. This family has no faith in Fox News Anymore. For the past four years the evil Democratic Party has not just whined and carried on about how Trump stole the election but they also did everything they could think of to destroy his presidency. People at Fox shouldn’t have to have “Proof” of deception, they witnessed it for four years. Stand up for truth!

  88. Steve sounds like cnn or msnbc! Repeating their rhetoric. They have the evidence I believe only no one will allow them to present it. This way they get a chance to present the evidence and debate it.Everyone can hear and see it than let the chips fall where they may. Everyone should want this done Dems and Rep so we can have non fraudulent elections now and in the future.If you resist this than I believe you do not want to know the truth.just keep repeating its a conspiracy long enough until that can be past off as the truth.

  89. This article uses inflammatory words. “lots of baseless rumors. baseless suggestions.” Remove the words baseless. These words lead the reader to believe they rumors or suggestions are lies. The rumors and suggestions were not lies. Real people made the accusations. You are making news instead of reporting it.

  90. Every News Agency should be condoning the over turning off this Election , because this Country ,and all children here will suffer enormously under Biden’s policies .Much prayer is needed.This Election was stolen.

  91. Fox and Friends usually gives the President the benefit of doubt which is huge in this
    world where most of the media hate the President and they continue to try to make
    everything the man says sound bad.

  92. I’m finished with FOX. I’m finished with NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC as well as any network producing lies to the American people in order to improve ratings.

  93. Fox News need to venture out of their little bubble….If you want to see and hear the evidence than do as I have done and watch the hearings that have been conducted in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin and you will hear FACTS that will make your head spin!!!!! These mental giants have no clue what they are talking about and that is why their ratings are going down the tube!!!!!


  95. only if they want to. I stopped watching the day after the election and I miss Laura, Jeanine and a few others, but now watching One America News

  96. I really don’t have much to add to these comments….most everyone said it very well….and I read everyone of them cause it gives me hope…I begin to feel that the world has gone mad… so I need to hear that there are actually still some sane people who love this country and are willing to fight…but I still have a hard time believing we are in this situation…no way that Trump should have lost….just NO WAY! Except by fraud…..cheating and stealing…..stupid, stupid people who want to ignore it…..

  97. I will always stand with President Trump – he has proven so many things to be right when there were so many doubters. There are too many things that went on to not believe fraud took place!!!!

  98. Just because ‘Mediaite declares Ainsley’s comments as ‘baseless rumors’, are we all going to believe that? I am one who received an extra ballot. My daughter-in-law received an unsolicited ballot. These are not ‘baseless rumors’. Lame stream media has invaded American Action News.

  99. What credibility? So far the courts have not presented any interest in having the evidence presented. With all the documentation on the internet indicative of voter fraud, one would conclude that the courts would allow all that evidence to be presented. There are serious national security concerns with foreign intervention within our electoral process. It is ironic that the Socialist Demorats engineered a phony Russia gate conspiracy to remove the president, yet there is no interest in investigating voter fraud that may have tainted the election affecting its outcome by foreign entities. There is only one way to resolve this mess and it is by ordering complete audits of ballots collected, reviewing election laws to ensure compliance with the Constitution and state law and jailing those involved with election tampering. Election fraud of this magnitude is outrageous and it just demonstrates how deep the swamp really is. Supreme Court Justice Roberts is a wimp, a disgrace and should resign.

  100. I have been so disappointed in Fox lately. I use to watch Fox & Friends but this whole election with all its fraud, I can’t watch anymore and now with them turning on us and Trump, it’s not likely I’ll watch much anymore. I usually watch, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Waters, Judge Jeanine and definitely Mark Levin.

  101. Just like NFL, Fox and Friends wont be playing on my TV. If any friends play it, I will explain to them that F&F is paid for by Soros and funding the collapse of America.

  102. Fox has lost us after years of no other news. Evidence is being ignored so sure there is no proof is people in power won’t ever look to see. You among them. Moved to Newsmax for good

  103. I’ve switched to OAN and Newsmax. Fox is as bad as the others, just acts like they are fair. Only a few remain true. Hannity, judge Janine. And Laura.

  104. Fox: NO. Most of you have showed your true leftist colors. Fox Business does not show leftist colors. The damage is done.

  105. Fox & Friends has LOST our viewership FOR SURE!!!! SO SAD!!!! They used to be our “go to” station but not anymore.

  106. They should be able to find more than 11,000 votes with all of the voter rigging going on by the democrats!!!

  107. I am surprised. I thought S. Powell had 270 pagrs of fraud and irregularitieses. Haven’t Brian, Ainsley, Peter and Steve read those 270 pages? My gut feeling is that they have not read those pages nor do they even care to. That is sad.

  108. When Roger Aile’s heirs (Lachlan) came on the scene, the show lost its’ heart, by leaning to the Left. Conservative viewers loved FNC because it was the only centrist, conservative show out there.
    Now that too has been taken from us. Add O’Reilly’s departure; you can see why conservatives are flocking to OAN for their news.

  109. I haven’t watched them since Nov 3. They joined the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC no watch list at my house. I watch OANN and Newsmax, but not as much. Life is a little more normal when I don’t watch as much “news”.

  110. So much for FOX !! Snd fir Ainsley, shame snd disappointment from her home state of SC . Has she forgotten where she came from?

  111. This is not about “overturning” anything. It is about elimination of fraud and certifying the election for the proper winner.

  112. never watch fox again ,in any form.Maybe to get a list of their advertisers TO BOYCOTT!!!That goes for TUCKER THE BETA AS WELL!!!

  113. Nice to know you support a station for years the. They turn on you. If they can’t see that it is impossible for Biden to have won this election legally then there is something wrong with you. The Dems have pulled this stunt over and over in ca with great success Sad that one of the few places where conservatives can get news is now dropped off the cliff into liberal talking points. The liberals and Dems do not need additional help. They already dominate the news the mo yes colleges think radio sports. Now add fox

  114. I read the transcript and what they’re saying is really taking the conversation out of context, in my opinion.

  115. The SOS of Georgia is a fraud and a criminal. He brought in the Dominion System because he and Governor Kemp are imbedded with the CCP. The Dominon machines did it all over again with regard to the runoff. Both Republicans ahead. Machines are shut off. Suddenly Dems are in the lead. Votes from Perdue are taken out and given to Ossoff. You cannot make this stuff up. Same things happened on November 3 to 4.

  116. No one in my large crowd watches Fox News any longer. Mark Levine and Judge Janine are the only ones worth watching.

  117. I haven’t watched Fox since November 3rd,I only watch real news like Newsmax and OAN,as far as Faux Fox,I hope they continue to drop in viewership and eventually cease to exit,all we want is fair and balanced news,something that Faux Fox is not able or capable of doing.

  118. I disagree With this and many other articles ! He feels there has been some cheating going on in the election with the machines & I do also. He has requested to do “forensic” audets of said equipment; YET been denied over and over. “IF THERE WAS NO MESSING AROUND DONE” WHY the big fight not to let this be done, and show “WE The People” everything was done above board, and the outcome was as “claimed” It would smooth out a whole lot of peoples attitude, and let us move on. But if it didn’t it would hang a lot of ASS’s. SO; Whats the real answer as to why nobody will conceed to the audet ? Who has what to hide ?

  119. what annoys me is the constant use of “baseless claims” of voter fraud. There is plenty of evidence.. Thought this was a conservative place….guess not

  120. Fox is dead on arrival, except for Tucker and Martha and Dana Perino and Jesse and Gutfeld. The rest are not worth listening to. Juan can go fly a kite.

  121. NEVER! For years their r motto was fair & balanced, should be unfair & unbalanced! They are all for the pathetic old incompetent man , and the communist woman who ran with him. they have done a 180 since soros and the sons took over. So glad so many tuned them out!


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