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Mainstream media bias hit a new low Sunday when “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd asked a Trump-bashing question so vile presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden told him he went too far.

But despite Biden’s pushback, the question came directly from Biden’s campaign.

During an interview with Biden, Todd turned the topic to the global outbreak of coronavirus and suggested Trump was directly responsible for the death toll.

“Your campaign put out — in a critique of President Trump and says, ‘If he doesn’t do these things he could cost lives,’” said Todd.

“Do you think there is blood on the president’s hands considering the slow response?” Chuck Todd asked.

Biden was stunned and backed away from what it appears his own campaign pushed.

“I think that’s a little too harsh,” Biden said.

Biden went on to hammer Trump for “thinking out loud” and making sweeping proposals that must later be backpedaled.

Undeterred, Todd then asked Biden if, as president, he would lift sanctions on Iran in response to the coronavirus, despite no evidence Iran would use the infusion of cash to deal with the virus.

“I don’t have enough information about the situation in Iran right now. And I’m not sure there’s any evidence that — there’s a lot of speculation from my foreign policy team that they’re in real trouble and they’re lying,” said Biden, indicating even he doesn’t trust Iran.

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  1. todd is a notorious Trump hater who routinely makes outrageous statements that lack both factual information and civility. his permission slip is written by the management of NBC, so we can draw a straight line from his comments directly to the executive power of NBC. And this is why NBC has lost both viewership and credibility both well earned and deserved, you can fool the American people once, maybe twice, not after that. And yet they continue to articulate their hate filled daily rants, but nobody is listening anymore except people whose are hearts are full of the the same hatred. and how’s that working for ya

    1. No doubt about it. Chuch Todd is not only a treasonous puppet of the elite. he also is blatantly bigoted to the point that his prejudice is evident to all. So why is he still on the air? Because those who own the media are part of that elite ONE WORLD ORDER, who want to take America down so they can have ONE WORLD ORDER. Most of our government have been under their control including George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, Clinton and Obama. It is just a matter of time. UNLESS God’s people obey II Chronicles 7:14.

    1. Todd is an idiot. He hates the President so much that he would spin anything and everything into a bashing of the President. The President will never do anything to yield a positive comment from Todd. Maybe the President will have kind words for Todd when Todd dies. Todd is a POS!

        1. WSJ previously reported the fake news has told over 100,000 lies since 2016.
          Note not a peep out of them about being recently kicked out of China.

      1. Go back to Hufpost where you belong. Sure the language is excessive. But it is merited for Todd. Let me guess. You are a college drop out who just lost his job to corona and are trying to reach Soros to rejoin ANTIFA.

  2. Madcow is the worst and no one who seeks truth and facts listen to any of them. No credibility in most of media propagandists. American people will keep America great at the polls.

  3. The BEST thing our nation can do is ignore Chuck Todd and his band of deranged cohosts. Contact the businesses that support his show and tell them to no more – send e-mails explaing that you are tired of his attacks on our President.

    Businesses LOVE money – cut that off and you get their attention!!

  4. Chuck Todd “Moderator” for Meet The Press. What a laugh. I remember him on national TV being livid, red faced and spitting as he vented his anger over Trump’s Nomination at the Republican Convention.

  5. Todd must be black listed and pushed off the TV. So many Democrats I know are going to vote for Trump now solely due to the disgusting Nature of hosts like Todd and Maddow. People are still civil and when they constantly hear these horrid attacks especially during this scary time they are rethinking their priorities. Do they really want to side with Democrats and their crazed news reporters. They are actually doing their party a disservice. They are so stupid they don’t even realize it. Joining others and switching sides. Sorry guys

    1. Trump is a con man. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He failed in his business deals and had to be bailed out by his dad. He lies whenever he opens his mouth. He will go down in history has the absolutely worst person to ever be elected president. And remember he was elected in the Electoral College and lost the popular vote by over 2 million votes.

  6. The Chinese government created this virus and tried to cover it up. Even jailing doctors who blew the whistle, yet, somehow the Democrats blame Trump. I just hope most Americans aren’t falling for it.

  7. Biden’s campaign was the one stating Trump could cost lives. As much as he would have us believe, Biden is NOT disgusted. In fact, I would not doubt if he was giggling inside, celebrating the question of the so-called “reporter.”

  8. WHEN or WHERE is such rhetoric “helpful”…??? These TURDS aren’t “helping” in any way, shape of form with their HATE, take them ALL off the air, they are WASTING time and money with their MURDERESS type of language…..AND NOBODY “needs” THAT……Go back in time and think about that LAME, SELFISH, RADICAL MUSLIM that SQUATTED in the WH for 8 YEARS doing NOTHING for 6 (SIX) MONTHS as the swine flu made it’s rounds, AND how many THOUSANDS DIED back then….. oblahblah has BLOOD, American BLOOD on his hands too if one sees it like THAT….AND then there was BENGHAZI, Fast&Furious, $ BILLIONS were sent to IRAN in the dead of night on UN-marked planes, the selling of U.S. Uranium to Russia, DESTROYED Libya with their GUN-runnings TO Terrorists and on and on and on…….!!!!! NO, I will NEVER forget how THAT RAT worked AGAINST America for 8 LONG YEARS…….!!!!

  9. Todd is just restating most of the lies trump tells and some how Todd is the bad guy. Blind leading the Blind. Trump followers are just plain sight-less.

    1. Up-Chuck Todd – regurgitates the most vile BS that hits the airwaves. Anyone who can’t see that is a complete and utter moron! Yeah, you know who you are! Dumb’s try to ignore how Obummer waited 6 MONTHS to declare a national emergency when the swine flu pandemic attacked our nation. Up-Chuck Todd turns the stomach of every decent American citizen! Nobody with an IQ above zero would be dumb enough to believe a single word spewing from his mouth! And yeah, they know who they are! Seems like I just read what one of those negative IQ idiots wrote.

  10. Trumps slow response? When he closed travel from China on January 31, Biden and the left called him a racist and a xenophobe. When he stopped flights from Europe, the left said he was overreacting. The blood lies squarely at China’s feet. They knew what was going on and did not alert the world. The Chinese doctors that rang the alarm have disappeared and will probably will never be seen again.

  11. Up Chuck (otherwise known as puke) Toad is one of the worst. The only time he was worth watching was on election night while he twisted and squirmed as he was telling us all the ways Clinton was going to win as Trump won state after state after state. It was amusing.

  12. What a difference between this vile, commie clown and Tim Russet. Where have all the honest pundits and reporters gone? Ever since big brother corporations and George Soros funded entities have taken over our air waves, print media and social media outlets it has been taken over by these anti American, Pro One World Government propagandists and we are fed anti-American, anti-Trump hate speech, tripe and down right treasonous propaganda 24 hours of every day. When will American patriots see these subversives for what they are? If not very soon I fear we will have lost our country. The First Amendment guarantees free speech but many loyal Americans are afraid to refute these traitors for fear of running afoul of so called “hate speech” legislation. If Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow, the entire news and editorial staffs of the NY Times,Washington Post, ABC,NBC,CBS,NPR,CNN,MSNBC and NPR don’t spout hate speech 24 hours a day 7 days a week nobody does. Time for loyal, patriotic Americans to mobilize and counter act these clowns “hate” speech laws be damned. Fight them on the air wave, the courts, quit electing roll over pansy politicians and take our country back.

  13. All we can hope for is that all these democrats will contract the Kung Flu and perish from this earth and go straight to the democrat paradise, “HELL”

  14. Todd and the rest of media can go to hell!! They are the ones who want to destroy our way of living.

  15. Soro’s has bought majority media, media looks foolish, acts foolish, talks foolish, greed is the demise of their wicked ways. Soro’s money will keep the fire burning. As for me, anything they stand for, I’ll run the opposite way. My question is “Does any of these nay sayers know where they are really headed?”

  16. Todd, One can only hope that Meet the Press is smarter than you and gets rid of you . You in many peoples world are a low life . Don’t you think that when the Democrats waited on passing the Virus bill for how many days, so they could add some items that nothing to do with the Virus. But you don’t say a word about that. This is why people are loosing interest in Meet the Press and any reporter that does the same thing you do , Pretty soon nobody will watch the news, To many stories that items are left out, words are turned , and Lies.. Soon there will be no News Hour. —- Meet the Press—- get rid of Todd, We wont listen to slime stories.

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