A 38-year-old Board Patrol agent was killed during a high-speed chase of a group of illegal immigrants early Wednesday morning in Mission, Texas. At around 1 am the agent was tracking a group of illegal immigrants when he crashed into a closed fence at high speed. Other agents later found him unresponsive and attempted life-saving efforts after requesting EMS. He was taken to a local hospital though he did pass after succumbing to his injuries.

The agent’s identity was not released, though Fox News reported that a federal source has revealed the agent was a father of two children. Further details have not been released, as this is a developing story.

Read more at Fox News.


  1. It’s time for American citizens to do what the total joke of an administration in DC refuses to do! Initiate citizen justice! Live ammo used on the boarder will end the invasion in a minute!

  2. Sad. All because Biden and the Dem scum have abandoned their constitutionally required duties to protect the border. This is in fact treason…..and true justice would have this end with Biden and tens of thousands of his henchjrn being asked…” would you like s blindfold?”

    1. Yeah, some are really bad people… But most are just looking for a better life. They ignore the way to immigrate legally or are unable to afford it… And many are children who have no idea where they are going. We should CLOSE the border gaps, punish those who traffic with people and drugs, and deport, deport, DEPORT!!!!

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