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Selena Buntello Price, the owner of The Wagon Wheel, a BBQ Restaurant located in Eagle Pass, Texas, a town near the southern border, has been forced to sell her business after 5 different break-ins, all by illegal immigrants. Previous to this, the honky-tonk had one break in over the past 25 years. Due in large part to our southern border security, the town is filled to the brim with illegal immigrants, and now as a result, there’s been 5 different break-ins for these business owners as well, forcing them to sell after multiple generations of hard work.

“From February to now, I’ve had five,” Price said. “Not only has my business been broken into and ransacked—it’s just the insecurity now, you don’t feel safe at home anymore.”

Price said migrants arriving in Eagle Pass often look for shelter and supplies in vacant buildings. Her family restaurant, which had been shuttered since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, was a frequent stop.

The Del Rio sector of the southern border, which includes the small town of Eagle Pass, has had 375,000 migrant encounters since October last year, according to Customs and Border Protection. Price says migrants have “completely overrun” the small town leading residents and business owners to feel insecure. 

“Two locations down from our original location, our smokehouse and our honky-tonk, we have this facility that assists in processing all these immigrants coming in,” Price told Fox News.

“Once they are processed — I literally see busloads on a daily basis — they’re just released, and they find sanctuary in anything that’s abandoned or not,” she continued. “What I had that I valued — that not only had sentimental value, but had actual monetary value — has depreciated thanks to the mess, the trash, the vandalism.”

After Democrats stretched out the COVID-19 pandemic well beyond what was appropriate for the situation small businesses took a hit, killing off a large portion of small businesses around the country. Mixing the COVID-19 pandemic with a town flooded with illegal immigrants, and The Wagon Wheel didn’t stand a chance. Democrat policies are largely to blame for this. Many companies which qualify as small businesses didn’t have the economic means to survive the months-on-end lockdown, and not many businesses can survive being locked down, then being robbed on 5 different occasions.


  1. Can’t you protect your own business by any means necessary? Stop Facebooking and Social Media-ing the plans to save yourselves from these turds of society!
    You can borrow my shovel!!!!

  2. Decent people must protect their families, which includes, the business that supports that family. If/when, We The People decide to enforce “The Law” or protect what is Ours and consider it “a threat to Our lives”?, Don’t put it on any “Social Media” platform, just grab your shovel and start digging the hole to put “The Trash” in!!!!!

  3. I am waiting for people to wake up and post signs saying Non-citizens NOT allowed in Store/ restaurant/ gas station/ bus station/Library/hotel/Motel/ where-ever

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