Saturday, July 11, 2020

Is Biden Using Campaign Outbursts to Hide His Real Agenda?

Biden’s Tolerance?

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is not a very tolerant fellow and we are learning that as he careens around the country on his quest for the White House that anyone who dares to disagree with him had better be ready to duck. He called one questioner “fat” and dismissed a female New Hampshire questioner as “a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

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All of that seemed tame last week when the candidate arrived at a Michigan auto plant only to be asked by a worker there why he wanted to “take away our guns.” Biden blew up, told the man he was “full of sh..t” and went on to call him a “horse’s ass” and tell him “I’m going to go out and slap you in the face.”



  1. Of course the DNC’s brightest is a senile, impaired jack wagon. No, not Pelosi, Casio-Cortex or Schumer, I man Gropin Joe. It is his “free cheese for all” pick to be his president-of-vice I worry about!

  2. The Democrats want Biden to win because they know that he will be nothing more than a puppet for Schumer and Pelosi. They will send him to ribbon cutting ceremonies and to maks very short speeches but they will be running the show. They will tell him what to sign and when to sign it and will push through all of the crap that President Trump cut out of the government. The only difference between this puppet presidency and a Sander’s win will be that Sanders ain’t there.

  3. You watch and see if they opt for the Brokered Convention and put Biden and Hillary on the ticket, then soon after the Potus candidate becomes incapacitated and turns over the reigns to the brokered VP and you have Hillary to contend with again? Is that twisted or what. jwstx

  4. Ole’ Joe is a little crusty these days? He can’t believe the Democratic nominee will be him. Joe’s nomination will help him avoid an investigation into his Ukrainian threat to withhold funds. Politicizing corruption is definitely a losing effort by the party in power. We all know politicians are above the law. I can’t wait for the debates between POTUS and his challenger. I hope Joe can find his way to the event and remember why he’s there.

  5. The DNC has no one that can beat President Trump, so they run the one that matters the least when they lose. (They already lost trying to run a woman and they will lose and destroy the party if they try running Communist Bernie.”)So after he loses,Joe Biden will likely be indited for his part in the crimes committed in Ukraine with his son. Joe will not be convicted because he is proving himself to be mentally incompetent (beyond any doubt) to stand trial.

  6. The idea of Biden picking Hillary as a VP running mate. Probably being considered by Trump Campaign. Also, probably would have a good response to that.

  7. Sleepy Creeepy Joe is as corrupt as the say is long. This is a sad country if this no good asshole ever became president. America. Wake up. Sleepy you name killery as your VP and you will find the name is there for good reason

  8. @ Billy Edens
    Should Ukraine issue subpoenas for Old Joe and his son to be deposed by Ukrainian authorities they are going to have a hard time dodging them.
    Not even being a [semi] viable candidate for President will shield him from being called to account.
    And the investigation into these matters is international in nature with forensic accountants from other nations being involved in tracing the money, laundered through multiple accounts in multiple countries.

  9. Biden acts like a Fool and Dummy …HE IS But it isnt his ploy its the DNC if they can luck out and get him as the president then they can really pull the puppet strings on puppet Biden as they did under Carter. . . .BUT HOPEFULLY THERE ARE ENOUGH OF US WHO ARE FIRM CONSERVATIVES TO STOP THEM AND KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP DOING HIS GOOD WORKS

  10. Putting O’Biden in office is just like having another 4 or 8 years of that FAKE President Obummmma.

    Soros, Obumma, Hillary, Bill C, Schummer and Pelosi will be running the Nation and drive everything out that the Don helped build.

  11. Just for the sake of argument….

    Biden and Buttboy win the election. Biden resigns owing to health. Buttboy become POTUS. Who do you suppose will become VP? The President Pro Tem. Who is the President Pro Tem?
    Now the National Leadership undoes all that Trump got through, including 200 federal judges and replaces them with liberal judges… including Obama and Hillary on SCOTUS.

    We would then have a single party system with a socialist heart.

    Our choice would be total capitulation or civil war.

  12. I think Biden is putting on a act he just wants people to think he’s going crazy. I wouldn’t trust him, So were do you think he gets is money? It seems very strange to be able to start winning also I think he as people working who know about it. Why do the Democrats get away with everything and why are the Republicans never get away with anything. It seems to me there is one rule for the Democrats and another for the Republicans It’s time we did something about them. It’s seems to me there must be something we can do. How long are they going to get away with all the lies, bad language, harassing whoever they like, it seems to me that old woman in the House thinks she is in charge. It’s time she was put out to pasture with the horses. I also think Obama is behind a lot of it why can’t he mined his own business.

  13. There are NO Assault Rifles legally in the hands of Americans!! The AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. The “AR” are the initials of the gun Manufacturer…not the “type” of weapon that is being sold. I get sick and tired of hearing they are going to ban Assault Weapons. They’re ALREADY banned…so leave us the hell alone about taking our legally manufactured and owned weapons!!!!

  14. Obama discouraged him from running. Dems have to take him out or use him as a surrogate for hillary. The dems plan is to get her into potus position without needing votes. They make a surrogate candidate with her as vp then the surrogate resigns. Biden already mentioned resigning in first term. A brokered convention possibly with Bloomberg / clinton – either way this is the plan imo.

  15. No rational, objective person would hire Joe Biden to run their company and yet there are millions of fools in this country who would vote for him for President. That is insane.

  16. The whole thing about the BIDEN thing is who gets the VP spot. THE SAME FOR SANDERS. EITHER GUY will die NATURALLY in office and then they got their person. I have heard this disgusted. Watch out for the sheriff from Orlando named DEMMS,VAL.

  17. The whole thing about the BIDEN thing is who gets the VP spot. THE SAME FOR SANDERS. EITHER GUY will die NATURALLY in office and then they got their person. I have heard this disgusted. Watch out for the sheriff from Orlando named DEMMS,VAL. NO, I DID NOT say anything like what I wrote. THIS is a left wing radical outfit you run. PRINT MY DEAL !!!

  18. His real agenda???? He can’t remember yesterday….and he’s nothing more than a puppet playing a game. Yes, their end game is to get him elected them dump him and adults know that. He’s been nothing but an unaccomplished puppet for his whole career of milking taxpayers while using his position and sons to steal from others.

  19. Joey is not that good of an actor. This is REAL!!!! HE IS NOT PRETENDING!!! This is planned by the DNC to get their choice into the white house and the idiot lemming democrats are falling for it hook line and sinker!!!!! And it is all planned by b HUSSEIN o and no other than the evil SOROS.

  20. “I see your TRUE COLORS shining through”; biden shouldn’t be allowed ANYWHERE near the Oval Office, in my opinion! He is showing the American citizens his REAL personality with the derogatory comments he makes regularly to people that don’t “kiss his ass”, and have the courage to publicly disagree with him and his policies/agenda! I, for one, don’t trust him as far as I can throw him (which is not very far anymore)!

  21. There is a simple reason for biden to be chosen by the DNC. As soon as biden is elected, the plan is to have a PERFECT VP, who will activate the DNC plans, when the president is taken off of his position because he is actually suffering from DEMENTIA. The VP will then take over, and the new VP will be another socialist who will implement all the worst plans the DNC have thought of.

  22. That’s it! Look like an irascible, belligerent, senile, old codger and garner the sympathy vote. You’ll get 100 of those nationwide because we want our presidents to be sympathetic has beens.


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